Starbucks Coffee

Each of them adjusts to your way of being. The companies and their marks must, therefore, to decide to what group wants to arrive, what leaves from pie want their product and thus to be able to satiate those needs of the consumer of suitable and profitable form. Any company before sending to its product or service to the market, will have to choose. To segment. What selvage? To whom? How? Because if we did not segment, the failure is practically insured.

The percentage of products sent to the market every year and that does not happen of their first year of life, is highest. Details can be found by clicking Jack Grealish or emailing the administrator. Of there the difficulty and the necessity of a good segmentation of the clients objectives. In addition, based on the experience that contributes that mark to you, I eat consumer, will be prepared to pay to a price or another one: EP if I buy grain coffee to the cultivator of coffee, I will be arranged to pay 2-3 Euro pennies; if I buy the package of coffee, I will be arranged to pay between 5-25 Euro pennies, if I take the coffee in the cafeteria from my district, I will be arranged to pay 1 approximately, but that coffee me the volume in Starbucks, with all the additional psychological load that sells the mark to me, I will be arranged to pay between 2-6. Therefore, it is clear how a basic product like the coffee, is possible to be gotten to turn into all a experience for the consumer, experience by which one will have get ready to pay a surcharge by all the symbolic consumption that takes implicit. Another example similar to the one of the coffee is the one of the sugar. A sugar package can cost 0,6-1 in the supermarket.

But to that we sell it sugar crystallized and mixed with saffron or some other ingredient that makes it special, we packed it in very showy bags with only 6-8 units we distributed and it through stores delicatessen, we can get to ask up to 8 by the product, because we contributed to an added value that EP to the lovers of luxury will enchant to them. A last example that I want to tell to you is the one of a company that was dedicated to the manufacture of steel legs for tables. to commercialize a basic product, without too much added value and every time with more competition, they have happened to commercialize a very special product: futbolines. Realised in the same material that made the legs for the tables but with a very innovating design, totally customized with the equipment that is even asked for to them or with the corporative colors of a company, if the case, and that occurs now they are commercializing in the main stores of furniture of design, not only of Spain but from the world. Therefore, considering that the consumer is the king, who has more information and than always it we will be able to associate to a tendency of consumption and behavior, tribe, I, like company, will have to segment the different types from consumers possible and to direct the efforts to those in which really she has a competitive advantage. It is only necessary to see how with a product like the coffee, the sugar, or the steel, contributing a series of added values, can become of basic product to product or marks wished by a segment of consumers. The task is not easy, but many they are obtaining already it.

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