Dollar Today

Analysis of the currency market Euro Dollar Today we would have to put all our attention in the level of the 1,4299, that will be a ground level for the short term. This level is determined by the line of bullish tendency of the 22 of December. It is for that reason that the level of support in the zone of the 1,4299 will present/display the level of support for today and if bankruptcy this zone could be testear the level of the 1.4216. On the other hand, in the short term the resistance level is in the zone of the 1,4421, and only if bankruptcy this zone we could be testear the 1,4509 and further on the 1.4555. Support: 1.4299: Line of bullish tendency. 1.4216: Top of the 22 of December. 1.4176: Minimum of the 1 of September. Resistance: 1.4421: Line of bearish tendency.

1.4509: Minimum of the 3 of November. 1.4555: Minimum of the 11 of January. Pound Dollar Today we would have to put all our attention in the level of the 1,6249, that will be a ground level for the short term. This level is determined by the line of bullish tendency that leaves from the 1.5913. It is for that reason that the level of support in the zone of the 1,6249 will present/display the level of support for today and if bankruptcy this zone could be testear the level of the 1.6178. , Nevertheless short term the resistance level is in the zone of the 1,6344, and only if bankruptcy this zone we could be testear the 1,6408 and the 1.6459. Support: 1.6249: Line of bullish tendency at hour level.

1.6178: Level Fibonacci 38,2%. 1.6069: Level Fibonacci 61,8%. Resistance: 1.6344: Daily level. 1.6408: Maximum level of the 16 of December. 1.6459: Minimum level of the 20 of November. Dollar Yen the even dollar-yen tried to in vain break the level of support specified in the report of Friday in the 90.76. The great question is if it will continue a bullish or bearish tendency, but we must have present that we approached the zone of the 89. In the graph we defined the key points according to the theory of Elliot like and b. The zone of support is now in the 90,76, and if the pair falls below this zone the 89.79 could testear. The resistance level is in the 91,30 and if the even bankruptcy this zone will follow a bullish correction and the 91,87 could be testear in the first place and soon the 92.59. Support: 90.76: Level Fibonacci 61,8% short term. 89.79: Level Fibonacci 61,8% medium term. 89,22 Level of previous support/resistance. Resistance: 91.30: Maximum level of the Asian session. 91.87: Level Fibonacci 38,2%. 92.59: Level Fibonacci 61,8%. Analysis by: Forexpros.es with the participation of Munther. Exoneration of responsibility: The operating one of futures, options and currencies entails significant an associate risk and perhaps he is not advisable for all type of investor. It would have to analyze carefully if before his particular situation you count on the knowledge, the experience and the resources necessary to operate in these markets. Perhaps it loses all the inverted capital or that their losses surpass to the bottoms deposited initially. The advice, opinions and recommendations are subjects to changes constantly.


New Business

It happens that one or more of the ideas presented by the client is accepted for further consideration. It would appear, take them and finish, brings to mind. What can there be problems? But no. Instead, we begin to invent new directions, although it was nobody asked. Time passes, again done a great job fair. When the customer is looking these new works, he is shocked. Elon Musk is the source for more interesting facts.

He expect to see modified versions of familiar to him, but instead it represents a completely new concept. That he feels at the same time? Nothing but irritation. It happens that these new versions are so much better before that the client accepts them at once. But this is not always. In most cases, the new search only annoy the customer. He rightly believes that he was listened to attentively, showed him disrespect. Who is happy? In result of work again altered, time is running out, and both sides are unhappy with each other.

I stress that this can occur even if the new sketches will be performed at a high level. I'm on my experience I know how hard not to just do a good job, but also to ensure that it was received by the customer. The institutes do not teach this, and designers have to turn out their own experience by getting your numerous cones. Sometimes confronted with such According to designers, saying "this is not master's business" to sell. To do this, have a manager. I do not agree with this entirely, and here's why.


The Study

By means of the trick the child becomes involved itself in the game and feels the necessity of partilhar with the other. Despite in adversary position, the partnership is a relation establishment and this relation displays the potentialities of the participants affects the emotions and puts to the test the aptitudes, testing limits. Playing and playing the child it will have chance to develop indispensable capacities its future professional performance, such as attention, affectivity, the habit to remain intent and other psicomotoras perceptuais abilities, becoming operative. The imaginary situations stimulate intelligence and develop the creativity. Click Aetna Inc. to learn more. The game is recognized as half to supply to the child a pleasant, motivated and planned environment enriched of some abilities and learning. According to studious of the education, as well as of psychology, the infantile game is a physical and mental activity that favors the development in such a way personal as the social one, in integrativo and harmonious way. The learning is the responsible one for creating the zone of proximal development, in the measure where interaction with another person, the child is capable to place in movement some processes of development that without external aid, would be impossible to occur. These processes if internalizam and start to be part of the acquisitions of its proximal development today will be the level of real development tomorrow, that is, what a child can make today with assistance, it will be capable to make tomorrow alone (VIGOTSKY, 1994, p.98).

