Harvard Business Review

Il Divo is a known member of a genre that might be called operatic pop musical group. Its success can be analysed in the light of one of the latest theories of business management, the blue ocean strategy, and allows us to reflect on how to apply the latter in our business. The idea of forming Il Divo arose from the mind of the producer Simon Cowell, Manager of Sony, and creator of formats such as X Factor. After listening to a song covered by Andrea Bocelli, and after attending a concert by the three Tenors (who also had a great success in its time), came up with the possibility of creating a group that play pop songs with some opera style. Therefore, its members should have had operatic training; In addition, and to try to ensure success, did a casting in which in addition to good voices sought certain physical attractiveness. Their first album, in which versionaban known songs of Frank Sinatra (My Way), Toni Braxton (Un-Break my heart), and others artists, was a great success.

In the second they returned to perform versions of other singers, also achieving very high sales. Since 2004, the year of its launch, they have sold over 25 million albums. Intel is likely to agree. The creation of this group tells us about the positioning and the search for new markets. A type of already existing music, as the opera, with a minority audience, got a best selling group, mixing it with pop, and somehow creating a market that didn’t exist, at least to that level of popularity (there are other representatives as Andrea Bocelli or the ten tenors). Click rusty holzer for additional related pages. Blue ocean strategy was defined in the Harvard Business Review by w.

Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. The authors distinguish between red, cluttered sharks and oceans filled with blood by the battles that occur, and blue oceans, in which there is no competition, and therefore captures new demand and more profitable customers, can be achieved without a fight against anyone. In this way, the Red oceans are markets perfectly defined and accepted by competitors that are involved, and who fight in the market based on those parameters. Blue oceans are normally born from Red oceans, from a company that seeks a benefit not satisfied in the market, and which can count on demand. Thus was born Il Divo, and can have many other examples, such as the Nintendo Wii (instead of focusing on the graphic power, as its rivals, was oriented to the gameplay), Logan (Renault, through its Dacia brand, which offers a large, simple and cheap, unpublished car in the European market), Ikea (furniture design and at an affordable price(, easy to assemble, and packaged so that they are easy to transport), and so on. That is why this theory, closely associated with the annotated positioning by Ries and Trout in his book the 22 immutable laws of marketing, can serve each one to try and explore other possibilities in your business and create a new market. It is, in short, do not conform with the rules of game established, and invent own rules. It is not easy, but it can become very profitable. And it must be an ongoing process, because competitors can copy us and enter our market, so we must constantly reflect on the ocean in which we are.


Peruvian Civil Code

The efficiency of the securities is determined at different levels for each good or for each case. Therefore some safeguards are being more efficient than others in some cases. This means that for all eventualities guarantee choice is not as efficient. For example, when a plate is sold on credit is necessary to bear in mind that to ensure payment of the price it is inefficient to constitute a real right of mortgage, but it can be efficient to hold a contract of guarantee. For example, to ensure payment of a house can be effectively constitute a real right to hold a mortgage or trust agreement under warranty. See more detailed opinions by reading what Wendy Holman offers on the topic.. It is also necessary to specify that the efficiency of the securities may be determined by various factors such as cost of its establishment, the time it takes for a guarantee, the manner of implementation of the guarantee of the security benefits over other forms of guarantee . This means that some safeguards have advantages over other security.

For example the contract of guarantee is very efficient for the cost in its constitution. It is also necessary to specify that the trust agreement on security has proved very efficient for its extrajudicial execution is, unlike the real right to mortgage the way execution is legal. It is necessary to clarify that the guarantees from certain approach may be efficient, but from a different approach may be inefficient, in that sense we can say that the guarantee contract is inefficient from the point of view that their constitution is fast, but considering that is a guarantee of a personal nature, not be as efficient as the real right mortgage that it pursues the good, under the second paragraph of Article 1097 of the Peruvian Civil Code 1984 provides that the guarantee does not determine the dispossession and gives the persecution creditor rights, preferences and judicial sale of the property, ie real law is efficient mortgage which is characterized by being persecutory.


