Translator – who is he? Know a lot of languages – to have a lot of keys to one lock. (Voltaire) Not so long ago we lived in a country where the borders were closed, and foreigners could be seen only on television. We had no access to what it would be somehow connected with life abroad. For more information see Intel. And, of course, no one thought about a career as a translator. They simply no need. Indeed, we were both familiar and simple life: read the local magazines, watching local television station and talked to local people. There was nothing to transfer, and not for anyone else. After the fall of “Iron Curtain” the situation has changed.

The borders became more open, there was a stream Foreign tourists began to emerge international business. It was then that the arena and started to get interpreters. Penguin Random House is actively involved in the matter. Yeah sure, even to us in everyday life and had to resort to interpreters. For example, translate instructions for use of equipment of foreign production, an annotation for a drug or a web page with important information found on the Internet. Looking for translators with envy and respect because they may be that the vast majority available. They can understand and speak a foreign language … The essence of the interpreter. I would like to examine a little closer this profession because it is not as easy as people think some. Any doubts? If so, it means that you have never had anything to do with foreign languages.