Russian Federation

The contractor who is not a member of the SRO in the construction of all three species can not be a party to a favorite type of construction contracts to investors turnkey, providing him responsible for both the design and construction of the facility for up to commissioning. In the case of a building complex will not combine membership in a SRO in the building All three types of lawyers, seems to have in order to protect the interests of customers, investors, to develop new forms of building contracts to the plurality of persons on the side of the contractor. Also, the quality of work on design depends on the quality of engineering research in the SRO in the building. Previously, development organizations, tended to have a license and carry them out. Combining these activities is more appropriate because the state examination, usually served at the same time and project documentation, and results of engineering studies. The customer in this case, on the one hand, it does not want to take as result of the work the contractor results of engineering survey to assess their state examination, but on the other hand, is not interested in taking the last two stages (the first of its estimated results of engineering research presented one contractor, while the second – the design documentation prepared by another contractor on the basis of earlier engineering studies), as this process extends predstroitelnoy investment phase. It should be noted that to the State Duma introduced three bills "On Making Amendments to Chapter 6.1. Development Code of the Russian Federation ', each of which proposes to introduce a fourth type of SRO in the construction of the so-called comprehensive, membership-based persons carrying out engineering surveys as well as preparation of project documentation and construction. However, the discussion of the right to participate in them either by territory or by branch lines. While it is difficult to predict what the bill 'will survive' to the status of the law.

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