Why Do I Choose A Residual Income

Surprisingly, many people, even as adults, have no idea what the residual revenue. Residual Income – this is the cash flows that continue to come to you for a long period of time for the work you did once. Many of the people around you can boast of such a picture? I am sure that there is not. Although almost all of us in his youth dreamed of that will come a time when we will have a operate our money or our business, while we can relax. In the course of life most people are accustomed to what they are paying as much as they have earned. This stereotype provides a work by the hour. There approved rate, you have worked an hour – you are paid the amount. Worked 10 hours a day – you get 10 bets. Worked well – the boss can throw bonus. This method is called linear income.

Linear Income can be compared with a shovel. Once we stop digging, we find ourselves in debt because of our needs, except for us, for some reason no one can pay. That has to run like a squirrel in a cage, not to fall and even somehow to stay afloat. Your market rate depends on your value as an employee. After receiving the additional work experience and reference letter, you can charge higher rates. After receiving a graduate degree education, you can not earn $ 5 an hour, and, say, $ 30, but still, this wage is linear. Those who change the time for money, there are two obvious problems. First becomes evident in periods of difficulties and setbacks. Health Age, competition from more experienced or younger – is something that can deprive a person of a linear income in one day. The problem of the linear income – this vulnerability. As soon as you do not have the time, health or strength as soon as the change objectives of the employer, you will no longer need it. The second problem is less visible but more profound: most people who chose the linear model of income generation are . Employer decides for his subordinates when, where, where and how much.

The employer controls his subordinates and affects a person’s life, using it for their own purposes. Selecting a different model for creating revenue, in particular, the model residual income, many people would be able to decide for themselves what they do, how to apply yourself, what to invest. Residual income can be compared with the conveyor, which works even without our direct involvement. Ask any man who became wealthy, what he thinks about the linear income. And you will hear something like this: “linear income – the most difficult path to riches, and it’s not my way”.

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