Facilitator Environment

A familiar dynamics that dialogues, participates and sanctions the good acts of the adolescent is a facilitador environment, already a family who has a dynamics where the collection is only the half one to get good behaviors of the adolescent is not a facilitador environment. To have the intrinsic death as something to the life is to leave the pedestal where some are placed while still alive, and others we after its death place them. All knot we have defects, qualities and the same end. Michael Kim has much to offer in this field. To look at the life as plus one day makes with that let us forget that it can have 365 possibilities of accomplishments, and unhappyly alone we remember this Value how much the life in them it removes something of valuable very, and we not only cry for the death of the wanted being, but also of many dreams that die in the possibility of life with this being, everything what we leave to make and that it could have been done when both made use of health and virility. What to say to a child or adolescent who lost the father or the mother in order to brighten up its suffering? of the opposite, what if it can say to a father or a mother who loses one () son ()? Certainly nothing the complexity of the situation is in the beauty order or of the largeness of the words, it is in the dimension of the indizvel. Perhaps if it can help with a calm, available and sincere presence of affection. Official site: Stefan Krause. Who knows a sensible silence that respects other people’s pain. Perhaps a space of unconditional emotional acceptance? the anger and the hatred also are feelings? so that the person if does not close as the silence of the cemetaries, but so that she finds aconchego and acceptance to the point to transform the anguish of the loss a moment of the Life. Published for Psychologist Carla Ribeiro Agende its consultation: Tel. For assistance, try visiting Ram Lee. (13) 3301-9055 Av.: Alfonso Penalty, n 180 – Big hole – Santos/SP


Rio De Janeiro

The parassimptico nervous system has an performance here also promoting the easiness of the activities of the intestinal canal, promoting the flow, the mucous secretion, the peristaltismo, and other activities of the digestive process sanguineous. See more detailed opinions by reading what Laurent Potdevin offers on the topic.. Chronic Diarria: it is a frequency state or abnormal flow of fecais discharges, in many times due the emotional cases, has cases where the people can have about 40 or 50 movements of the intestine per day. Some psychic manifestations in detriment of stress: Hiper-reactivity to the environment, irritability, sensation of expectation, pessimistic vision, difficulty of concentration, anxiety, depression, isolation, impulsiveneness, loss or excess of appetite and panic. Some mannering manifestations in detriment of stress: Alcoholism, bulimia, tobaccoism, consumption of illicit drugs, use of calmantes and ansiolticos, self-medication (to suppress symptoms specific), increase of coffee ingestion or drinks of the type glue and autodestrutivo behavior. It estresse it can have its effect potencializados for some elements that if cycle of exciting substances calls, are they: the tobacco, the alcohol, proper stress, sugar coffee, sedentarismo and foods; already in the attempt of if controlling the level of stress we have the cycle controlling of exciting substances, that is some behaviors as: balanced feeding, to drink sufficiently liquid, regular physical activity and to respect the biological rhythms (as to sleep well for example), that is a change in daily habits already would help to keep the level of stress to regulate. In December of 1996 a research was made, in a clinic of check-up doctor in Rio De Janeiro, between ten a thousand liberal executives and professionals in the band of 30 the 75 years, where it demonstrated: Unbalanced feeding …..


Bearing Fruit

Traditionally it is believed that fortune telling – a way to anticipate the future. Wondering ways: weep cards or dice, brewed coffee and watching the thick, melt the wax, put lighted candles in front of the mirrors themselves guessed (it's usually women) often argue that received the unexpected results and those subsequently confirmed! Translator Tatiana from Tula was going for a year abroad. Divination revealed – would leave only a month. It does not to believe, but it really happened so we had to leave just a month. Her friend Marina, when pouring the wax the contraction, has turned Pushkin's Profile! Girls began to laugh: "come out, probably married to a nigger!" A Four years later she married a man by the name of Pushkin! Maria from St. Petersburg into one of the Epiphany wondered evenings with her friends on her spouse.

