Undertake Companies

INTRODUCTION Always if hears to speak of great businesses that had started of the night for the day, in a small structure in the proper house more comumente in its garages, companies whom in little time if become reference that with much easiness obtains to gain market, really have yes examples of success as of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, but, the same she did not enter in the branch by chance, it already brought a good luggage, therefore he was employee of the Atari and HP, valley to remember that the more net work you will have greater the possibility of if giving well, therefore a good net of relationship with contacts of customers and suppliers she is basic to alavancar its primordial business and to give to life it, many good ideas is wasted for being at the hands of wrong people or people who had not prepared themselves correctly to execute the same one, in the current days in way to as many possibilities are normal you to hear somebody speech that will open its proper business, but little common you are to hear somebody to affirm that she made a research on the area of performance of one determined segment or product and note that a lack for determined product or service has. In Brazil it is very common if to have the vision of that a business grows by itself, but to construct a success enterprise she is necessary of many factors, to have a failure is enough to lack one, I believe that all the businesses, need important and solid strategical points, the celebrities differentiate competitive, therefore thus the same one will only be able to be distinguished in the market, of the one not to find that you go to the same vender an equal product to the one of all the value and that you if will sobressair in the market, which the logic for this allegation? The car head a business to give certain is the information, is basic that the entrepreneur elaborates a business plan that is with all the information, that is, is essential planning. .

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