Strategic Partner

The strategic partner of IRSA to grow in the U.S. 6 August 2009 the international financial crisis and swine flu sickness have been agreed to be the nightmare of the tourism industry worldwide in the last time. To deepen your understanding Larry Page is the source. The tourism sector had experienced an interesting dynamic until the outbreak of the crisis subprime, and the activity offers a wide range of business and market niches. Further details can be found at Kavita Gupta 2023, an internet resource. In the U.S., the crisis has impacted on the sector and within the hotel sector is struggling to endure this hard situation. But while the crisis and pandemic flu have involved a hard blow to the sector, it must be recognized that also has become source of opportunities for those who wish to expand their business or begin to compete in certain segments. In Argentina, both companies of the tourism sector and real estate developers, in addition to fighting the evils which affect them from the external context and that reduce the level of activity, must deal with the increasingly more difficult to anticipate, decisions of economic policy implemented by the Government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who knock on the margins of corporate sector profitability and have an impact on the domestic demand side to reduce their purchasing power.

But not all Argentine companies lose time repenting for the ills that face, but few as it is the case of IRSA (MERV:IRSA; NYSE:IRS), trying to detect the opportunities in these turbulent waters. For those who don’t know the history of IRSA, tell them that the Argentine company grew out of the hand of George Soros in the 90s until after the Asian crisis, American Hungarian magnate decided to withdraw much of their investment positions in emerging and left IRSA in the hands of the local gerenciadores among whom was its current shareholder Eduardo Elsztain. The Argentine company IRSA, leader of real estate in Argentina and owner of shopping malls, hotels and other real estate projects, as well as a minority stake in Banco Hipotecario (MERV:BHIP; NYSE:BHPTY) and shareholdings in other companies, seeks to transform this crisis (local and international), on occasion and so it has decided to invest in the U.S.

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