Car Wheels

If you ask people why they buy the car seat covers, the answers will be different, but the essence is always the same – car covers can protect car wheels and tires from damage and prolong service life, thus saving your money. However, in choosing cases for auto wheels fit most extremely serious. Many people think that you can buy on the market for wheel covers any indeterminate size and quality, sewn from any tissue, and it is quite enough for convenient and proper storage of tires. However – this is misleading. When storing covers quality is important and protective properties of the tissue from which the bags are sewn to hold the wheels. And for convenience transportation and storage of tires is very important right cut and tailoring quality covers. Therefore, to correctly and easy to store tires, better to buy car covers well-known manufacturers of high quality fabrics.

Our Company – Russian manufacturer of auto accessories, auto manufactures covers for the wheels to meet all the requirements of storage and transportation of tires. By using our covers for the wheels you can put things in order in your garage where you store seasonal set of tires and the car will always be pure in transit buses. You can also subscribe to the spare wheel cover, as our bags are sold as a package of four covers, and in boxed. Covers are made of high quality awning fabric, with water proof properties and high prochnostyu.Vneshny form covers the style of modern life. The main differences covers produced by our company: – cover the wheels are suitable for buses of 13 to 20 inches, inclusive, – skintight wheel regardless of its radius. Our wheel covers will ensure longevity of your tires and convenience of their seasonal storage. Workmanship and ease of use by many experts checked up on sale of automobile wheels. We sell accessories and wholesale through our online store, where new car seat covers can be also purchase a spare wheel cover, bags in the car, netting in the trunk, luggage bags and other accessories.