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In addition, more case studies, lectures and discussions provide answers to a wide variety of questions: How can I handle huge amounts of data quickly using in-memory technology? How can I speed up my plans? How to get III reporting from a financial planning to Basel? How much Excel needs the controller? How can I simulate a targeted and flexible planning scenarios? How about BI in the cloud and mobile BI on iPad and Android tablets? The Palo open creates informative value, no confusion”, summarizes the iron sheets. Exactly with this expectation, more visitors come every year to our event. Visitors who want to know they are with what future technologies at the strategic, operational and financial control of the company of ahead of its time.” Exchange required in addition to the wide diversified presentation agenda the Palo open offers 2011 numerous opportunities for Exchange and networking. During the breaks, chill out, and at the evening event visitors get opportunity to establish new contacts in a pleasant atmosphere, to exchange experiences and to discuss the findings of the day with colleagues or consultants and partners of Jedox. The two keynotes last but not least make for exciting moments. Prof. Dr.

Rolf Hichert, CEO of consulting, training and software company Hichert + partner, proves his expertise in the field of executive reporting: furnish information or confusion? “.” The controlling expert explains how it provides a competitive edge in day-to-day business with innovative, appealing prepared reports. In addition, Dr. Markus demonstrates Merk, what it means to make decisions in pressure situations. Merk, formerly one of the most important referee in the German, European and world football, takes the audience into a captivating lecture on the way to the safe decision. Time and place the two-day Palo open 2011 is on the 15th and 16th September 2011 in the Europa Park rust. Registration begins at 11:00. Interested can see sign. Here, also the program and more information are available.

The participation fee is 399 (online special: $299 until the 15.8). About Jedox the Jedox AG is one of the leading provider of business intelligence solutions. The Palo suite covers the entire range of business intelligence and corporate performance management including planning, simulation, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, dashboarding and analysis. More information about Palo and Jedox, see. Contact for the press: Leif Mergener Jedox AG Bismarckallee 7a D – 79098 Freiburg, Germany Tel.: 14 72 62 immo Gaja Adremcom P.o. box 250372 50519 Koln phone: 28 171


Microsoft Office

Was this software family (similar to the Microsoft Office package for Office applications) designed specifically for the fresh food area. The company has incorporated in his complex knowledge and many years of experience of craft and trade. “It all according to the motto from the practice for the practice” the software integrates the scale as a central building block in the entire business process. So the retail framework provides all essential functions and applications for convenient data management from receiving the dealers up to the cashier and reverts it again and again on current scales data. So, the user has at any time the overview of goods movement and sales.”so my. A software module allows to customize and to fashion labels such as screens on the control surfaces of the scales. On another part of the retail framework can access to the merchant on the Bizerba very extensive database (RetailMall), images and article data download, maintain and manage. On the RetailMall the Balingen in addition to extensive nutritional information provides over 16,000 fresh articles and also recipes from the Grafe & Unzer Verlag or the star Cook Alfons Schuhbeck, photos, advertising content as well as Verkauferschulungs – Verbraucherberatungs instruments at their disposal.

This database is constantly updated. The K-class PC balance is software retail framework in combination with the information terminal for both the seller and the customer. In the self-service area the consumer directly to the scales can print out information. At the counter, the seller can rely on the data and targeted advice. In addition, the scale is an unbeatable advertising tool at the service counter.

On the customer’s screen advertising achieved the customers directly and immediately any views of the balanced weight. First experiences have shown that about this form of advertising sales of the advertised “Article above average and above all sustainably increase can” my explains. Bizerba offers includes a hand also suitable consumables such as Linerlessrollen and labels, and a full-service the also smart financing models in addition to the optimally coordinated hardware and software. So the dealer can deal with selling his actual job! Bizerba presents and advises on the this year’s trade fair for the butchery in Stuttgart, Suffa, from October 18-20 in Hall 6 stand number E10. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide operating technology company for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hardware and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels & consumables and business services ensure transparent control of integrated business processes and the high Availability of Bizerba specific service features. Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 56 country offices in over 120 countries. Revenue for the Group amounted to EUR 433 million in 2008. Headquarters of the company, which employs about 3,100 people, is Balingen; further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (United States) and San Louis Potosi (Mexico).


