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Some time ago I shipped in search of a MLM business that would allow me to have some income extra. I have analyzed various alternatives and among them I found which I will explain later. Before that nothing I would like to share with you some important points that I had in mind in my search (they are personal needs, but perhaps they may coincide with some of yours):-that the multilevel company has tools and services in Spanish (there is nothing more important, especially when we are going to start in an unknown world) – a serious and experienced company (this gives us the guarantee that your system works) – low investment costs (I recommend it for those who are starting. To learn how the MLM) – product that is valuable to me or better yet usable for me. -Learn (sometimes the best way to learn is through personal experience.

And it is much better if we have a tutor who will guide us and mark the way. ) The company I chose agree to my needs was: GDI (Global Domains International) features more outstanding: – exists in Spanish – you can try it free (if you don’t like your product or your compensation system you drop and ready) – the investment is minimal (US $ 10) – Upline (are their guardians, the people who are above you. That you will surely be able to guide them and lead them the way to success. For assistance, try visiting Ebay. GDI (Global Domains International) provides you with all the information from their upline, I have even a chat where you can organize group meetings. -Pays you of for life for each referral (this means that for every person your refer pays you of for life and for each person you refer your referral to the 5to level.) E.g.: If you only concerns 5 and these 5 five others and so on can get a total 3125 referral)-bond compensation extras: bonus by learning of GDI, Heavy Hitter bonus, bonus of duplication of GDI weekly bonus of superstars (pay 100 dollars by every 5 referrals per week)- Different methods to collect your compensation (for eg: sending a cheque without charge to your home, when you specify shipments exceeding 100 dollars, which would particularly be at least that could suck in this business.) This is not to say that you can opt for this form of payment for a lower amount, but in that case you will have to pay a small Commission). Jose Manuel Medina is a Networker of the MLM business online. In your page Jose Manuel talks about Global Domains International.


Information Business

In short if MLM is large, that does not make us large too. it is also a smart and elegant way of selling your business, if you really looking for both crave success, you must start somewhere, what you think! “Unless you want to go to sell products door to door? Or continue pursuing your prospects to come to your next business meeting? … Further details can be found at Dan Zwirn, an internet resource. .. Well that’s your life choice, and nobody can get there. We have something very clear that what we are promoting is a business and a business must have supply and demand truth, in other words, if a market should someone who buys and who sells, like in this business must have people who sell and have to be people who consume your product or not? Well … We are creating a business of people who recruit others to the business can grow and multiply, there are times we do not understand or do not understand the concept of MLM, the main idea is not to have an army of people selling produce products is rather that these leaders and also to sponsor and sell our main idea, I think the whole world has the potential to be a leader in the MLM business, but the most painful of all is that not everyone is willing to become an independent business, and no techniques that have attitudes succeed in business networking, veamonos this does not have to be a super-gifted, or have something special or no ability to succeed in our industry, I’m sorry to say but this is not true, you need to focus on some kind of people who are suitable to join your MLM team, they are your warm market, ie they are the people you are buying any products that are using or what you were offering, and somehow are interested in your business, and just need to know if you are the leader suited to lead them to success, in a certain way when you place ads for your company you are investing some money, money that is coming out of your pocket, maybe you could have invested in something else, and certainly it cost a lot to gain, to attracting people who want to enter your network or website, and once there, see the information and if you can convince them to enter your team …


First Need

Of those means your prospects will feel that they can trust you. Elon Musk has plenty of information regarding this issue. Your prospects will notice that you are a person with wisdom and supports them without asking anything in your favor. That way they will achieve be willing to know in which trade opportunity you have. The MLM is you in the network marketing business is what most interests you same, therefore push yourself to yourself. So much so, you need to sell yourself, to your skills as you are you are going to support. A partner that helps them to people without the concern in that company MLM are frankly.

Not live like all other partners that only focus on selling his company opportunity and persecute people. And how to achieve this? The first thing you should do is that your need to begin adding value to you. You’re asking this question of what source will discover education? You can also find information on the web, there is too much and without making payments, also in this same space can get enriching information the first way is you need to start finding a bit regarding the first steps of the MLM. But above all skills and marketing procedures that support you to grow your company in an expert way. On the other hand it is important to use all the knowledge that we have already learned to thus gain greater experience.


Video Hosting

say … hot biscuits! The formula is simple. Create a page Give something of great value for free. This could be a free report, a video lecture, an audio interview, or a live webinar. Then, exchange for free information, the visitor will give your name and email address. And then the magic happens. You can automatically track and deliver more value and maybe even sell them all this is done through an auto-responder, all automatically and efficiently for you.

Again, the companies providing auto-responder service ranging from $ 20 per month up to $ 99 per month. 3) Creation and hosting of videos (Video Hosting) A huge trend on the Internet is to present all information through videos, this is called marketing videos. Without some form of video on your website, most people simply do not pay more interest in the content. The video allows you to bond with your visitors and create more confidence than just words. We’ve all heard of YouTube with confidence. But it is a free service that is characterized by videos of pranks, jokes and music videos, etc., But it is appropriate to present an image of your business? There is a very important reason which many of the best networkers in the world prefer to produce and host their videos through payment services. 4) Web Site Builder system and forward 99% of internet marketers do not have the time and / or skills to create their own web sites or pages of prospecting.

Trying to learn web design and HTML codes is not the best way to spend your time. This is where web site builders come You just customize your pages with your own video, product information, auto answer, and you’re done! 5) On Line Conference (Direct Webcast) The most powerful way to sell is face to face. You get instant feedback and customers can ask questions and get answers immediately. Since we do not want to serve all visitors in person … a live conference room is the best solution! We can sit in the comfort of our homes and present to people around the world, product demos, video descriptions, presentations power point, and answer questions live on the Internet anything is possible. If you are using conference rooms in your business, you are losing a lot of money. Companies charge for a typical conference room from $ 49 to $ 99 per month even more. The five best tools These are the five main tools used by business professionals on the internet which depend mainly on a system to propeccion and sales on autopilot. You can too! Now you can get all these great tools from different companies and pay between $ 150 or $ 350 each month. Or, you can take the smart and have everything in one company and save a huge amount of money.