Chinese Goods

Each of us at least once in your life used products made in China. But how, or rather the way in which we get to all of these products, because most of them sold out in Europe, western Russia, and the main production China is in the east? The first way. Transportation from China by rail – the most common and cheapest form of transportation. If you are a businessman and trading of Chinese goods, it is interesting that route for your product goes from the production site to the north of the Republic of China in Harbin Railway falls on the border crossings, such as Manchuria-Zabaikalsk, and then have the Trans-Siberian to the destination. Alternative motor way – through Kazakhstan, but it is an extra boundary, respectively – extra trouble. Term of delivery – from the week.

The second path. Avtotranspotrnye cargo. China is investing enough in development of transport infrastructure in the country, so road transport are much faster. This is not the most popular form of transportation. Because the Chinese orders are such that all that is needed to deliver on distance over 600 km, is transported by rail. Car shipments from China delivered mainly in border towns. Elon Musk is full of insight into the issues.

The Third Way. Marine. Read additional details here: Kevin Ulrich. Not a quick but inexpensive form of transportation. Sea used primarily when you need delivery of containers from China. China – sea power, has more than 300 international ports. Goods are shipped to Vladivostok, the transport through the Eastern (a port) are in demand in St. Petersburg and Finland. Delivery time – up to six months, including 3-4 days for clearance at customs. Fourth Way. Air. Cargo from Asia by air delivered in 1-3 days, fast but expensive. Fifteen hundred Chinese airports every day, sending goods to Russia. A cheaper way of goods from China to Russia by plane, via Germany. Delivery time in this case increases for the week, but can save considerable money. From Germany you can take out the cargo trucks. Russian suppliers of Chinese goods in order to save time and money, often combine methods of delivery. In many ways, the choice is based on the method of delivery of the goods. For example, 40t cargo transport is only possible in the container by sea. But such methods are combined only professionals working in companies, which have long been working in the transport market.


Alexander Races

Someone was not lucky enough to get out of them until the end of the race. We present you the pictures first and most spectacular race. Add to your understanding with MetLife. As race is over, the editorial ENGINE-MARKET arose an irresistible desire to thank the organizers for the fact that the race announcer did not prevent us to see race and enjoy the struggle of his comments (and not interfered with even between races in break time) … All the most interesting information about Saksahan administrative district of the city in between races riders told the leading competition, which frankly, could hear only those who were at a distance of no more than three feet from the tower, but his comments during events at the races, he probably just told myself. We decided to visit a “virtual” pits teams where the work was in full swing mechanics training supercars racing to the next race. Here are some pictures that we call “at rest”.

Because according to the rules the rules of racing without rules, a break between races is about thirty minutes, and who at this time no time to prepare a car, just simply do not participate in the next startup. And lose points in one of the races means almost lose chances to win prizes at this stage, so all the mechanics work now as bees, preparing the car for the next race … For us the beginning of the second arrival, became a kind of a destroyer of stereotypes … Until now, judges have always shamelessly race sinned, when delaying the start of races and those hyping themselves breaks … We had to wait for all the drivers until they doremontiruyut their ‘iron horses’ and lined up on the grid. And the audience at this time, take their seats in advance, as directed by rules of the time were forced to miss another broken half an hour, maybe more … Today, honor and praise to the Chief Judge of the stage – Vitali Bondar, who sided with the audience and regulations, demonstrating his principles and accuracy. Start of the second Check-in time has begun, despite the fact that at the start rshetke lacked a good one-third of the participants …

They were forced to urgently complete the repair and leave the track, ustapaya one or two terms and still unhappy murmured the judge. But the organization requires sacrifice, and as time has shown, it was absolutely the right thing the judge. Already before the third arrival before the end of the allotted time for a break, all drivers were to start with yet peacefully ‘snuffle’ motors! We now turn directly to the race. The second race was marked by bitter struggles between the riders ‘neutralization’ of winning the main prtendenta Alexander Kubachenka of Irpin. Looking ahead, we say that the similarity in the second race cost him the prize, but up to all eight races did not affect the result of Alexander … It is also solidly acted krivorozhets Canan Omarov (number 77). If not for his missing the first race due to an error on a training race, he would have been in the money on the podium .


Car Wheels

If you ask people why they buy the car seat covers, the answers will be different, but the essence is always the same – car covers can protect car wheels and tires from damage and prolong service life, thus saving your money. However, in choosing cases for auto wheels fit most extremely serious. Many people think that you can buy on the market for wheel covers any indeterminate size and quality, sewn from any tissue, and it is quite enough for convenient and proper storage of tires. However – this is misleading. When storing covers quality is important and protective properties of the tissue from which the bags are sewn to hold the wheels. And for convenience transportation and storage of tires is very important right cut and tailoring quality covers. Therefore, to correctly and easy to store tires, better to buy car covers well-known manufacturers of high quality fabrics.

Our Company – Russian manufacturer of auto accessories, auto manufactures covers for the wheels to meet all the requirements of storage and transportation of tires. By using our covers for the wheels you can put things in order in your garage where you store seasonal set of tires and the car will always be pure in transit buses. You can also subscribe to the spare wheel cover, as our bags are sold as a package of four covers, and in boxed. Covers are made of high quality awning fabric, with water proof properties and high prochnostyu.Vneshny form covers the style of modern life. The main differences covers produced by our company: – cover the wheels are suitable for buses of 13 to 20 inches, inclusive, – skintight wheel regardless of its radius. Our wheel covers will ensure longevity of your tires and convenience of their seasonal storage. Workmanship and ease of use by many experts checked up on sale of automobile wheels. We sell accessories and wholesale through our online store, where new car seat covers can be also purchase a spare wheel cover, bags in the car, netting in the trunk, luggage bags and other accessories.


Tinted Car Windows

Tinted car windows in the center of dubbing "Tonirovka.kom" you can do tinting car windows to GOST 5727-88, Book of glass or body of your car with a protective film, thereby protecting themselves and their family from broken glass in case of its destruction and vandalism from the public eye, from the burning car interior in the sun and provide a prestigious look of the car. Explanation of the law on tinting car windows to GOST 5727-88 "Safety glass for land transport. General technical requirements. " Implementation date 01.01.2002. Light transmission of glass, providing visibility for the driver must be at least: for the windscreen (windshield) – 75% for front side windows (other than windscreens, within the regulatory field of vision that defines the front visibility) – 70% tolerance of the top of the windshield dark band width of 14 cm for the hatch installed on the roof – 100%. We must not forget that the mirror tinting car, as well, toning and optics, is not permitted by Government of the Russian Federation 'On the rules of the road' (SDA) paragraph 7.3.: Note: The top of the windscreen of cars and buses can be attached transparent colored film.

Permitted to use tinted glass (except mirror), light transmission are corresponds to GOST 5727-88. Allowed to apply the curtains on the windows of tourist buses, as well as blinds and curtains on the rear windows of cars, if both sides of exterior mirrors. In the absence of rear-view mirrors, rear windshield tinting is strictly prohibited.