Venezuelan State

Reflection is one of the principal means that leaders must learn from the past.Warren Bennis is very regrettable brain drain every day leaving the country in search of new opportunities, looking for countries where there is economic, political, security that is the opportunity to work in an environment that guarantees stability, opportunities to put into practice the knowledge acquired, the Venezuelan State attention should be paid more to this reality, because this country lose much talenta human capital formed, trained in many of the public universities that the Government subsidizes the collaboration of Venezuelans who comply with their taxes and have contributed time, money in the training of their children to enter the University. Cannot be wasted human capital and other countries to leverage their training, when Venezuela need them, especially given the reality of a troubled, uncertain, scenario that requires a talent able to face challenges, changes, in where creativity, innovation of all pop up and help clarify the uncertainty facing with new ideas, programs, actions that guarantee results with integration of unit equipment and not divisions of these. It is not surprising as says movilidad.universiablogs.net that, politics and social in which Venezuela is located has become an exporter of talent. This Venezuelan brain drain began in 1983 with the so-called Black Friday, and since then, the phenomenon is gaining ground with the passage of time.Insecurity, economic crisis and political instability in which the Venezuelan nation finds itself encourage the brain drain, relatively new trend in our country since, on the contrary, Venezuela was always a receiver of immigration. In the Decade of 50 Italian immigrants, Spaniards and Portuguese settled in national territory and in the 70s and 80 arrived crowds from various parts of Latin America, especially Chilean, Colombian, Peruvian. The State should reflect how much costs the country each professional forming, what is lost investment when they decide to go, more, when youth who graduated sees no prospects for development, otherwise, has increased unemployment, conllevado many newly graduates and even with years of experience in the professional practice opt for irse, motivated by the need to achieve better socio-economic conditions, the possibility to grow professionally and to live in a region with political stability and freedom of expression.


Selecting And Laying Ceramic Tile

On the choice of ceramic tile buyer comes with great responsibility and spends much time on her choices. Sometimes this activity takes up to six months. In many eases the purchase of sites offering to order ceramic tile with home delivery. At last tile selected, paid for, delivered and unloaded. On this part of the customer for some reason ends, but in vain. Buy ceramic tile – is half the battle. Second half – is styling.

Anyone who has ever faced with the repair, says that to find a professional master – a very difficult task, almost impossible. From a huge range of services to market more than 90% of the masters do not have sufficient qualifications. Even ordering the laying ceramic tiles in a large construction firm with euphonious name and solid office, you may find that its workers – residents of foreign countries, often without even recording the banal, not to mention for a work permit. The second problem – this is, strictly speaking, building materials themselves. Ceramic tiles purchased, it is engaged on the master, and on which tile glue, he puts it, which overwrites the grouting, For some reason the customer is not interested, this is another omission.

For example, Unis: 95% of all the masters for an unknown reason, uses this glue, they may roll back the manufacturer or sellers of this glue? Unknown. Yes, perhaps this Glue is not bad for its own purposes, but expensive Italian or Spanish tiles should not be laid on the cheap glue. Moreover, for each type of ceramic tile adhesive is recommended with certain characteristics. So, for laying Mosaic uses quick-drying white glue mixture, and for ceramic granite, which is placed on the street, we need enhanced frost mixture. The same can be said about the grout. The most important thing in the grouting is that it then do not spill out of the seams and not faded. The argument that the master was used to working with this material is not accepted. Professional work equally with any material, bad dancer, as they say And yet One more important point about the quality of ceramic tiles: Do not trust tiler who puts tiles 'face to face' and said that she curve defective and difficult to stow, or states of the defect, showing formed a gap between the tiles. On the face of the tile is applied glaze, and it simply can not be flat. Every thing, including a ceramic tile, there are rules admission of curvature, and the longer tile, the greater is the deviation. If you want to check the geometry of the tile, then it should be done with the corner reference. Making selection of ceramic tile you choose design decision, you liked, and as Glue – Care wizard, and before the real master is no problem on that glue and than overwrite. Incidentally, all professional adhesives and grout – fast drying.


