The hedonism that contemporary reigns in the society transformed the man into the eminently sensorial being. Exactly living in ‘ ‘ subterrneos’ ‘ of the great cities, this sensorial being is conducted by the cruel and dominadora logic of the consumerism. Its directions search the comfort and the pleasure, but blindly, they are gotten dull and its consciences do not obtain to distinguish the freedom from the nothing to have of the slavery of the all power. Nietzsche affirmed that the modern man preferred ‘ ‘ the nothing to the nothing querer’ ‘. That is, instead of the search of the proper negation of itself, of the escape of the wild hedonism, this search of the pleasure as last purpose, it prefers the destruction of already constructed, exactly that this implies its proper destruction. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ebay.

However, our intellectual abstractions are apprehensions of the directions – of what I hear, see, smell, touch, experiment. To formulate concepts without sensorial referencial seems illogical. Therefore, as I can disentail the physical realities and not-physics (Metaphysical) if I am resulted of conjunction of them? These questions philosophical-existenciais are articulated constantly in the workmanships of Dostoivski. Its desire, as author, its ambition while literato is to provide to the same men a knowledge concerning itself through true images, that is, of that it produced when rearticular in critical and fictitious way the dramaticidade of the existence, almost always occults for the masks of the daily pragmatismo. Great interpreter of the condition human being, is not difficult finds in its tormented personages, much of we ourselves, of ours you distress and our escapes. He is not atoa that it is considered the romancista-philosopher par excellence. Memories of the subsoil are the workmanship where everything this if manifest in particularly intense way. ‘ ‘ All the dramaticidade and emotional force of the text, all the verrumante introspection of its personage, are closely on to the conception central’ ‘.

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