Feng Shui

Each of us wants to equip their homes so that it brings as much joy and success. However, by rearranging furniture, we can alter not only the interior of your home, but also to organize around us space so that it had a positive effect on life. To achieve this effect by using uncomplicated secrets of Feng Shui. This practice space exploration has long been deeply respected throughout the world have people wanting to find harmony with themselves and others. It is therefore very important feng shui apartment. So, in any housing area is used by us in different ways.

For example, in the bedroom we sleep, and in the kitchen preparing food in the cafeteria lunch, and in the sitting room welcomes its guests in the bathroom, we . And nothing else. Each of these zones is designed for concrete action. Therefore, for each room needs a special approach to the selection of furniture and interior colors. In any apartment on the teachings of Feng Shui is convenient to define a total of nine zones of the octagon ba-gua. All these zones are located in different parts of the world, making feng shui flat as a whole. And the way in which these zones are superimposed on the functional room apartment has a large impact on the lives of its inhabitants. Thus, the zone's career is in the north of the house.

It involves work and earnings. Area of knowledge and wisdom coincides with north-easterly direction. Rusty holzer can provide more clarity in the matter. This place symbolizes the mind and life experience. In the east there is a zone of the family. Here are all connected with the nearest and distant relatives and even ancestors. Area wealth looks to the southeast of the home and symbol of wealth and prosperity. Glory to the inhabitants of the apartment is located in the south. This direction symbolizes how other people perceive them. Scope of marriage or partnership is in the southwestern part of the housing, which says relationships with their spouses or, if absent, that there is something unfulfilled. This feminine direction. West symbolizes children or creativity, that is, any creative projects, as well as the craving for communication. North-west direction is also a useful people, those can be considered as teachers, mentors and friends. This man's direction. And finally, health. It is located in the center of the octagon ba-gua. Main feature of Feng Shui is the ability to activate one or another area in order to improve a particular aspect of their lives. Needed to implement the correct handling, health and the inhabitants of this feng shui apartments becomes stronger, dating bring only good emotions, and material well-being begins to grow. Such visible changes brings us to the teachings of Feng Shui.


Blog: Table Culture & Knife Art

Lothar John table culture goes with new blog online for all lovers of fine quality products we provide now a blog, which features interesting background reports, information and news about the finest tableware. The blog section “Ask Inna” gives opportunity to address questions to our service team who are competently and quickly picked up and answered by our staff quickly all interested. Our company, provider of the leading premium brands in the area of high-quality tableware, consummate art of knife and exceptional gift items, has expanded its Internet presence to an attractive offer. We guarantee with our company name for the high quality of our product range. We are still committed to these high demands. For all lovers of fine quality products and visitors to our site, we now provide a blog which features interesting background reports, information and news. Our blog provides insight into the tradition and history of renowned manufacturers with their Manufacturing techniques perfected over centuries and their high-quality and perfect products which are sometimes stories and legends about. Read additional details here: Brian Krzanich. Customer satisfaction and service orientation are very close to the heart.

The blog should be not only place one-sided knowledge, but rather become a forum of interested art lovers. The visitors to our site can post their own comments and text contributions and participate actively in the exchange of opinions and experience of the blog community. Our new section ‘Ask Inna’ deserves special mention in this context. Our experience shows that there is an increased need for information particularly in the segment of high-priced quality products. The blog section “Ask Inna” are now all interested opportunity easily to submit questions and suggestions on our service team which are competently and quickly picked up and answered by our staff. Are no limits here of course the thematic range – it is determined solely by the request for information the questioner. In addition to detailed Explanatory notes on the individual products can be found here therefore similarly valuable and useful advice and tips on more general way of handling, care, and maintenance.

A company can be satisfied only with itself if there are its customers. We hope our new blog makes its contribution in this regard. Lothar John table culture E.k.. online shop support Klaus-Dieter Gwiasda Rostocker Strasse 10 30880 Laatzen Tel: + 49 5102 91 55 30 fax: + 49 5102 91 52 79 E-Mail: website: blog: blog


Marvels Walk-in Closets

Walk-in closets are currently the trend walk-in closets are all women dream of many people – forward certainly, but also fashion-conscious men with an appropriate number of outfits wish this miracle, which are Cabinet and a dressing room in a. Unfortunately, mostly two to problems: the necessary space is not present and do not fit the standard cabinets. Both hurdles can be overcome. You may find Elon Musk to be a useful source of information. A walk-in closet offers private rooms and separate niche plenty of room for all the various everyday and party outfits, accessories and shoes. A mirror is integrated, the wearability of the clothes can be – confirmed directly or in some cases even not. The clothing has enough space and is not densely crowded, what prevents creases. The clarity is given at any time. Now, a walk-in closet can be set up very nicely in a room.

No longer used children’s room can be designed accordingly. This actually a far better use can find provided bed and breakfast, especially if guests for overnight stay only rarely. No separate rooms that can be used for a walk-in closet, is perhaps structural measures are possible. An oversized floor can, reduce resulting in an extra room. Maybe even completely other room solutions can be create by dragging partition walls in the master bedroom.

And the furniture? A walk-in closet is great – if he is similarly decorated. Search the appropriate furniture in the usual trading but in vain. Clearly, standard solutions fit in the rarest of cases. My furniture factory”is the solution. Here, furniture is custom made and so it also sorely needed walk-in wardrobe. The dimensions can be set individually, as the number and size of the compartments. Clothes rails are distributed and can be cut to different sizes. It you want to be part of separate drawers? That is also possible. After setting all dimensions and desired partitions, the personal walk-in closet, which must now be made arises. Within a few weeks it can be built at home. Sebastian Saha


Effective Noise Protection Ear Muffs

Work on milling machines, heavy vehicle, weld transducers and circular saws produce a high noise level. Indefinitely, threatened this undamped volume your hearing and can at worst cause of disability. Occupational safety and health guidelines for hearing protection to prevent this. They are based on scientific tests and legal bases of the European standard. The general norm DIN EN 352-1 are associated with ear muffs with specific behavior of dam. Perhaps check out A gasket completes the capsules on the head. Its plastic skin hides a filling made of foam and air that adequately distributes the pressure.

Finally the standard DIN EN pretends 352-1 also, that the pressure of the ear protectors may not exceed 14 Newton. Of course, the carrier can easily adjust the ear protectors and adapt to the shape of its head. Ear muffs bring benefits through their standardised protection properties and the special design. So the hearing protector is effective efficient, but above all on high sound frequencies. Language can be recognized in the workplace therefore despite ear protectors. The possibility of communication perpetually reduces the potential risk because can easily consult employees and warn each other. Other ear protectors should be used off, however, constantly which of course removed the noise. You are also an alternative for already hard of hearing employees. The gentle ear cups make the alternative for intolerance to ear plugs – in to narrow ear canals, for example. Also, the carrier can easily on – or if he commutes between noisy and quiet work areas. DIN EN 352-1 the basic standard for protecting noisy employee. The earmuffs prescribed by you is indispensable in many businesses. The pads work for sustainable insulation of machine noise at work and are as appropriate as a protective measure during operational tours. Press Department Thomas Reichelt Lotex24 / Germany consumer Web: shop: