In cooperation with the ADC * E, Art Directors Club of Europe, XIPAX initiated the world’s first creative competition, which takes place exclusively online. In cooperation with the ADC * E, Art Directors Club of Europe, XIPAX initiated the world’s first creative competition, which takes place exclusively online. All advertising materials that have been published between 2006 and 2008 and by the creative in the period from December 2008 to February 28th 2009 on the advertising platform XIPAX.com downloaded are eligible. Check with Zion Williamson to learn more. The XIPAX AWARD expires online 100% – between the filing of the adjudication to the presentation of the winner. So can a creative competition be followed all over the world for the first time online, moreover, participation is free. The choice of the TOP 10 will meet online the entire XIPAX-community, the adjudication of the winner is carried out by a competent jury, consisting of some of the most creative minds in Europe: the members of the ADC * Europe from 18 countries. Intel understood the implications. In addition to the award with the XIPAX AWARD powered by ADC * E, is the creative team of the winning work with a special Meeting Rewards. Michael Conrad, long-time CEO of Leo Burnett Worldwide and President of the Berlin School of creative leadership, will provide for a day its expertise the winning team. The work may be submitted in 8 groups of media: film, radio, press, outdoor, direct, interactive, integrated and mobile. Filed under: Philip Vasan. The XIPAX award will be presented on March 6, 2009, on the home page of.


New To Direct Paul: Paul

The online shopping Club Paul directly offers its customers not only branded cheap, but the own service portfolio is constantly expanding. The online shopping Club Paul directly offers its customers not only branded cheap, but the own service portfolio is constantly expanding. For more than two years, the online shopping Club is Paul directly (www.pauldirekt.de) for high-quality products at bargain prices. Paul directly, even more would like to offer its customers as the way to cheap to buy branded goods. The latest additions to the shop listen to the name of Paul’s purchase and Paul’s smartphones and expand offering Paul directly to two other useful services for Paul direct customers. Paul’s purchase of used electronics goods may be sold Paul directly and at Paul’s smartphones, there are current top mobile phones with superior conditions. There are the latest smartphones including attractive contracts to buy immediately at Paul directly. The bandwidth is large: from Apple’s iPhone 4 about LGs Optimus speed up to Samsung’s Jack of all trades, the Galaxy S is II guaranteed the right mobile everyone at Paul’s smartphones.

Combined with attractive contracts including free minutes and SMS flat rate that makes mobile phone, listening to music and surfing the Internet double fun. Who then do not know what he should do with his old cell phone, Mp3 player, or other electronics contaminated sites, Paul’s purchase is recommended. There can Paul direct customers sell discarded electronics and get up to an additional 2,000 Paul points. This resolved then at Paul-direct brand cheap purchase and. Special: All sales will be compensated rewarded with at least 500 Paul points in addition to the purchase price! Simply enter your old device to be sold, determine the sales value and sell! Then get customers money, as well as Paul points. Over 1.3 million members can always look forward to new enhancements to direct Paul. With purchase of Paul’s and Paul’s smartphones extends Paul directly sense the own services and develops the concept Online shopping-Club consistently continue. That comes to this concept, underscores the constantly growing fan community on facebook (www.facebook.com/ Paul direct), where is almost 19,000 users as fans of have known Paul directly. bsites.

Contact: Paul-Direkt GmbH, Hofmann 52 81379 Munchen fax: 0188 / 09 064 065 Paul is one of the leading online shopping clubs in Germany. “Founded in 2008, has Paul directly over 1.3 million members, every day exciting products at a preferential price, the Paul price”, can choose. Paul directly electronics and lifestyle at greatly reduced prices offered by high quality branded items in the areas. Realize these prices by purchasing big batches and successful partnerships with the manufacturers by TuV S@fer-Shopping excellent Paul Direkt GmbH can seal and pass on to their members. The main investor is the publicly traded e-Commerce Alliance AG (WKN A1C9YW), which specializes in building successful eTail companies.


