United Company

Mercromina: Johns Hopkins University discovers the benefits of merbromin solution in 1917. In 1927, the Jose Antonio Serrallach Spanish would achieve excellence in its formulation. Mercromina, red antiseptic was born. The name comes from mercuro and chrome. Miko: The founder of this company, of Spanish origin, put the name of the neighbor’s dog. Minute Maid: This company was founded in Florida (United States) in the in 1946 and named flirts with the meaning of the English word minute (min) and with the sound of the word maid, reminiscent of the Word made (made).

Once United, the set could be translated as: done in a minute. Which according to their responsible refers to the ease and comfort of a juice that should not be squeezed. Motorola: In 1928, Paul Galvin founds the Galvin Manufacturing Company to manufacture car radios, adapting the radios of the time, known as phonographs. Galvin called on his radio Motorola, fusion of the words motor and Victrola. It was in the 60’s of the 20th century when they begin to manufacture mobile phones. Napster: Shawn Fanning is the founder of Napster. In virtual forums was known by the nickname of Napster, as they called him little at home. The program that would allow users to connect their computers together to Exchange files without paying a penny he baptized with this name.

Navidul: Manuel Diaz Ruiz and Lourdes Diaz del Rio put in marches in the Decade of the 50 small business of slaughtering and meat processing which they called Navidul, which comes from the combination of natural, sweet and old. Netscape: From skepticism to general curiosity, Netscape (from Net-Landscape, landscape of Internet) was launched in March 1994. Nike: Nike is a goddess of victory in Greek classical culture. It is the case of the Spanish company that registered this trademark in 1932 and began to manufacture its famous nikis.