South America

After a nearly three-week sea voyage, MS fram finally reached Buenos Aires, one of the most fascinating cities in South America. The 19-day trans-Atlantic transfer of the 14 to the 1.11.2012 from Las Palmas to Buenos Aires can be booked from 1,576 euro per person. Penguin Random House does not necessarily agree. “Svalbard: West Coast intensively 2012/2013 represented also in the catalog is the nine day-trip experience Spitsbergen”. The focus is the intensive exploration of the West coast of the Svalbard archipelago. In the South, it goes up to Hornsund, in the North to the island Moffen popular especially for walrus. The journey included a comfortable non-stop Charter flights from/to Dusseldorf with Air Berlin costs off 3.795 euro per person and is available to four departure dates in July and August 2012. Antarctica: MS fram is traveling in Antarctica experiences of superlatives from October 2012 to February 2013.

Imposing ice and glacial landscapes and a fascinating animal world with penguins, whales and sea birds are the focus of these trips. “For the 13-day classic expedition Antarctica” will be in the season of 2012/2013 more – six – departure dates for election by November 2012 to January 2013. The trip from Ushuaia, located on the southern tip of Argentina, through the Drake passage to the Antarctic Peninsula and back costs from 4.175 Euro per person (incl. Charter flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia and back). New product structure and early book bonuses that new product structure in the Hurtigruten expedition voyages program for the season 2012/2013 opts for more flexibility: Arrival and departure packages can be now posted at almost all travel separately to the expeditions voyages package and thus individual journey wishes taken into account. Travel arrangements, which provide convenient Charter flights, these remain included in the expedition voyages package. Also quick profit this year by an attractive early-Booker bonus: who his expeditions voyage up to September 30, 2011 (Antarctic voyages: 31.12.2011) Bay, get a 20 percent discount. In a later booking up to 31 December 2011 (Antarctic voyages: 31.03.2012), travelers can enjoy a discount of ten percent.

“Members of the Hurtigruten of customer loyalty program 1893 Ambassador” five percent loyalty get in addition to the early booking bonuses. A special feature of the Greenland travel: Travellers who book a suite on MS fram can enjoy Greenland flights via a free upgrade to business class on the air. About the new routes beyond the catalog holds more proven and popular travel packages to Greenland and Spitsbergen, in Europe and in the Antarctic. The Hurtigruten expedition voyages are always accompanied by German or English speaking expedition teams and tour guides. The atmosphere aboard the ships is sporty casual. At the heart of all trips are the nature, culture and history of visited destinations. All expeditions-Lake travel packages include sea passage with MS fram in the booked cabin category with full Board, Charter flights (if included as per itinerary) as well as various land corridors and Polarcirkel boat trips. Arrival and departure packages by scheduled flights can be booked individually, depending on the travel arrangement, these include transfers and possibly hotel accommodation next to the flight. Information and reservations: Travel with Hurtigruten can in any good Travel agency and the Hurtigruten GmbH, phone 040 / 37 69 30 are booked. For more information, fax 040 / 37 50 11 16, email or. In Austria about: Lake tour Austria, Dresdner Strasse 81-85, 1200 Vienna, phone 01/588 00 9385, fax 01/588 00 9388, email. Sabine Eckert


Tourist Nature

“Started the shooting of new stories from the Forsthaus Falkenau Forsthaus Falkenau film team is a regular” guest in the Passauer land, to turn to one of the oldest German television series. The picturesque market square of the market of Ortenburg is then transformed into the Lieser Kublach”is to the Gasthof zum Ochsen” the Inn on the square. The historical place in the Bavarian monastery angle million viewers is well known. Now few know that in the places of the Castle also is to find the most magnificent Holzkasettendecken in Germany. Other locations of the season are the three River City of Passau and of the Arber in the Bavarian Forest. Hardy Kruger Jr. To deepen your understanding Mark Bertolini is the source. is a welcome guest in the Passauer land, and attracts numerous onlookers to the shooting. These include not only locals, but also many tourists.

