Gabriel Guerrero

The criticism lies essentially in the mathematical criterion that the authors treat the formula of the metaphor, suggesting a difference between the psychoanalytic use of mathematics, which makes Lacan, mathematics and reading of psychoanalysis. According to Jakob seminar, employment psychoanalytic mathematics is limited to operations applied to elements of the package result in an element of the same whole. Which would authorize all a presentation of the authors in question could rebutted by simplifying the terms that occupy the lower floor of his formula, which represents the chain of unconscious discourse (S / S = 1), which take us back to how things were at their home, such as Lacan which built the sign algorithm from de Saussure (S / s). One of the conclusions to be drawn from the "Outline of repression" is the unconscious meaning put into position has been determined by the position of significant preconscious, now if the language itself, is the language that is preconscious and active position on the unconscious what way is expressed in the formulation that the unconscious is the condition of language? And if you argue that the unconscious is the condition of language and the unconscious is in a position to say meaning is not Sacred. Ste In the "Interpretation of Dreams" Freud said that "…

we find that the dream actually has a sense (…) Once carried out the complete interpretation of a dream, reveals this as a fulfillment of desire. "If the desire is the realization of the dream that leads through the primary process, it is not otherwise in the secondary task, while allowing you to speak, in terms of communication, the function of allowing the hiding the sense of what is said in what is said. In this sense the downstream processing is another manifestation of the effects of metonymic and metaphorical significance. Freud teaches in Chapter VI of The Interpretation of Dreams "in dealing with the secondary elaboration:" We can not leave out of this research examining the relationship of the secondary processing of the manifest content and the other factors of the dream (. ..). Our thoughts waking (preconscious) is conducted before any material of perception, just as the role of now treat them with respect to the manifest content.

It is inherent in his nature to sort the material, build relationships and include it in an intelligible context (…) often makes us fall in very singular errors and even distort the truth of the material that is offered to our perception in the (…) let pass unnoticed reading errors that alter the meaning and read as if this did not appear changed. "It then dropped below that primal repression which introduces order, an arrest in the otherwise perpetual slippage of meaning for the signifier, such detention , upholstery also called points, correspond to the realization of desire, the work of metonymy and metaphor is included in an acceptable context for the preconscious. What is living under the primal repression, those who ordered and allows any significance is the phallus, signifier of lack and "sign of the onset of vitiating any meaning." Gabriel Guerrero. "