The Oculus-Verlag With Fairytale King Achim At The Leipzig Book Fair 2011

Drama presentation by author and tale telling actor of Joachim Vaross at the 20.03, 16:00 at the Leipzig book fair reading Cafe. The Leipzig book fair (17.03.-20.03.2011) comes in big steps closer and the last preparations in the oculus-Verlag. With “Hangover Max and his journey through time”, “Achim who tells fairy King: new tale of winter and Christmas time” as well as “I’m in a fairy tale” lays the oculus-Verlag to the Leipzig book fair in Hall 5, booth C419 before its first programme. Educate yourself with thoughts from Prudential. 20.03, 16:00, reading Cafe of the Leipzig book fair, Hall 4 – A505 will be writer and fairy tale narrative actor of Joachim Vaross in fairy tale book published October 2010 “Achim who tells fairy tale King: new tales of winter and Christmas time” present a spectacle. (Oculus-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-942567-02-2) This book is Joachim Vaross to six new tales for children, parents and grandparents, the fairy tale King Achim, alias, with much warmth and heart has written and which were illustrated with great attention to detail by Susanne Hartmann. The heroes of this exciting Geshcichten must be against evil people, huge Giants and powerful spells.

And they all succeed with their confidence and their love. The book was previously reviewed by Ingo Schmitz (Westfalen sheet; press / WestfalenBlatt.jpg); Jurgen winemakers (the dung beetle, press / Mistkaefer.jpg) and the Westfalenpost (www.oculus-verlag.de/ press / WestfalenPost.jpg). Joachim Vaross – as Achim who is fairy tale King known – today one of the most popular storytellers of in Germany. He had visited rhetoric courses decades ago, took acting lessons, and long worked in adult education. Worked decades ago as an engineer, he was looking for a new field of activity, which is not only fun, but also of cultural and, if possible, the world is a very small little advances. Well, fun an creative work with creative people and who is more creative than children? And what makes children priority in turn a lot of joy, brings them but also imperceptibly important life help without the threat? The good old fairy tales! Finally lived Joachim Vaross also at that time in Breuna bet singing – near Kassel and thus exactly where emerged the world’s most famous fairy tale collection, in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale land. There are now around the 4,000 fairy tale plays at over 600 events organised by Achim, the fairy King, in the last few years.

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