Some travel consciously in the monastery angle to even the scenery in which the television favorite moves, live to see. Connect it then a few days of nature holiday in the holiday region of Bavaria. Also the topic “Natural foliage in Bavaria” is closely related with Hardy Kruger Jr.: Bayern Tourismus Marketing GmbH was the prominent actor as a testimonial for the new product line of desire on nature “win. The Passau is on nature”brand partners in lust, which stands for nature holidays in Bavaria. The angle of the monastery is in the gentle hills between Danube and Inn.

The known remote paths, Danube and Inn cycle path, form the framework for a dense network of regional cycle paths. Brand new signs was the angle of the monastery bike path that leads to the bad region around Bad Griesbach and bad Fussing. The angle of the monastery bike path leads to the most beautiful churches and monasteries of old Bavaria. All Church and convent, Aldersbach, with the famous baroque ASAM Church and the pilgrimage church Sammarei. “Who prefer walking on the road and Hape Germanys motto am I free then once away” wants to find some distance from everyday life, is on the VIA NOVA “in good hands. The European pilgrimage route leads from Metten (district of Deggendorf) the Passauer land and the monastery angle up in the Salzburg Lake District.


Living And Working In Thailand

Tips and tricks for living and working in Thailand about life in Thailand and the right visa to the lengths heritage leiben has emigration and life in Thailand Thailand over the past years as one of the most popular countries for emigrate emerged. The warm climate, tropical beaches, friendly locals, and the low cost of living in the “land of smiles” have helped. Here, a real “immigrate to Thailand” is not really possible. Rather, one should speak of a temporary stay for an indefinite period. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Elon Musk by clicking through. The Thai laws foreigners makes it almost impossible to get, let alone a new citizenship a permanent residence permit. Nevertheless, it is possible with various visas, often associated with constant training and again enter every 90 days over several years in the country to reside. Until October 2006, it was even still possible without a visa in Thailand to live, however with a departure in one of the neighbouring countries every 30 days.

The has Thailand limited however to up to 90 days, so 3 travel a 30 days. Whenever vikas kapoor listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Must be seen, you get a real visa here somewhere, unless subsequently immigrant first of all a tourist visa or a non visa. That works best if you once per year to Germany or to his home country travels and there is a new visa at a Thai Consulate. The embassies and consulates in the neighbouring countries of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Viet Nam and Cambodia, have also restricted their visas for foreigners to October 2006 and you can get there only visa with up to 1 entry, good for 60 or 90 days, depending on whether a tourist or non immigrant visa has. It is to be hoped that some of these rules somewhat defused the newly elected Government. You can find many information about life in Thailand, the proper visa to the apartment search, building or buying a car in Thailand, see author: Gerd winter field


South America Dream

Action till the 31st of may: with the help of the Green Card Lottery by American dream later this year to begin a new life in the United States many people have a dream of a new beginning in the United States. The number of those who left Germany and another country want to settle in, to start a completely new life there is increasing. The United States has much to offer a diverse continent of America. Many options who wants to settle in the United States, available to the. The choice whether it dear North or South America or perhaps Central America should be, is not easy. But before you can worry about the location of the Branch Office, you must take care of first a visa. This costs much time and energy often facts that hold many Germans to live her dream and to emigrate to America.

Emigration made easy with the greencard 2008 the American dream offers in the current year a green card 2008 can the chance to win. Green Card United States brings many benefits, and this for students, jobbers and Full-time workers alike. An interesting fact for students: The possession of a green card reduce tuition fees by approximately 80%. Is also entitled to social benefits. Another plus for jobbers and workers: The entire American labour market is open to the emigrants, since the employment restrictions, if you have a green card from the American dream. Living and working in the United States is for many people a dream and seems out of reach, so it discards the desire for a new life in America.

