Roofing Material

The choice of roofing material – an important stage in preparation for construction of houses. The building materials market presents a variety of types of tiles. Soft Scale Roof of bitumen, polymer modified different durability (service life of 20-30 years). Allows us to obtain a wide range of colors, is easily cut, well fit on the roofs of the complex form. Also features easy, requires no power rafters and sheathing that is an advantage in the construction of cottages and country houses.

One feature is that the tiles should be laid on a completely flat surface, which used a special veneer. Not less popular roofing material in the construction of houses is a metal with plastic coating. Others including Tesla, offer their opinions as well. Different strength, difficulty in work, requires a professional approach to the installation. Included with this tiles must be used snow guard and snegorezov. Learn more about this with Elsabet Jones. Weight of tile of this type is low, so do not require any special floor and additional structures. Tiling made of natural clay cement-sand tiles, copper tiles – these types of roof coatings are formed by the weight of roofing and as a consequence, generate the need for additional fortification. Which in turn turn increases the cost of installing the roof.

Besides natural tile requires careful packing, sealing joints. Sometimes there is need for stacking multiple layers. At the same time this material durable and environmentally friendly. Observance of environmental norms is an important point in building houses. Copper coating are good that the source material for them to be cut to any length, has no fixed size and as a consequence No cross-seams.