New Order

The nest of the death is the proper conscience human being who exacerba the values and later it is seduced by the proper product that if created, and in this everything until the devil that was imprisoned in the stamped abyss is untied and finds surrounding aconchegante in any house receives that it for the unreliability, the fear of God and the guilt of in addition ' ' Lei' '. Then, in this scene all what it remains it is to establish a New Order. She is necessary that all pass: ' ' first sky and first terra' ' the new Jerusalem goes down of the high one joining it land, therefore the old Jerusalem had killed the prophets who were the voice of God and all the envoy. She is necessary to have vises of the reality celestial to the similarity of Joo, and in this question, the great majority wanders for the seducer ' ' wide door of? Law? ' '. What it makes in them to have vises, dreams and revelations of this wonder all is the absolute certainty of the reconciliation of all the things and of the love of God. I believe that the more you to find that nothing she is consummated, all lost one and to be fact, more superficial and appalling will be its vision concerning the Apocalypse. Pra me, the parties in the celestial Jerusalem already are happening and the Book of the Life already is written with a New Ink.

She is not necessary to live if sacrificing as if the Sacrifice was of bode? imperfect tense – and dependent of the human stamp. What It is, Is. Now, is not more for creating ways for humanity, the Way is Jesus, as well as is not for trying to be the Truth, therefore It is the Only Truth and nor to try to be the abenoador greater of the land, therefore the blessing of the Life already was spilled. What it lacks exactly is each one to understand – therefore nobody understands God same – to believe that a universal order exists and that nothing is lost, is pure bobagem and shyness to affirm this. The Book of the Apocalypse is the revelation that God is Good and the Victory is consummated, but that the man with its conscience of death attracted exactly for itself, flagelos, crossbows, plagues, fomes, earthquakes and wars, without counting that they had killed Salvador, they had seated in its Throne, they had created ' ' religio' ' , they had sculptured ' ' inferno' ' , they had given wing to the devil, they had perverted the intention of the Law of God, had invented ' ' moral' ' it had served, had neglected the love, had divided the humanity, if they had lost and now pra does not know more the way in return house. It can? Good exactly thus, it seems that not yet it is the Hour, but the important one is that ' ' that day not in apanhe of surpresa' ' we wait because it in the hope that if becomes new all the things wants in skies or the land.