Physical Activity And Quality Of Life

Writers: Gabriela Phayalla Drigo Viviane Antonelli Eleotero physical Activity and quality of life physical Activity is any movement produced for the muscles and that it generates an energy expense, it optimum business can be considered if treating to public health in result of the economy that could be reached with the combat to the sedentarismo (not practical of physical activity). This practical habit of regular of physical exercise comes being related to a style of healthful life, time that the risk of cardiovascular illnesses is very present in the current world and extremely associate to the low levels of physical activity. Some data show that 2 million attributed deaths exist more than the lack of physical activity and these deaths are caused by not transmissible illnesses as diabetes, cardiovascular obesidade and illnesses (illnesses of the heart). Practical frequent and the regular one of physical exercises significantly reduces the risk of sprouting of these illnesses. According to Brazilian society of Medicine of the Sport active individuals (that they practise some type of physical activity regularly) has minor incidence to present chronic-degenerative illnesses as obesidade, for example.

The practical lack of the regular one of activity is responsible for the appearance of some illnesses as arterial hipertenso, obesidade and diabetes mellitus, today thousand of Americans suffer from illnesses that could be prevented with the frequency of physical activity. However this practical regular of physical activity provides well-being, diminishes the risk of premature death, assists in the control of the weight and arterial pressure all these are aspects of the quality of life. The physical exercise is linked the quality of life, therefore it is responsible for previnir illnesses, to increase the physical capacity, to diminish the ssea loss, to diminish the depression incidence and everything is summarized in longevity, that is, long life and with health! BIBLIOGRAPHY GONALVES, Alexander. Topics in Physical Activity Sade.Uberlndia, 2007 BOUCHARD, Claude. Activity Fsica and Obesidade. 1ed. Manole.2003 publishing company.

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