Mortgage Securities

All models of mortgage lending in the Russian Federation of Russian mortgage lending where it is used two or three dozen different models. In various regions of Russia used the same strategy mortgages, as well as there are differences in approach to resolving many problems with housing. All of these factors leads to the formation psevdoipotechnyh programs. Nickelodeon has many thoughts on the issue. The American model of mortgage One of the most common and classical schemes mortgage is an American mortgages, which consists of 2 levels. The basis of this "American" model is the separation of the source of funds from creditor banks. In Russia such, this model has meaning of the federal scale.

For the successful future of the U.S. Vince McMahon will not settle for partial explanations. mortgage system to the adoption of the law "On Mortgage Securities." As well as the development of the American type of lending slows lack start-up capital in the regions, most of which are oriented not at the expense of "privateers", and the capital budget. German model Mortgages In the American model in Russia as quite successfully developed German model of the mortgage. It is based on a system of savings and loan funds. For all depositors opened an escrow account in which he for the lifetime of every month brings a fixed amount under Savka lower, than the market. Accumulated amount is half the cost of the purchased apartment. This period is called the "accumulation period", in his completion of the lender receives the remaining money to buy apartments under the percentage that well below the market.


Margin Traders

At the moment brokers offer their clients leverage from 1:1 to 1:500. However, traders do not use all available leverage. Why? A trader should use leverage only if the current trend is wrapped in its side. A trader should plan a deal and know exactly where out of it if the market moves in the desired direction. As soon as it becomes known approximate level of risk may determine how much money will be lost, if triggered stop-loss traders.

Typically, this loss should never exceed 5% deposit. If the position is strengthened by a shoulder so that it becomes possible loss of, say, 50% of trading capital, the shoulder should be reduced, while the possible loss is reduced to 5%. However, each trader has their own risk parameters and it may wish to deviate from the usual 5% in either direction, so for example, many traders raise this level of the maximum loss of up to 10% or even 15%. In other words, if the rate goes against you, then you should be willing to lose on each trade no more than 5-10% of the total amount of your deposit. The larger the leverage, the smaller settlements should go against the currency you to get such a loss. Thus it becomes clear why the more leverage, the higher the risk of a loss limit.

Hence it follows that the higher the leverage, the greater the amount of profit at the same magnitude of exchange rate fluctuations. Traders should also be noted that the greater the amount of money available for trading, the easier and safer to use the shoulder. Since Margin position may lose money as quickly as bring them, the trader must have enough equity (funds), which would work as insurance against any "drawdown" (margin call). The meaning of marginal risk is that traders are using borrowed money to purchase or sale contract. If the market does not move in a favorable direction, the losses are multiplied by a multiple of that used shoulder. Often the brokers themselves give traders the maximum level of drawdown, so for example in the InstForex margin call is 10%. InstForex is ECN-broker providing quality services to trading in the market Forex. Cooperation with the largest market makers and brokers, contractors, coupled with an extensive client base InstForex provide high liquidity and the ability to offer truly fast service to its customers.