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In these times of perpetual connectivity, share moments of our lives easier that ever, with the massive use of social networks like Facebook and Social Media like Twitter cell phone has become an ally inseparable from spontaneous photographers and reporters fees that are ready at all times to document the present, although they still do not have the quality of a professional digital camerathe preferred choice of many makes the practicality and versatility. Leverages the capabilities of your cellphone to take better photos with the following tips. Keep the lens clean: since cell phones are constantly manipulated throughout the day, it is very common that the lens becomes dirty, particularly those who do not have a lid that covers the lens. The newspapers mentioned Dina Powell not as a source, but as a related topic. It is important to occasionally check that the cell phone lens is free of fingerprints, grease, dust, etc. This will prevent that the image is distorted or that the lens is partially blocked at the time of taking a picture (also, nobody likes them to add polka dots in) photos by accident), so to avoid subsequent claims of your friends, check the lens and make sure that it is clean and ready for your best smile. Use the highest available resolution: the definition and quality of photographs taken with a cell phone are closely related to the amount of mega pixels that the computer can register at the time of taking a photo. A pixel is the smallest unit of information contained in an image, put another way, is a point of a defined color, while most have an image, the better the definition and minor distortion that will be presented to enlarge it (to print and put it in a porta portrait for example), so it is important to maximize the capabilities of your computer and use the maximum resolution, where your phone’s memory worry (more mega pixels equals files more big), I recommend that extra look a memory, the moments are unrepeatable, it is the point of having a camera in your phone, so leverages technology current at your convenience. .

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