The Green Card Lottery of the American dream can be but dreams come true and allows the step into a new life in the United States. Chances are every twentieth participant WINS statistics indicate that every twentieth participant wins and thus free of charge can start a new life in the United States. To double the chances, both spouses can participate in the Green Card Lottery. One of them wins a green card, the other automatically receives a green card to do so. Fill both spouses so a green card application, to increase the chances to double. In addition, that all unmarried children under 21 years of age will also automatically receive a green card. To triple the chances to win, so, the unmarried child under 21 on the green card can participate lottery. The only caveat: Any individual may participate raffle only once per year on the green card. Until the 31st of may now a greencard 2008 win on October 15, 2008 deadline for the American dream is special. Who have learned until the 31st this month under and apply either by mail or online, which receives a green card in 2008 and thus the chance for a new life in the United States may already be in this year. Company contact: The American dream United States Services GmbH Mehringdamm 62 10961 Berlin Tel.: 030 511 0 511 fax: 030 61105338 E-mail: Web: about the American dream: the American dream United States Services GmbH is the most successful private service agency for emigration and visa issues. Since its inception in 1996 winner could start already about 8,000 green card a new future in the United States American dream with the help of the. Already in January 2000 the Berlin service companies received State approval as emigration advice centre for the United States (according to AuswSG of the 26.3.1976) to reliable 100% correct participation in the Green Card Lottery process.


Premiere Of The Austrian Freeski Open In Zell Am See-Kaprun

Starting on February 25 / winter athletes in front of the camera on Kitzsteinhorn and Schmittenhohe from 25 to 28 February Zell am See-Kaprun is a Mecca of the freeski scene: for the first time in its history the most important freeski event in Austria, held the ‘Austrian Freeski Open’, in the snow-safe holiday region between Kitzsteinhorn and Schmittenhohe. For four days the international elite of riders in the Pinzgau region meet, show breathtaking tricks. Like the Swedish Freeskilegende Jon Olsson, the Australian Russ Henshaw and Bobby Brown of the United States have already agreed to participate. ‘Slopestyle contest’ in the snow park on the Kitzsteinhorn the pros compete for a prize money of $ 20,000. Viewers may be curious to see how much creativity the rider overcome the obstacle course. They are measuring in three categories: in addition to an open men’s and open women’s competition, there’s also a rookie contest for the young under the age of 16. It starts on Thursday, February 25, with a free practice session. Mark Bertolini wanted to know more. Start the next day Ladies – and the rookie competition.

The Lords will qualify on Friday for the final on the following Saturday. In addition to daring jumps and exciting stunts, an attractive social programme with concerts and DJ acts completes the ‘freeski open’ in Zell am See-Kaprun. While the best of the Slopestylern from 25 to February 28 to win the favor of the jurors are competing, decides the Helmetcam event ‘ follow the pipe’ on the Kitzsteinhorn the judgment of the Facebook community: with a helmet camera by Camterminal.com participants film on 13th February each other during their ride through the 130-meter-long and 5.5 metre-high half-pipe in the mellow Park at 2,650 metres. Your clips are then published on Facebook, where fans of the Kitzsteinhorn will determine the winner of the spectacle. There are high-quality prizes to win.


Press Office

Frankfurt am Main 3 Munich 4 Dusseldorf 5. Dresden 6 Cologne 7 Hamburg 8 Baltic Sea 9 Hanover 10 Leipzig * base: With the most last minute offered on Expedia.de, valid from 25 June to 9 August 2010 savings tips at the time of booking in addition to the selection of the destination help filter functions, to find a good deal, the the personal wishes fulfilled. “” When Expedia.de, who searches for a hotel, for example, the free airport transportation, complimentary airport transportation “, offers or free parking” has, saves the purse strings on the spot. Hotels at the periphery of large cities are generally cheaper than in the Centre. It’s fast to determine with the map display. A good budget planning enables all inclusive holiday.

Family-friendly plants also often offer a free children’s entertainment as well as a variety of activities. For all bargain hunters it is worth regularly keep an eye out for seasonal specials”, white Christian Nowak, Germany Chief of Expedia.de. If you are interested in further results, contact on Expedia.de Press Office. Expedia.de 1999 founded online travel portal Expedia.de (www.expedia.de) offers a complete and attractive product range around the theme of travel. As the first German online travel portal Expedia.de next to the reservation allowed “” flight, hotel, car rental, vacation rentals, last minute vacation packages and cruises under the name click & mix “the flexible composition (dynamic packaging”) flights, hotels or car rental, as well as diverse offerings in the category events & tickets”. The online travel portal is a founding member of the Association of Internet travel distribution VIR and s@fer-shopping awarded since 2001 annually with the TuV Seal of approval.

