Petra Pauls

A little amusing advice for women who learn to drive with their small biographical (women) Advisor the author, Petra Pauls shows want to visit a school beyond the 40 can be humorous and amusing. A successful conclusion to the driving test. Who still decide in the prime of his life to make the driver’s license, which should have read this small humorous guide on all cases. Important information and tips for anyone who still dare – even if they have – completed already professional and family planning and which lacks only the necessary licence for a liberating life on four wheels. “A small booklet, the all those still not kind” motivate want that feel too uncertain or unable quite independent of age and sex. That women naturally quite different to this thing ran, shows us the author, who has made even her driver’s license at the age of 48 and humorous way their impressions and experiences Describes which can bring this adventure to itself. My dear clutch by Petra Pauls learn more

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