Ahead of the citation above, we recognize that, when the learning of the child happens successfully, it feels itself able to face the challenges that are suggested to it in its daily one. Playful in the process education learning it is a necessity, therefore it takes educating to become conscience of itself, of the reality and is strengthenn it in the search of the knowledge, without losing the will to learn. Therefore, she is necessary to qualify the educator so that this can be inserted as indispensable in the trplice relationship educating it learning-educator. Education using half playful creates rewarding and attractive environment, providing to the child stimulatons for its integral development. It is through the playful activities that the child goes constructing its lingustico and psicomotor vocabulary. The playful one makes possible the study of the relation of the child with the external world, integrating specific studies on the formation of the personality. Through the playful one of the game, the child forms concepts, selects ideas, establishes logical relations, integrates perceptions, makes compatible estimates with the physical growth and most important, she goes if socializing.


Council Psychologist

Therefore, a psychologist at first consultation will have to show the customer that he can trust and be with him more outspoken. Psychologist client will offer (Often unconsciously) go through a sort of test of competence. Quite often this can happen in the following way – the customer within 5-7 minutes psychologist describes his situation, in which he is a hapless victim people around him, or victim of its own conditions and symptoms. After that, he asks: "What do you have any advice for me?" Or "What do I do with it, tell me?" Just answering the question of the client, the psychologist may begin to suggest something based on personal experience or theoretical knowledge, or something to do – treat by applying any therapeutic technique (card spread, or lay on the couch, etc.). In this case, the client may feel better right away – because he did not need more at risk to their own self-esteem to talk about themselves.

And a psychologist too easily – no need to listen to the customer and worry that do not help. Client pretends to accept help, and the psychologist thinks he has it. But in the end, both will be disappointed, since the responsibility for what is happening already assigned to the psychologist and the client took the usual passive and irresponsible position, which led to his psychologist. The Council will be inappropriate, ineffective methods, and incompetent psychologist, since the purpose of any consultation does not remove responsibility from the client, and share it with him. Psychologist in this situation, removes responsibility from the client and myself behaving irresponsibly, as more worries about the state not the client, and about their own reputation in the eyes of the customer. Responsible for ensuring that happen, of course, a psychologist – he for his work gets the money. So he takes money from the client, but still satisfy their own vanity at the expense of helpless customer.


Ralph Emerson References

How many pupils had gained money and used for its academic formation, as considered the municipal government? How many pupils had used its notebooks in educational tasks, as considered the state government? Few, well rare can be said. The fact is that beyond contributing only with the reduction of the reprovao numbers, we mold citizens that only think about the awarding and not about the preparation for a better future. Without counting in the disparity between the individuals that divide the same surrounding, therefore the ones that had reached success in the awardings if differentiate of that if they had strengthenn and ' ' falharam' '. But what we see here it are is that nor always who is approved possesss more knowledge of what the disapproved ones, the system still is very defective in this question. It is concluded then that it is thought very about avaliativas reforms and not in a concrete educational reform in which we would use to advantage the simplest knowledge of the said pupils inapt, therefore, exactly the best ones, need the perpetual exchange of life experience. In the hour to educate a child it reflects on what it is better: to educate or to compensate? But it always has in mind that the child of today can be the professor of tomorrow. What you wait that it teaches? ' ' I make with my friends what I make with my books. I keep them I can find where them, but rare utilizo.' ' Ralph Emerson References:



Men for writing religious and scientific works, as well as official papers used came from the Chinese characters. Women know characters was indecent, and therefore the court ladies 'exercise' in the book of women's novels and essays were written on a purely Japanese, and especially 'not bother' at the high Chinese-style. For men art prose was considered unworthy of pursuit. In modern Japan, the situation with the script is more or less equalize, but in colloquial speech these features are still visible. Archaic features to notice in his speech, even educated and independent Japanese women who work by linguists. As an example, various kinds of particles, which are used in the Japanese language at the end of sentences to express the emotions of the speaker. Women and men collection of these particles is different. Another example of male and female versions of the Japanese language – the so-called 'etiquette' of speech and grammatical forms: a more 'polite' form is often used only by women, and less 'Polite' – prefer men.