Video Hosting

say … hot biscuits! The formula is simple. Create a page Give something of great value for free. This could be a free report, a video lecture, an audio interview, or a live webinar. Then, exchange for free information, the visitor will give your name and email address. And then the magic happens. You can automatically track and deliver more value and maybe even sell them all this is done through an auto-responder, all automatically and efficiently for you.

Again, the companies providing auto-responder service ranging from $ 20 per month up to $ 99 per month. 3) Creation and hosting of videos (Video Hosting) A huge trend on the Internet is to present all information through videos, this is called marketing videos. Without some form of video on your website, most people simply do not pay more interest in the content. The video allows you to bond with your visitors and create more confidence than just words. We’ve all heard of YouTube with confidence. But it is a free service that is characterized by videos of pranks, jokes and music videos, etc., But it is appropriate to present an image of your business? There is a very important reason which many of the best networkers in the world prefer to produce and host their videos through payment services. 4) Web Site Builder system and forward 99% of internet marketers do not have the time and / or skills to create their own web sites or pages of prospecting.

Trying to learn web design and HTML codes is not the best way to spend your time. This is where web site builders come You just customize your pages with your own video, product information, auto answer, and you’re done! 5) On Line Conference (Direct Webcast) The most powerful way to sell is face to face. You get instant feedback and customers can ask questions and get answers immediately. Since we do not want to serve all visitors in person … a live conference room is the best solution! We can sit in the comfort of our homes and present to people around the world, product demos, video descriptions, presentations power point, and answer questions live on the Internet anything is possible. If you are using conference rooms in your business, you are losing a lot of money. Companies charge for a typical conference room from $ 49 to $ 99 per month even more. The five best tools These are the five main tools used by business professionals on the internet which depend mainly on a system to propeccion and sales on autopilot. You can too! Now you can get all these great tools from different companies and pay between $ 150 or $ 350 each month. Or, you can take the smart and have everything in one company and save a huge amount of money.



The best thing than you can do by same you is to eat well. For a radiating skin nothing better than much fruit and vegetables. 6. You will not commit impure acts (to drink and to smoke kill the skin) – If the God of the beauty is the solar protection, the antichrist is to smoke and to drink. To smoke bush the cells of the skin and avejenta. To drink affects the liver and if to take red wine it will dye your teeth. 7. You will not rob conditioner to your hair the hair is the mirror of the soul.

You can go in pants, badly dressed and to have slept little, but your hair is neat is first that it will transmit your image. 8. You will not say false testimony on your most beautiful weight of the beauty is to accept itself first, later to change what to one it does not like. Acptate with honesty first, and ponte I put to manage to raise or to lower of weight, whatever your necessity. 9. You will not allow impure thoughts the chocolate is an impure thought. It has much energtico=calrico value. You are not deceived with all those data that presume the good thing that it is for the spirit because they omit that when you raise average pound after eating a chocolatina all that spirit crumbles.

If you want chocolate it commits a fruit. 10. You will not covet other people’s cosmetics Each woman has a PH. Point. If you ask to him lent rimel of the eye your friend they can stick infections. The same with labial or creams. The cream that works for a woman, does not work for the skin of another one. The same happens to perfumes. The scent of a perfume not always is equal in all the skins. And what to say of the color Practices to be original and to choose the fragrances that you like, and you never share cosmetics with your friendly. Original author and source of the article