“The Rocky Road To The Well-being

FAZ reports about goFit health mat Schiers (Switzerland), April 19, 2010 the goFit foot reflex zone massage mat continue in pharmacies and surgeries, at Phsyiotherapeuten, and in the private sector. Now, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in a four-gap-article has reported on the health product from the Switzerland (FAZ, Monday, April 12, 2010). That the goFit mat has a downright amazing positive effect, doctors and physical therapists and their patients who use the mat, know only too well. Known as the general population–but that there is the goFit foot reflex zone massage mat at all and their impact for many users is how blessed do. We have a huge advertising budget for our mat\”Dietlinde Haverkamp explains the goFit team. To the price of the mat is much too pointed.

We want to and can not have large-format ads or other promotional activities in the market press. So we go the more difficult but in the long run more effective way, doctors, physical therapists and Patient persuasion to win.\” The prestigious Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung came now to help. \”And the rocky road to the well-being overrode it the article on the Swiss health mat because also ambiguously.\” Finally of course affects the goFit mat recommended be ten to 15 minutes on the organism as a walk on a pebble beach twice daily by the manufacturer. The regular massage of the foot reflex zones, as it takes place as a result, increases the body’s energy and will. It stimulates the muscle formation, metabolism and the immune system, helps has been proven against the so-called restless legs syndrome, relieves headache, back and neck pain, prevents diabetes and relieves to call the often painful effects of this disorder to only some of the amazing effects. Effects by the way, that each are known, who has ever made acquaintance with foot reflex zone massage. Through the increased activity of the entire musculature and metabolism promotes the mat even losing weight and general well-being.

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