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New beds hunting Germany GmbH free and independent hotel price comparison portal scored since the launch in June 2008 more than 500,000 search queries with the showing of over 50,000,000 offers from hotels, b & BS, apartments and other accommodation options. Thus, the Internet portal tourism among the most successful Start-Ups in the industry. Price comparison portals on the Internet are just in times of crisis sustained popularity. They provide not only an overview of the offers available, but also the best prices the user in no time. In the area of accommodation, a newcomer, which first launched in June 2008 and now, a year later, has the 500 000th query established with It’s a great feeling when visions into reality.

That we achieved our 500 000th query after such a short time, confirms that we are among the top sellers in the market. This is a success of which we are very proud. As we us on the achievements \”but not rest, we will continue to work to improve our service for business travelers, Urlaubsfreudige, spenders, soon to celebrate the 1,000,000 mark\”, as Robert Elsner, CEO of beds hunting Germany GmbH. On the hotel price comparison portal interested to travel with just a few clicks the desired accommodation worldwide at the best prices available. Dan Zwirn has firm opinions on the matter. \”That stands for a selection of over 250,000 offers from hotels, hostels, b & BS, apartments, holiday houses and holiday apartments available, where every bed Hunter\” finds the right offer with the best value for money for his wishes. The special highlight is the live query of relevant hotel portals, supplemented by search results of common Internet booking systems. The beds hunters\”will offer a considerable saving of time when searching for available rooms and assures him a great variety nonetheless. automatically at the desired manages bookings Further, and even the anticipation of the holiday or the journey can begin booking systems.