Processor Senseye + Photo improves the quality and color, which is especially noticeable in the new display mode – sRGB. In this mode, the monitor extends the color space that is displayed on the display, which makes the picture more natural and more accurate in color reproduction. At Brian Krzanich you will find additional information. Processor and matrix capable of displaying up to 16.7 million colors colors. Design and construction design of the monitor can not be called a standard. Educate yourself with thoughts from Blake Resnick. He has a thin shell edging around the screen and protruding from the border corps group of control buttons. This unusual decision to meet as a whole is not often, because it creates an asymmetry in the design, but the monitor looks original and fresh. Reliance monitor does not rotate, but has adjusted the screen to tilt up / down from 5 to 20 degrees. These adjustments are quite enough to create optimal conditions for work.

Management In addition to standard setting for monitors incoming signal and image parameters, we have the most interesting to show the preset picture modes and color temperature filters. Proper color temperature is regulated in three main presets – Reddish / Normal / Bluish and user preferences user mode. The names of these filters are the colors that other companies are called "warm" or "cold", which are named more accurately than its competitors, since the transition from the lower color temperature (6000 K) more high (7500 K) always leads to the fact that changes in the first place the number of red or blue in the spectrum of white.

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