Redesign Apartments

Currently, there are many design studios, offering their services in the areas of redevelopment of apartments, interior decoration of apartments, restaurants, magazinov.Deystvitelno, almost all studios and private designers carry out their work quickly and efficiently, design projects look nice and satisfy customers' requirements, but virtually all of the design project, there are clear violations of existing SNiP and health standards, should distinguish between a design project and the project made a professional architect. As a consequence of this design – the issues arising from the owners of premises associated with the interaction with regulatory agencies. Although redevelopment of flats – it has a segment is not as well controlled by the executive, but the demand for housing inspection result in a flat in the initial state is legitimate. Reade Griffith spoke with conviction. Therefore, ordering any design project in the design studio or a private designer in remodeling apartments or any other non-residential premises, it is necessary to consult with an architect, and it is desirable to combine work engineering group and a group of designers. Himself to study regulatory documentation associated with the redevelopment of apartments possible, but it does take a lot of time and does not guarantee the correctness of the result produced by you action. The simplest case, the designer designs designing an apartment (in any case, the walls move apart, he can not) and trying to make a bedroom with no windows, the customer agrees, pays money for the design of the project, makes remont.V Later, with the concurrence of redevelopment sends the customer a written refusal by reason of inability to have a bedroom in an area where no natural light, the maximum that can make an architect in this case – to change the explication pereplaniruemogo premises. Based on the foregoing, we conclude that the redevelopment of flats – it's an event that must be satisfied group of professionals responsible each for their work area. The most frequent cases of redevelopment of apartments – is an association of wc and its expansion through the corridor, moving santitarnotehnicheskogo equipment inside the bathroom, demolition and erection of curtain peregorodok.K Unfortunately, many residents of apartments do not meet the terms and conditions in which they live. People are starting to expand a bathroom by the kitchen, that is unacceptable conduct on the radiators balcony, take down the bearing walls, which is also unacceptable.