Central America

Need a little loaf, and you'll spend less money – that's the answer. Council can require and secured – learn more, see, buy a lot of new experiences, people will be saving. Most Available countries are often the most interesting, for example, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, located along the mountains of the Andes. Argentina has become affordable again by the state, thanks to some economic problems. Stable and not dangerous for tourists Guatemala and Nicaragua is very attractive in recent years. Costa Rica – one of the most expensive countries in Central America is inexpensive compared to European countries. Flights to Asia, India, Thailand, Indonesia will be expensive, but you can budget travel. The main part of the costs at rest and at low cost countries, especially Asian ones, will be expenditure on the road.

If you're going on vacation, this information You might want to. Here are a few simple rules that will help in any poezdke.Ne dine in tourist centers, it is necessary to go to the local district. Hike to the local supermarket will cost very little. Leave pay excursions then, look something for which no need to pay. The fact that the offer tourists in the shops can be found cheaper elsewhere. Buy a map of the city and find the tram, it will help save money on taxis. And if you go on foot, will an exciting ride. Hotels that are not tourists, are cheap.

Hotels are not as expensive, if you make a reservation. If very little money, you will approach hostel. Plane tickets also need to purchase wisely. Try it, you have all come out. When the voucher is sold for $ 500 cheaper, get ready to the country. The extra five hundred dollars will buy for a few days or more mini-vacation at another time. And the most important rule to keep in mind – rest should bring you pleasure, no matter how much he was worth.