The improvement plans were HomeThe leader:.-knows that only persons make possible improved. -It is more concerned with the goals than by the methods. .-No traffic control persons, tries to control the good done. -Do not know any case in which the quality has improved looking for excuses or emphasizing the nonsampling error. -It assumes that quality management is the management of details.

-No doubt. Before deciding it analyzes, studies alternatives and choose. It is never arbitrary nor .se entertains; It is decisive and, if you make a mistake, it assumes and amendment. -In the long run, becomes leader of leaders. Differences between director and leading Director.-is based on the statutory legality and the formal procedure of designation. -Trusts the discipline and strength of the organization.

-Responds to strict deadlines. -Just be. -Always aspires to be a leader. -Charisma is institutional and leasehold. -Manda. -It is a craft. -It relies more on the omission (gradualism). -He wants to comply with the principles. -Leaning by the capacity and the effectiveness. Leader-is based on the legitimacy of the mandate which assumes. -Is inspired by the conviction and the delivery of his followers. -It isn’t subject to terms or dates. -It must be and look like. -It is usually transformed into leader, although it is not. -The charisma is extremely personal and non-transferable. -Convincing. -It is an art. -Believe in the (transformation sudden) action. -He wants to enjoy the principles. -Capacity, effectiveness and ideology. Improvement should become involved in the process and assist in its development. You need prior training. It carries out self-assessment. The periodic and systematic use of the model by the management team allows this improvement plans based on objective facts establishing and achieving a common vision on the goals to be achieved and the tools to use. I.e., its implementation is based on: the deep understanding of the model by all levels of management of the company.