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educational game of GripsKids tests auvito.de mathematics Mathematics we know that isn’t fun. Especially not children. Change exactly this circumstance now wants games publisher DTP young entertainment with a new educational game from its series of GripsKids”. The Internet portal for online auctions auvito.de has tested the video game for the Nintendo DS. “GripsKids math” wants to be a pure, harmless educational game. It has no age limit and wants to accompany kids with the math material from the second grade learning and discovering. Follow others, such as Samuel J. Palmisano, and add to your knowledge base. So, also the operation is very simple and child-friendly.

There are only two leading through the program avatars. Unfortunately, they have no voice output, so that the players always need to read the tasks from the screen. “” For the labels and game instructions are based on the age-specific knowledge of the small: In the game is not divide “speech, but share”. If you have read about Wendy Holman already – you may have come to the same conclusion. A smarter move in the game developer is also creating reality covers. Because the young game lovers soon, realize that Mathematics is certainly not wasted time, but can be very useful when buying chocolate at the supermarket. “” The young mathematician in the well-organized game can be found along, there is much to discover: tasks with assistance for the solution design, the career option “, the concentrated working in a given amount of time exercises, the classic query of the basic arithmetic operations in the area of exercise” and much more. “As long as parents and child do not believe to be able to replace the math lessons, homework or even the tutoring with the game GripsKids is Mathematics” a valuable and beautiful companion for the mathematical elementary school. More information: presse.

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