Happiness happiness

Know thyself! Laziness is our favorite. You’ve been swimming with the stream, which ceased to drown in the water! I politely asked here recently … To be happy I need to make more money, can prompt where, how, etc.? Of course you can to say that happiness – a state of mind, etc. and rightly so. And it is that I made this site.

But such things are quite clear to all of us in our real life. And that’s why I want to insert a few words, which is this issue to make it clear … where, how, etc. At first tiny test. Give your definition of a rich man. Who is he? If you still have to answer this question, then know you – not a lazy person, you – the other! Allow you to a little help! Give the answers of those that are most often found. Choose what you like. So, a rich man – is: 1.

Thief 2. Bandit 3. Shameless 4. Goat 5. Rascal 6. Smart 7. Genius 8. Lucky 9. Lucky 10. Good for you can continue on their own – to the extent of their depravity! So, the answers: 1. Thief. You called him a thief … What hrenovato from what he had you to himself snatched, and nothing left for you? Similarly, thief! 2. Bandit. It tells you a coward, my dear! Cowardice, before working inside of you whine on the sly, from under the bed .. 3. Unconscionable. That’s right, it is absolutely unconscionable! How is despicable on his part that he himself much has, and you, poor sirotinushkoy, no shares!