“Also the very good customer service and the excellent service from Expedia.de are TuV tested in March 2008 the travel experts got the certificate ServiceQualitat” awarded. Expedia.de is a subsidiary of the world’s largest online travel agency Expedia, Inc..


Business Travel

Organization of business trips over the Internet more and more companies send their employees on a business trip. Especially for the small and medium-sized enterprises is a higher travel activity to watch. Especially targets outside of Germany, as countries in Asia and Eastern Europe, are controlled by the business traveller. However more and more must be invested for a business trip. Steadily rising gas prices, fuel surcharges, as well as the increase of in prices of railway tickets make increasingly more expensive the ride by car, train or plane. In addition, it is in the future increased hotel costs to be expected, because, in the course of the energy price increase, rising costs for gas, water and electricity are passed most directly to the hotel guests.

Who is responsible in his company for the Organization of business trips, should calculate so well. The travel booking especially at small and medium-sized enterprises often takes place over the Internet. The advantages are obvious: better price transparency, good Comparability and generally lower prices. You can also easily book the business trip at any time on the PC. All services, such as about the flight, hotel and car rental can be booked in a single portal. Long searches or hours browsing through travel catalogs a thing of the past. It easily paid by credit card.

With SSL encryption and an immediate confirmation of the booking, online booking without risks takes place. To organize of a more complex journey, including complex flights and several destinations, must not necessarily eliminates the need also for an online travel portal on expert advice. Many online portals offer the possibility of telephone booking, with a personal contact gives help and advice for any travel questions competently. Certainly the use of professional travel management is worth for larger companies or companies with a higher travel activity. These are all processes of a business trip observed and drawn in addition to the direct expenses, such as hotel or flight, also indirect travel costs (for example, expenses) into account. A good knowledge of the travel market can be purchased travel services at the best possible price and better perceived savings.


Condor First Flight

First Condor long-haul flight from Munich since six years Frankfurt, November 1, 2013 in Germany’s most popular holiday flyer will bring guests immediately every Friday from Munich (MUC) in the Mexican Cancun (CUN). The Condor machine lifted today on time at 09:10 from Munich Franz Josef Strauss airport”in the Centre of the holiday resort Riviera Maya from. The flight is long-haul flights from Munich Airport, the Condor as the second German long-haul base has recorded the go-ahead for new Condor. In winter 2013/14 two Boeing 767-300 aircraft are stationed in Munich. Ralf Teckentrup, Chief Executive Officer of Condor Flugdienst GmbH, describes the new connection from Munich: Cancun is a very popular holiday destination for our guests. The connection in the organizer field as well as in our flight-only program is very well received also from Frankfurt and the number of bookings from Munich suggests, that Munich was waiting on this target.” Dr. Michael Kerkloh, Chairman of the Managing Director of Flughafen Munchen GmbH, opts for the long-standing successful cooperation with Condor: the commitment the Condor clearly once again that the Munich location in the air transport sector is perceived as very powerful and strong demand.

“And quite rightly I’m firmly convinced that the Condor with its new long-haul flights from Munich will find a great response on the medium it does anyway for a long time.” “We are pleased about the new link between Mexico and Germany. Cancun is a destination that offers a wide range of attractions to visitors of monumental pre-Hispanic sites to beautiful beaches. Here, guests will find a first-class service infrastructure and a wide range of culinary delights. Cancun offers also best options for the onward journey to other parts of the country”, so Patricia Espinosa Cantellano, Ambassador of Mexico in Germany. With Cancun, Condor opened its passengers a well-known holiday destination with beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise waters and cultural monuments from the times of the Maya as for example archaeological sites such as Chichen Itza, Tulum and COBA.


