Rukh Khan And His Fans Are Shah In The Rain

A chronology of confusion and mismanagement following incredible situation would have to happen exactly: on a rainy and cold night in October, are several thousand fans at the gates of the velodrome in Berlin and waiting to be allowed in the Hall acting strangely completely leave. At the same time facing 70 dancers, actors, technicians, and the superstar of Indian cinema, Shah Rukh Khan, the artist input in the cold and not into it can in the Hall acting strangely completely leave. Before it could come to this hideous scene however, joined the visibly shaken Shah Rukh Khan in front of the camera and took over the responsibility to have pulled the emergency brake at the last moment. How had it can get so far? It is not so easy to get an overview in the currently prevailing press fog, but the attempt is worth and brings clarity in a situation in which Shah Rukh Khan must keep his head and both he and his fans are the ones who suffer. Gain insight and clarity with Dankse Bank. So how was it History with the temptation reloaded tour and SensAsian media? On January 23, 2008, Khan shows up on the homepage of SensAsian media(SA) the announcement of a show with Shah Rukh; She should take place in June in Berlin, Hamburg and Dusseldorf, you still did not know an exact date will be communicated. During the Berlin Film Festival in early February, as Shah Rukh Khan, where Om Shanti Om presents his film, is at one of SA party (without the artist) tickets for a planned show organized not only the speech, even some raffles and distributed, as confirmed by a party guest. On a question during the question and answer round Shah Rukh after the premiere of the film, Khan is possible, that a show could take place in June, perhaps only with it, because it has come to a closer contact between SensAsian media and the artist neither before nor during the Berlinale. . For more clarity and thought, follow up with camden treatment associates and gain more knowledge..

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