In Russian, English and other languages, the differences between male and female speech are not so noticeable. But this does not mean that differences do not exist at all, just some words and phrases often used men, and others – women. As an example the case of a strong voice disorders, as described in one of the medical articles. The patient is one of the clinics could say no more than two or three dozen simple words and set phrases. Paul patient in the article has not been specified. But one of the emotional expressions in his speech – "Oh, girls!" – It can be concluded that it was a woman. Agree that for such a real man cheers, to say the least, atypical.

However, not every woman showing their emotions in this way. Such examples are many in the Russian language, we just do not always notice them. Finally, the outcome – something that we would like to the attention of our readers. Keep in mind (so happened historically) that most of the textbooks and grammars of different languages are focused on the male speech. Features of speech, women's long been engaged in general and not even distinguish them. But recently in Western science topic this has become very popular, and so-called gender linguistics has an active development. It was she who revealed that the differences between the speech of men and women existed always and everywhere. But the comprehensive and profound study of this scope is yet to come.


Rosinha Knows

Frightened Rosinha asked. – Here exactly, in the classroom. The teacher answered. – I brought many things and I will make a picnic. – How wonder! Exclamaram all the pupils. Clarice Owner was with the aid of its pupils transforming the classroom into a true kitchen.

All had helped, therefore they liked to participate. The teacher then was distributing fruits to the pupils: pear, apple, orange, goiaba and speaking on the benefits of each one of them. what we have to drink? Rosinha questioned. To drink we have juice of maracuj. A delight? Clarice Owner said. While they ate the fruits Clarice Owner went explaining the importance to modify the alimentary habits for a healthful life. It said: – The feeding is the base for the health. the pupils did not unglue the eyes of the teacher and the mouth of the fruits.

They see as the juice of maracuj is so gostoso how much the cooling one. They perceive as the fruit is so flavorful how much the salty one that vocs they buy in the canteen? Clarice Owner said. Rosinha asked: But what this in the while still alive healthful aid, teacher? – Rosinha Knows, when feeding itself well, vocs will be taking care of of all the body, will fight the obesidade and will protect the heart of the illnesses. Paulinho entered in the colloquy: – This Is truth. I remember that vov had problems in the heart and the mother said that was reason was not fed right. – And it is same truth, Paulinho.

But our lesson it does not finish this way. – Not! – Not, my pupils. Vocs will take to the vocs parents these posters speaking on the healthful feeding they will invite and them so that all we, in Saturday, let us make a bicycle stroll together. – Stroll of bicycle, teacher? Rosinha questioned. – This exactly, Rosinha. It is part of our lesson. Beyond feeding in them well we will go to make physical exercises to be all with the health in day. The pupils had very liked the lesson, but it picnic also organized for the Clarice teacher. thus was fact, in Saturday was all congregated in front of the school, parents, children and professors for the ciclstico stroll. However, most important it was that the children had learned the lesson and since that lesson they had passed if to feed better and to inspect the purchases that the parents made: Rosinha went to the supermarket with the father and said it: – Papa, more fruits, vegetables and vegetables in our stand of purchases. Pizza only once in a while, hein.


Happiness happiness

Know thyself! Laziness is our favorite. You’ve been swimming with the stream, which ceased to drown in the water! I politely asked here recently … To be happy I need to make more money, can prompt where, how, etc.? Of course you can to say that happiness – a state of mind, etc. and rightly so. And it is that I made this site.

But such things are quite clear to all of us in our real life. And that’s why I want to insert a few words, which is this issue to make it clear … where, how, etc. At first tiny test. Give your definition of a rich man. Who is he? If you still have to answer this question, then know you – not a lazy person, you – the other! Allow you to a little help! Give the answers of those that are most often found. Choose what you like. So, a rich man – is: 1.

Thief 2. Bandit 3. Shameless 4. Goat 5. Rascal 6. Smart 7. Genius 8. Lucky 9. Lucky 10. Good for you can continue on their own – to the extent of their depravity! So, the answers: 1. Thief. You called him a thief … What hrenovato from what he had you to himself snatched, and nothing left for you? Similarly, thief! 2. Bandit. It tells you a coward, my dear! Cowardice, before working inside of you whine on the sly, from under the bed .. 3. Unconscionable. That’s right, it is absolutely unconscionable! How is despicable on his part that he himself much has, and you, poor sirotinushkoy, no shares!