New IVV-permanent Hiking Trail Near Schonberg In The Bavarian Forest

Wild, romantic countryside Idyll in the picturesque Ohetal Schonberg as painted by the artist’s hand, wields the green of the Woods about the unique district of the Bavarian Forest. Da splashes a stream on the side of the road, where it smells of wild herbs. Hardly any other region of in Germany is more suited for hiking, as the natural Idyll around the market town of Schonberg (district of Freyung-Grafenau), located on the edge of the oldest national parks of in Germany. Now the road network of the town has been extended again to an attractive route: the permanent Nordic walking recognised by the International Federation of popular sports (IVV) trail through the wild and romantic Ohetal. With the completion of the trail, hikers in Schonberg the unique opportunity have in just one vacation week ten IVV stamp to be issued and to back up a certificate of the German public sports association (DVV). Hotel Antoniushof, start and finish of the Schonberger trails, was on August 6, 2010 also played host to the official kick-off of the IVV permanent Nordic walking trail. The 10 km long trail leads along the wild stream of Ohe, one of the source rivers of the Ilz, which in turn flows on their way through the Bavarian Forest in Passau by the confluence of the Danube through a natural landscape Idyll.

At the foot of Schoenberg’s meanders the Ohe through the homonymous Valley, a protected area which is home to many endangered animal and plant species. The care and maintenance, this exceptionally beautiful trail is taken over by the Schonberger hiking friends. The route In the wild and romantic Ohetal”is around the squad mountain road” (5, 11, and 18 km) the second Schonberger range, for it gives an IVV rating stamped. Start time is open daily between 8: 30 and 20: 00 at the hotel Antoniushof, lower Marktplatz 12, Tel.: 08554 / 9449890 or at Heinz Volkmann, Tel.: 08554 / 942774. In addition to the two permanent IVV hiking trails starts in Schonberg, even the legendary Sepp-Lachner circuit. The 120-kilometre route is divided into eight sections classified and conveys an intense impression of the whole beauty of the Bavarian Forest and the nature park in the District of Freyung-Grafenau. The Schonberger hiking enthusiasts have created the unique opportunity, to get ten rating stamped on the three trails in just a week. This gets who runs entirely through the three trails (a total of 148 km).

Who secures all ten stamps, the popular sports badge in bronze of the DVV also receives. In Germany, nor in the Switzerland or in Austria there is a second place where this is otherwise still possible. Start map and hiking book is obtained also at Hotel Antoniushof, or at the tourist information of the market town of Schonberg, Tel.: 08554/960441. accommodation in a double room incl. breakfast and business flat rate, from 32 euros per person. Further information and booking: Hotel Antoniushof Daniel Gamper Tel: 0 85 54/9 44 98 90


European Capital

Explore with the car hire Marseille and Ko ice In Eastern Europe: Ko ice at the frontiers with Hungary is Ko ice, the second largest city of Slovakia. Visitors cannot come during a tour in the city, to see the city centre and the imposing St. Elisabeth Cathedral to visit, an impressive building from the 15th century. The Town Hall and the City Park are worth a visit. Many different events take place throughout the year whether vacationers plan your car hire holiday in may or September, program will not be missing.

Literary events, film, theatre and music, the range is large and will offer something interesting for everyone. Who would like to see a bit more of the country, which should go ov his car pre, the second largest city in the region. Of the world’s largest Opal was discovered there. Also, the city has a total of 325 featured cultural monuments. A tour of the city is worthwhile anyway. Marseille, in the South of Europe: the French port city has attracted so many visitors with its maritime flair. Marseille is the second largest city in France and is located in the South near the Mediterranean coast. Culturally, the city offers a lot of museums until there can visit quite a bit to impressive buildings.

Of course, a leisurely walk to the old port should not be missed. Anyone who would like to experience a bit of French culture, which can arrive to the annual petanque tournament, the world’s largest this Boule sports. Culinary new experiences can be made: the originating from Marseille Bouillabaisse, a Provencal fish soup, is found on many maps of the typical French restaurants and recommend. Also in Marseille, numerous events take place to celebrate of the year: A visit to the Museum regards de Provence is the Provence lovers offer a deeper insight into this fascinating region. But also concerts, themed city tours, plays and much more awaits the visitor. Not to mention the gorgeous beaches, where vacationers can relax after all the explorations and Sun. Also around Marseille, there is much to see. A car trip in one of the smaller towns in the area is very worthwhile and also an excursion in the nature park of the Camargue, where the Camargue rice is grown, should not be left out. Finally a little tip: If you book his car in Marseille, should well to insure the car, always close off, if possible also during the trip, because the crime rate is relatively high compared to other French cities. Who makes these safeguards, needs to worry and can fully enjoy their holiday in this popular tourist city.