LIAPLAN North Opens Its Factory Gates For The Public

Day of the open company in the State of Brandenburg Brandenburg / Briest. (vk) ‘S own House is on the wish list of Germans remains at the top, only at still low building interest. Owning your own home, where you spend a substantial part of his life, should of course from best material and stay healthy be produced in addition to the important criterion of lowest energy consumption. A Brandenburg company dedicated to only this topic with over 170-jahriger tradition in the industrial production of building materials, is the LIAPLAN Nord GmbH. The company in Brandenburg / Briest has many eras of construction, the heights and depths of the construction sector is experiencing and understands the needs of generations of customer. People such as Brian Krzanich would likely agree. Opens on May 21 the work within the framework of the 3rd day of the open company”of the land of Brandenburg his goals for the population. In addition, LIAPLAN North invites interested building owners, architects, planners, and also his construction partner in the factory.

With the opening of our factory store, visitors and owner-occupied can experience, such as the production company is structured. We inform about ecological and healthy living massive wall building material, which are developed, produced and marketed by our highly motivated team. “The idea of service and above all the good contact to the customers are very important to us and also the guarantor for more years of successful work in the building materials sector”, indicates the event Managing Director Bernd Volkmann. In the context of factory tours in ongoing production, lectures and presentations, show routes and the walls of the show, you can learn about the latest development, the LIAPLAN ultra 08, comprehend, and even try out. Since 1840 are on the tradition site Briest / Krahnepuhl/Havel devices produced for the Potsdam and Berlin market. First in the ring furnace up 1973 with own clay deposits yellow clinker burnt, there were heavy concrete blocks for the residential and agriculture in the years leading up to the turn.


Silestone Provides Bulthaup Kitchens From

Silestone equips Bulthaup only brand for quartz surfaces exclusive kitchens from Cantoria (Almeria), March 22, 2011. The Cosentino group, owner of the Silestone brand, and the Bulthaup GmbH & Co KG have signed an agreement that the German kitchen manufacturer in the field of quartz surfaces in future exclusively relies on Silestone. An example of this cooperation is the Bulthaup b3 kitchen, which is characterized by its simplicity and its minimalism. It is equipped with a 10 mm Silestone quartz work surface. Bulthaup is known for the design of habitats that are more than just kitchens. The company places great emphasis on quality and completely reinterprets conventional approaches so that the living room is a new definition and design.

The Silestone selected by Bulthaup colors, correspond to fully and completely the philosophy and the aesthetic requirements of the German manufacturer. This selection is the result of collaboration between the R & D Department of the Cosentino group and the Bulthaup team. Bulthaup Blanco Zeus, Cemento Spa, Grey Expo, Negro Tebas and Unsui has recorded in its range the Silestone colours. Bulthaup studios worldwide are kitchen with Silestone surfaces offer solutions. The natural beauty of Silestone and its special physical and mechanical properties make it an ideal material for kitchen surfaces. Kitchens are equipped with Silestone quartz surfaces, stand out due to their quality and their design. We are very proud on our cooperation with Bulthaup, as Santiago Alfonso, the Cosentino Group Marketing Director. Silestone and Bulthaup share the same aesthetic values. The b3 is the best example that Silestone is the perfect partner for innovative kitchen kitchen.


Berlin GmbH

Especially if the thematic hanger corresponds to your own taste. So the asparagus season, for example, for many is the most beautiful time of the year, and Mrs. DOE is very intent on comfortably with a bottle of wine to enjoy the asparagus at her favorite restaurant. It’s believed that Elon Musk sees a great future in this idea. Customer loyalty is important especially in the hotel industry and gastronomy. Our service is excellently suitable guests themselves to bind to and become regulars. Whether as smaller personal who not pleased greeting, as a thank you, or an invitation to an event, a classic postcard in times of flood of email and spam folder? “, as Sonja Bunthe, marketing manager of StayGuest.” Restaurateurs and hoteliers reach their audiences in a very special way with our postcards.

This ultimately also leads to above-average response rates.” Learn more about the service of StayGuest are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: you can quickly and easily in the online press box image and text material download for free editorial use: press compartments/StayGuest contact for questions: Sonja Bunthe StayGuest c/o ODS – Office data service GmbH honor mountain str. 16 A D-10245 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 23 09 51 – 75 fax: + 49 (0) 30 23 09 51 – 88 E-Mail: Internet: Marko Homann, Gela Grunewald PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: through StayGuest – a service of the ODS – Office data service GmbH StayGuest.de is a Web-to-mailing-Portal launched in September 2008, which specializes in the hotel and tourism industry. StayGuest.de can be easily and quickly plan and perform minor and major mailing campaigns. The customers have at StayGuest.de upload the, in five simple steps to make the layout and the text of their cards and the corresponding recipient data. Printing and dispatch are then performed by StayGuest.de.