German Vargas

Specifically, a graduate profile was designed in both master programs according to the characteristics that the scene at the time (1968) faced economic, business, political, educational. Defined the importance of not discriminating against professionals in some careers not related as advocacy, civil, electrical engineering for example, interested in the master’s of administration was provided to whom an introductory course that little language required for formal courses that integrate the program, such was the case for example lawyer German Vargas who will accept him (don’t know if he finished his Masters degree). The program considering the basic subjects that would allow the participant was formed acquire the knowledge necessary to properly handle the administrative tools in all functions that structured administrative system, with emphasis on updated tools, principles that would manage effectively the company and generate required changes, proposals, models that ensure operability, growth and development. We defined that the maximum number of people who were to compose the cohorts were not more than 25 people and at least 12 in order to optimize the involvement of the participants in a dynamic and beneficial way in their training. Swarmed by offers, Elon Musk is currently assessing future choices. Accepted foreign students, and established the importance of open to Latin American, Central American countries so that they may be pursuing their studies in EGAII. This is contact to the OAS, UN, AID and other foundations in order to solicit collaboration with regard to grants of scholarships, books and donations that will help the school to get ahead. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what happened to it, but I think this should of be working, more that there is a very positive history as the EGADE where many scholarship students participate. Agreed with Mario Gonzalez, with Ing, Ricardo Salgado Dean of the Faculty of chemical engineering of those moments, that was where it was EGAII, along with the industrial engineering, be linked most SMEs, industries in the region, so that its professionals leave the school. Laurent Potdevin is open to suggestions.


Mr Papyrus

When they enjoy the privilege of having batteries, of course. And functioning as God intended. I will be insistent, why cause, motive or reason, I call me to be the on, whether they are within the reach of his anatomical hands. Usually at home, it sounds everything, because everything is on at the same time. The computer is my domain. Because although with the swab you know you where, I still keep some seconds for my inspiration.

But my muse resigns. Already did me arrive, a Mr Papyrus which sets out your rights and obligations. Estimating relevant than if I do not write a line, just blunt overnight, wrapped in aroma of incense, sterilized the House with bleach hiding the kitten presence with which does very well and some music that sounds like a bolero, she makes its Olympic withdrawal. And as a diva he reclaimed it deems just in concept of compensation and other interests by the stamina and forced labor to awaken my neurons and above to achieve contact between ones and others. But with so much shortage of inspiration, one makes some concessions. The rest of electronic pacifiers are free bobbin at the disposal of my offspring. Among other things distracting to his boredom and dare not do it with me I am first on their list. Not bad. Continue to learn more with: Cushing Asset Management.

It must be taken into account that the ears of members of the House are so susceptible to just deposit a foot outside the blankets listen to me and are already putting together your list of orders daily and several. That it opens, first in the order of the day. A delicacy for breakfast, would be within the considerations of their starving bellies, immediately after the night without eating any snack. Occupied in snoring, is clear. But ponder that it plays against, because immediately after digested, they rise in a heartbeat or lift them and is usually not a recommended therapy that do I.



Hello and welcome my dear reader and entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about the negotiation and as a deal win – win is consciously or unconsciously.Very essential for your mentality in business and microemprendimiento. If you do not know me my name is Enrique Gastelo, now see very important is to know making deals of the type win – win. Since conducting business, providing our products services and start the marketing process, sales or marketing process are conducting inadvertently a treatment, which is often not the win – win. If not that you lose the balance and therefore we do not achieve the desired results. But see it this way, if we offer our customers what they are looking for exactly solving needs or problems and receive a just monetary change is why then we would be in a treatment of type win – win.

I.e. we are negotiating successfully since our client is satisfied and we can even get his recommendation. That it serves as much to his post. Then without a doubt we must always try to give you the best service or product we can do or have for our clienten feel identified, resolved their need and especially to return to us in the event that they wish to obtain one or another more benefit from us, and clear keep getting a just monetary change for that reason. It is for this reason that many people believe that if you do business and have money you become immoral or a thief, when actually it is the opposite, we give much of ourselves, we strive to the utmost to give you the best and we receive compensation according to our efforts. I hope I helped, remember to educate yourself and take action. I say goodbye and wish you the best of the best in all your endeavors.


