ReadyBoost technology is the most effective for systems that have installed at least 1 gb of ram, which is quite natural, it is more useful for laptops than for desktops, because portable computers are often increase ram very difficult or even impossible. Microsoft recommends that you allocate for data ReadyBoost memory, which is equal to one to three volumes of ram in your system. That is, if your computer has 512 mb of ram, you should allocate for ReadyBoost data from 512 mb to 1.5 gb of memory on a USB-drive. Connect a compatible usb device to a computer that is running Windows Vista, in the last line of the dialog box you will see the AutoPlay option "Increase speed my system. " If you choose this option in the Properties dialog box for the device displays the tab Vista ReadyBoost, which you can specify how much memory will be used to cache data.

The system will recommend you the perfect amount of memory, based on the capacity of the device and the amount of ram on your computer. Of course, the main question that arises in this connection – whether this technology works? And here I also can not say anything for certain: though I tested ReadyBoost on multiple systems, I was unable to determine exactly how this technology is effective. I wonder if anyone has information about it. In any case, it seems that this is a fantastic and inexpensive way to increase the speed of the computer, particularly portable.

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