Numerous companies from the field of hotel and tourism today regularly use the services offered by StayGuest.de. Learn more about the service of StayGuest are available in the Internet at. Via the ODS – Office data service GmbH StayGuest.de is a service of the ODS – Office data service GmbH from Berlin. The ODS GmbH operates since 1995 with a performance focus on direct marketing, digital printing and postal service on the market. Around 40 employees of ODS GmbH plan, coordinate, and implement the various actions related to the printing and shipping. Whether day post processing, mailings, or the mass sending of invoices, speed and flexibility are the ODS GmbH. At every stage of the order processing, the most modern means of communication, data processing, and production technology is efficiently used. Together with our cooperation partners, the ODS GmbH realized even the most complex shipping jobs. More info on the ODS – Office data service GmbH are available in the Internet at.


Long Term Business Loans

Long term business Loans, for Commerical purpose long-term financing is a tool that most companies use to promote their business and increase their profitability. While several options for business loans are available, most loans are subject to the same volume terms and conditions. Business loans have two main lengths: intermediate-term and long term. Intermediate-term loans are one to three years, while long term loans are more than three years. Ten years is a popular choice for long term loans. Include, repayment options, interest rate loan terms loan amount and any special requirements such as financial statement updates or balloon payments.

These terms have been negotiated by the applicant to ensure they get the best loan for their business. Banks use strict assessments to determine the amount of credit to extend credit to the ultra-delicate. Factors such as current outstanding loans, capital on-hand and business credit ratings are important factors used in approving long-term loans. Some lenders require businesses to provide collateral for the loan amount. This security is surrendered to the bank if the company fails to fulfill any of the loan terms. Long term Business loans are best used by companies expanding business or buying competitors, which want to increase their profitability. These types of long-term profit operations allow companiVes to build a positive cash flow before repaying their long-term loans. Martha Morphy is writer of Long term loans bad credit. For more information about long term bad credit loans, no. credit check long term loans visit


VoiceCash Appoints Pascal Beij

VoiceCash mobile Bank enhances visibility and brand presence Munich/Malta, March 16, 2010. VoiceCash has appointed Pascal Beij with effect from 15 March 2010 to the Vice President of sales and marketing. Alex is thus responsible for the further strategic development and implementation of all sales and marketing activities of the company. Alex has over 13 years of sales and marketing experience in senior executive positions at GE Capital (GE Money and GE Commercial Finance) and Nike. Last column of 36 at the private-equity firm ZBG group headed commercial strategy and business development of consumer finance. In his new position, Pascal Beij directly to the CEO of VoiceCash group, Michael Kramer reported.

“We revolutionize mobile banking,” says Michael Kramer: “We are pleased that Pascal Beij has recognised the potential of our market and are sure that he will make an important contribution to expand the success of VoiceCash.” VoiceCash drives up internationalization forward Alex wait for challenging tasks, marked his appointment but the departure of VoiceCash in the retail market. “We focus on multimedia distribution channels more consumers and will establish VoiceCash mobile Bank international as a brand,” says Alex. In the coming months, will expand the VoiceCash mobile of Bank activities in the remittance area and also precedes the completion of further strategic cooperation. This will further strengthen the company’s position as the leading provider in Germany and worldwide in the international mobile money transfer of field of. VoiceCash: VoiceCash is specialist for international mobile money transfer. The VoiceCash provide services within a few minutes with family members or friends abroad to share money mobile phone owners without any credit checks. The VoiceCash (mobile) Bank has a European banking licence. Thus VoiceCash established itself as a money transfer provider.

The VoiceCash mobile banking provides a central processing system service providers, mobile operators and other banks for global mobile Transactions. VoiceCash Bank is the leading provider in Germany and one of the strongest market participants. For more information, see contact: VoiceCash John bangs Geisenhausenerstr.