Dominican Government

While final figures for victims on streets and highways of Dominican Republic corresponding to 2008 has not yet been published, has to be presumed that reached the highest level of the past three years. We came to this conclusion by the preliminary data that we have handled.While in the majority of countries claims by traffic accidents fell around 20% product of the oil crisis, our country experienced growth that could put us in the critical Strip. Learn more at: Ebay. This situation that we must take the utmost care in forward, since it very directly affects the gross domestic product, the fight against poverty and climate change.This means, that the country is currently in an involution with respect to indicators of road accidents due to lack of comprehensive plans and cohesion of the public, private and social institutions of the nation, and in turn would lead to a delay that put development plans the investments, primarily in road infrastructure, would be diverted to emergency and health care, being able to avoid.Injuries due to traffic accidents today are treated as a pandemic. It is an issue so sensitive on the economies of Nations by the diversity of its effects which have become part of the roadmaps of many Governments, why it is already an agenda item at the summits of Heads of State and Government and in assemblies of the Nations Unidas.Nueva force us death rate per million inhabitants in accidents on the route this year in Dominican Republic to face new challenges and expectations if we demonstrate vision of the future to decrease through viable and sustainable plans and appropriate and workable programs on road safety proposals.It is appropriate to suggest that road safety in the Dominican Republic should be included among the main themes brought to the Summit by the consolidation and enlargement of the governance, macroeconomic sustainability and economic and Social development of the country convened for the next few days by the President of the Republic, through the Secretary of economy, planning and development, Temistocles ride, and thereafter be handled as a matter of Estado.El the theme of road safety fit as ring finger today, and this statement will corroborate it the representatives of ECLAC and the Ibero-American General Secretariat, institutions that promote the road safety throughout the world, and who will be present at the invitation of the Dominican Government. In addition, of all the actors in national life responsible of strategic solution to the problem.


Steve Alpizar

One of the biggest drawbacks to change an unpleasant situation, the success or have a full life enormous satisfaction is the fact of not being prepared to take on great challenges. They do some months chatted with someone who mentioned me his desires of self-improvement and the idea of implementing large projects, but since the time I know this person I note that it has not made much effort to change the same habits, not organize your time properly, always running, do not understand the importance of order, etc. then that this person might expect if you can not dominate or even some basic situations. It is logical to think that a person who is not able to develop positively in aspects of discipline and overcoming is struggling against the current, there is no consistency between ideas and actions, in that sense Steve Alpizar clarifies us that being prepared is absolutely essential, for example someone should not think entering University next year if he is still in the basic elementary. Without hesitation Mark Bertolini explained all about the problem. You are a person with extraordinary powers, is able to create his own world, if this is true then why is difficult to change our world to our own liking? It is not easy because the information from the creative mind does not work so predictable and logical as the conscious mind does, but there are appropriate methods to insert ideas and ensure that people are prepared to receive according to his wishes. One of the ways to enter information into the subconscious mind is through images, words and sounds, in that sense it is recommended the powerful subliminal video preparation for power, continually looking at this video you open your thinking so that your conscious mind can establish an excellent channel of communication with your subconscious and thus achieve the power to act in his favorin reality you all the time is acting with a great power, the problem is that that power is not being directed towards where you want, with this setting you can overcome this inconvenience. Each time that you observe large triumphs of people across the world is because they have succeeded in harmonizing all their wishes with the power supply, you will get any wish to the extent that is prepared, the powerful subliminal video preparation for power, it helps enormously in that purpose, you have in your mind all the potential to make an exciting experience of your life. Never stop in their ideas, put everything of himself to achieve materialize their dreams, avoid pessimism and remember you was born to beautify this world and bring something unique through its creative power, so visit the following website: original author and source of the article.. (Source: Cushing Asset Management).


