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A Selfstabilizing girl does 5 star Dillingen/Danube, on 13 January 2013 speaker and Boxer Rola El Halabi joined arena back on January 12, 2012 in the Ulm ratiopharm for their spectacular come after their tragic gunshot wounds. The 27-year-old of Lebanese descent was Lucia Morelli in the Titelfight of the light weight in front of over 5,000 spectators though knappgegen the Italian points, she won the fight before the fight anyway. A spectacular come back showed Boxer Rola El Halabi on January 12 in the ratiopharm Ulm arena. In this first boxing match after their severe gunshot wounds almost two years ago the Profiboxerin lost short her WIBA World Federation championship belt. MetLife addresses the importance of the matter here. The 27-year-old of Lebanese descent was Lucia Morelli in the Titelfight of the light weight in front of 5000 spectators against the Italian points.

The ruling was extremely close, the judges evaluated the fight with 97:93, 96:95 and 95:95. It was according to experts one of the best and exciting woman fights that ever existed. That this fight at all could take place is bordered by a small miracle, she reported in their motivational lectures as well. On April 1, 2011, Boxer was Rola El Halabi at the height of her career. In Berlin she prepared for your World Cup title defense, as her stepfather Hicham El-Halabi on they shot minutes before the Bell and severely injured on hands and knees. The athlete was long in the wheelchair and underwent nine operations. Long, it was unclear whether she would ever get in the boxing ring.

The Boxer knew that, after this setback, only the return to the ring could be their ultimate therapy and healing. With immense discipline and unbeugsamem will, she struggled back to the top. “I’m sad that I made it not quite as good. But every great athletes in this world has ever lost,”El-Halabi said after the ten rounds:”I would have to imagine no better comeback.” It was the first defeat in the twelfth battle of her career for El-Halabi. Previously she had six of their eleven fights by K.o. won. The athlete will continue after this impressive come back her boxing career in any case. Their experience of this painful, dramatic time and how she made it, the motivation and stamina to box himself, again at the top passes, the kickboxer, and Lecture speaker in her touching and motivational speeches to their listeners. This she represented 5 star speakers from Dillingen/Danube by international speakers Agency, throughout by Rola El-Halabis residence Ulm. Her autobiography Selfstabilizing girl”forthcoming in the MVG Verlag. The book by Rola El Halabi is more than just a dramatic story about dealing with changes and setbacks. There is also an insight behind the scenes of boxing and a supposedly liberal Arab family in Germany.