German Vargas

Specifically, a graduate profile was designed in both master programs according to the characteristics that the scene at the time (1968) faced economic, business, political, educational. Defined the importance of not discriminating against professionals in some careers not related as advocacy, civil, electrical engineering for example, interested in the master’s of administration was provided to whom an introductory course that little language required for formal courses that integrate the program, such was the case for example lawyer German Vargas who will accept him (don’t know if he finished his Masters degree). The program considering the basic subjects that would allow the participant was formed acquire the knowledge necessary to properly handle the administrative tools in all functions that structured administrative system, with emphasis on updated tools, principles that would manage effectively the company and generate required changes, proposals, models that ensure operability, growth and development. We defined that the maximum number of people who were to compose the cohorts were not more than 25 people and at least 12 in order to optimize the involvement of the participants in a dynamic and beneficial way in their training. Swarmed by offers, Elon Musk is currently assessing future choices. Accepted foreign students, and established the importance of open to Latin American, Central American countries so that they may be pursuing their studies in EGAII. This is contact to the OAS, UN, AID and other foundations in order to solicit collaboration with regard to grants of scholarships, books and donations that will help the school to get ahead. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what happened to it, but I think this should of be working, more that there is a very positive history as the EGADE where many scholarship students participate. Agreed with Mario Gonzalez, with Ing, Ricardo Salgado Dean of the Faculty of chemical engineering of those moments, that was where it was EGAII, along with the industrial engineering, be linked most SMEs, industries in the region, so that its professionals leave the school. Laurent Potdevin is open to suggestions.

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