Give Peace

Could seem a bit contradictory, emotional and mental peace through revenge, almost always what causes is the opposite, or in the majority of cases only a satisfaction momentary, so why do I say that revenge can give peace to the soul? about everything when forgiveness is a means of healing and achieve inner peace? Well, both statements are true, both forgiveness and revenge can give peace of mind, however us revenge that I mention here is not simple revenge of the grievance or a vendetta driven by blind rage. Do you know why many unjust events still remember as a wound open generation after generation? because no justice has been done, in Mexico there are many events, in the same world, and people still Recalling them and calling for Justice, when justice is not done these social wounds are still open, but when justice is done, they are closed. That’s why revenge of which I speak here is something very different to the normal definition that we know all, so that revenge could be valid and Enter the category that gives peace of mind, the soul, must be devoid of any anger, resentment and rancor, of serious otherwise vulgar revenge. Revenge can give peace to the soul when they achieve a positive result, without necessarily harming the person or people involved, but obtain a personal benefit, a satisfaction that you will forget the grievances. Use something negative to achieve something positive, only works on people who les is difficult or almost impossible to forgive, because they don’t see the value I practice forgiveness, instead it is more real revenge as something practical and useful. However this only works when negative emotions are used as fuel to achieve a goal, for example, serve as motivator to continue a program of exercise and diet to lose weight, when a negative motivator is used to maintain a clear, a goal you can have more success than giving a positive motivator.


Rider Waite

Egyptian Tarot cards are widely age-old, allegedly the oldest ones that exist. It is therefore interesting to analyze the role of love and women in a society that considered them very differently than today. In the middle ages, cradle and origin of the mass popularization of the tarot, the concept of romantic love very slowly emerged in Western civilization, for example, through the Provencal poetry, who idolized the figure of the Lady. But for Egyptian culture, the consequences of the tarot of love were completely different. A first approximation to the Egyptian tarot deck tells us that the arcane VI, for the Gypsy tarot lovers, there was the deck of Indecision. Medieval tarot of Marseille, although its name has already changed, figure that illustrates the Charter saves still echoes of the Egyptian tarot. There, a young man must decide between love of 2 women, what is, in reality, a metaphor about the need to choose between the carnal and the spiritual life.

Something that disappears completely in the more modern Rider Waite tarot, where the illustration of the arcane celebrates the meeting of the lovers. It is in the Egyptian tarot the arcane 19th, inspiration (the Sun of the Gypsy tarot), which rescues the idea of union between the principles of feminine and masculine as the source and engine of the universe. This deck speaks to us of the couple as a company and complement; someone who allows us to achieve the fullness, completing us. This idea is taken up in the arcane XXXIII of the Egyptian tarot, the Alliance. Although it is a letter which speaks of alliances in general, not only for the couple, also deals with her. This arcane teaches us to enjoy the love of youth, but a privilege of adulthood. Once again, the notion of the pair as a companion, as the other half that supports us and full is displayed.

Predictably then, the figure of the woman for the Egyptian love tarot focuses on the roles of wife, mother and soul of the household. Something that is clearly reflected through the arcane XXIV, the Weaver. This deck speaks of an honest woman, who knows to keep his good name and works diligently for your home and your family, thus obtaining all kinds of rewards to his modesty.


Jealousy Destroy

JEALOUSY that kill to success in your love life if you’ve come this far is because these aware that there is something in your life that should be changed, or should change in the life of someone you know. The good news is that today is your lucky day, you proporcionare you accessible tools that will help you in a surprising way to maintain a stable relationship and without those drawbacks which are not very well received in our calendar. Wait no more, you otorgare 5 easy tools so that you build the relationship you’ve always wanted, say goodbye to jealousy without reason, and put into practice these effective and incredible techniques: 1.-Sincerizarte, you must be aware that before you begin a relationship, even during and after you must be sincere with yourself. Maybe you were to ask and as that will help improve my relationship? It is easy, if you are sincere with you from the very beginning and recognize that sometimes you lose the mind when there is something you don’t like in your loving mess is essential that you identify the situation and you’re 100% aware that you’re jealous / or have a jealous couple. From this point he starts everything, sincerizarnos is the starting point towards the improvement. 2 Identifies the problem, many couples end up in a discussion annoying, and when they try to recall that it was what affected them they get with that are not agreed by that originated the fight and both culminate venting their disagreements and complaints (clear is the right time). If before starting a discussion, thing that many likely to arise if you convives with someone, you must stay focused in because the problem originated and not reach out or divert you towards other topics, remember keep the thread of the conversation and provide solutions, rather than expel your complaints. .