Communications Department

As a rule of thumb: 7 to 8 on the homepage should refer in the first 10 hits on Google. In addition, the company must in Communities be networked and deal with the questions she is as present on the social media platforms and whether it succeeds there, to reach their target groups. This trend to digital networking is irreversible and will radically change the activities of PR and communication departments. The eternal struggle: internal Department or external advice? To ensure the relevance and the importance of public relations and communications departments within the company, employees from the departments have to make visible their performance against the management. The competence and the need for this Department in terms of issues and crisis management, as well as in the field of value-added communications support among its core tasks of brand and product communication. At the same time it arrives on the correct classification of the Department within the company: Ideally the corporate communications or the press office as a Department directly at management or Board of Directors is located and not within the marketing department. The question for internal or external communication Department represents no alternative: the larger the company, the necessary is a strong, independently organized Communications Department. She must be capable of independent action, should recommendations introduce the corporate management in decision-making and advise the Board members in terms of communicative strategy of the company.

Nevertheless, it is important to obtain outside expertise, to challenge each other: an external agency is at the same time extended desktop as also innovator, who develop new opportunities and helps to enforce. Can anyone successfully communicate? Each communication Department must prove himself for it. To measure the success of PR measures, is to answer a variety of questions. But above all: How present is the company in the desired target group measured in the form of qualified contact opportunities? In what form does that image and reputation? To what extent it raises money value behavior among the stakeholder groups? To the Answering these questions is one among other things want to observe, how many visitors to the company website to make orders or perform but also a customer survey, the information to consumer acceptance, recommendation rates and price sensitivity is.

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