Wondered after midnight on the mirror, putting before him a glass of water and lowering the there a ring on a string. And Mary saw in the mirror the picture: it stands at the gate of a large old house, there comes a young man in military uniform and goes to her. Opens the gate in front of the girl, inviting enter Suddenly all is lost. The case that quickly sank into oblivion. Mary decided that all this she just imagined it. Several years later, she had to go to another city. One friend offered to introduce her with her boyfriend, the military. He invited them to visit. When approached the house, Mary embraced the horror – she learned rickety house of his baptismal vision! Then it all again in a vision – of the house came a guy in a tunic and opened the gate and invited him into the house After some he became her husband of Mary


Gabriel Guerrero

The criticism lies essentially in the mathematical criterion that the authors treat the formula of the metaphor, suggesting a difference between the psychoanalytic use of mathematics, which makes Lacan, mathematics and reading of psychoanalysis. According to Jakob seminar, employment psychoanalytic mathematics is limited to operations applied to elements of the package result in an element of the same whole. Which would authorize all a presentation of the authors in question could rebutted by simplifying the terms that occupy the lower floor of his formula, which represents the chain of unconscious discourse (S / S = 1), which take us back to how things were at their home, such as Lacan which built the sign algorithm from de Saussure (S / s). One of the conclusions to be drawn from the "Outline of repression" is the unconscious meaning put into position has been determined by the position of significant preconscious, now if the language itself, is the language that is preconscious and active position on the unconscious what way is expressed in the formulation that the unconscious is the condition of language? And if you argue that the unconscious is the condition of language and the unconscious is in a position to say meaning is not Sacred. Ste In the "Interpretation of Dreams" Freud said that "…

we find that the dream actually has a sense (…) Once carried out the complete interpretation of a dream, reveals this as a fulfillment of desire. "If the desire is the realization of the dream that leads through the primary process, it is not otherwise in the secondary task, while allowing you to speak, in terms of communication, the function of allowing the hiding the sense of what is said in what is said. In this sense the downstream processing is another manifestation of the effects of metonymic and metaphorical significance. Freud teaches in Chapter VI of The Interpretation of Dreams "in dealing with the secondary elaboration:" We can not leave out of this research examining the relationship of the secondary processing of the manifest content and the other factors of the dream (. ..). Our thoughts waking (preconscious) is conducted before any material of perception, just as the role of now treat them with respect to the manifest content.

It is inherent in his nature to sort the material, build relationships and include it in an intelligible context (…) often makes us fall in very singular errors and even distort the truth of the material that is offered to our perception in the (…) let pass unnoticed reading errors that alter the meaning and read as if this did not appear changed. "It then dropped below that primal repression which introduces order, an arrest in the otherwise perpetual slippage of meaning for the signifier, such detention , upholstery also called points, correspond to the realization of desire, the work of metonymy and metaphor is included in an acceptable context for the preconscious. What is living under the primal repression, those who ordered and allows any significance is the phallus, signifier of lack and "sign of the onset of vitiating any meaning." Gabriel Guerrero. "


The Way

To transfer to each person, great part of the responsibility for its life, pass to be also a social necessity. As first measure, she is necessary to leave of side the old and orthodox tool: the punishment. Instead of this, to stand out the responsibility that each human being must exactly have in relation itself and to the other. A better society and more joust depend, over all, in the way as it acts in it. It would abandon of time the reasoning of that, only with the job of the punishment, it is possible to develop the responsibility sense, important, without a doubt, for the improvement of the quality of life. Thus, of ownership of these new values, the people will go to the few if becoming transforming agents, leaving of side, definitively, the passivity that much not only harms they as the proper society.

With this new conscience, there yes, she will be possible to construct a better world, a world where each human being search to not only make optimum for itself as for the other. Now, opening a parenthesis, it is important that let us make an analysis with more details on the world where we live and of the importance of the society in our lives. Each society, either most primitive, either most complex, establishes, demands and controls, through direct or indirect rules, the fulfilment of its requirements that they are transmitted by the educational system. Through the educational system, it controls and it determines the degree of importance of the information and which are the information that could be passed to the people. In other words, it determines which the requirements are basic for the social man, as much in level of thought behavior as, creating, thus, a social man who thinks as it desires that it thinks. The objectives, desires, wills and values are incased inside of certain limits.