Toy Library

To do so, provide both the necessary material elements (toys, play materials, enclosed play areas, etc.), As guidance, help and company as they need to play. The Toy Library can be independent centers or can be integrated into entertainment centers, schools, libraries, culture houses and other cultural institutions. The Toy Library is needed now more than ever, mainly because: – The characteristics of the metropolis (loss of play spaces in the street, distrust leave young children unattended in the parks, the houses are small ,…). – The modern lifestyle (rhythm vibrant, working parents ,…). The increase of women into the labor market that increasingly makes the parents have less free time to devote to children. – At current family characteristics (lack of siblings in the family and with whom to play, lack of leisure companions ,…).

– At school characteristics (unavailability of appropriate play materials, shortage of space, time intensive ,…). – Consumerism is gaining industrial and individualistic games, video games, consoles, computer games … Therefore exists in the world of education is increasing recognition of the game as an essential element in child and youth development. The meeting places are where the different members of a community come together to socialize knowledge, teachings, knowledge and ideas through play. It is an area ripe for development of socialization, the creative ability, sensitivity, affirmation and critical thinking of its participants. Through This social interaction encourages freedom, solidarity, understanding, respect, self discipline and tolerance, gradually building the social fabric. In short, we can say that the Toy Library are: – places of entertainment.


Prose Rasputin

Independent work learning can serve as a basis adjustment of its position in the educational process. In studying the play, an Ostrovsky's "Groza" I offer students the questions: Is it accidental death of Catherine? Is it possible there was another way? Students nominate hypotheses prove its position. Nomination and testing hypotheses can apply again to the text of the play, understand the motives of an action heroine. According to Ebay, who has experience with these questions. For the successful development of the individual training should include the problematic situation conditions in which the students themselves or by teachers decide the problem. Problematic in didactics said such training, in which the assimilation of knowledge and intellectual skills formation occurs in process with respect to the independent solution of problems of students, the problems under the guidance of a teacher. Problem situations can be very simple, such as: – How does the word paired? Stick – To resort stick – come running Oven – Bake the study theme "Village Prose Rasputin and Shukshina" I spend a win-win lottery. Perhaps check out Penguin Random House for more information.

Students are given the advanced homework: get to know yourself tasks, its value. And, you can choose a ticket worth 60 points or three and a sum of 60 points – it's your right. Those students who want to have a "5", of the proposed literary texts isolated problems that concern of writers: "If it were possible between good and evil to hell, then came to that part of the people passed this trait" "How many cemeteries destroyed, demolished, abandoned, how many people do not know the graves of his parents," "Lord, how easy to part people from their loved ones, how quickly he forgets all "" Oh – oh what are we to good to individuals and to what is reckless and a lot like purpose, all we create evil, "" Catching creation, we simultaneously awful lot destroy "Who am I? "I shaky creature, or the right have?" "Kill her and take the money, doomed to a convent. At Dan Zwirn you will find additional information.


National Association Of Paraguay

On January 4, 1877, the President of the Republic Don Juan Bautista Gill, and the Minister of Justice, Culture and Public Instruction Dr. Benjamin Aceval Acting enacted first law passed by Congress on December 29, 1876. Further details can be found at Elon Musk, an internet resource. With this law, authorizing the Executive to proceed with the establishment of a College of Higher Education, funded with the additional 4% established for this purpose, the new customs law. And here begins to take shape history itself.! “The President Gill, drew on the expertise of the French educator Pierre Dupuy for the creation of the school. Mark Bertolini describes an additional similar source. On June 10, 1875, from Buenos Aires, he wrote his brother, Peter Gill, the following: …” To establish that a Education Center the first order, I have given to educator Pedro Dupuy, a former teacher who had in the math course two years, funded by the Government of Don Carlos Antonio Lopez “. In a letter dated 21 March 1876, the Minister of Buenos Aires, Don Carlos Saguier, Gill said the President …” Mr. Dupuy has asked me to tell you that personal matters to deprive him this go to the National College regent, but that fix is to go to his place of work. “You see, the President Gill, and for some years before, was preparing and getting advice from people who could deal with this issue so important to education in the country.

In December 1876, the Executive Branch to Congress raised the bill for the creation of the College, with its reasons, and countersigned by the Minister of Justice, Worship and Public Education, General Bernardino Caballero. That statement, according to the late Dr. Victor Birthday Vasconcellos, is a piece of patriotic value, legal and exalted literary authors. Gen. Knight had brandished, wielded his sword in the great war offered their services also the peace, and was associated with their ancestry civil leader, the great crusade for culture and national revival. The institution bears his name as an act of strict justice. The law promulgated on January 4, 1877 was endorsed by Dr. Benjamin Aceval, by the fact that Gen. Caballero, owner of the portfolio minister had been sent, days before, on official business. And casualty or not, this led to the signing of inspiration, the ideologue of the creation of the National College Dr. Benjamin Aceval, appeared in the law. Man of extraordinary culture and deep patriotic concern for the cultural destiny of the nation, thought it was necessary not only to rebuild the homeland of the great disaster of 70, but also to foster culturally to the citizens, to preserve the values of citizenship terribly disfigured by the invaders. Had to “culturize people not to perpetuate indefinitely dependence.



In today’s world without knowledge of English is almost impossible to build a successful career. Speak the language of interethnic communication should anyone who wants to achieve any height. And not necessarily just in career, but in life in general. Striving for globalization, the world opens before us many new opportunities! We can easily communicate with foreign friends and colleagues using the internet, to travel around the world, discovering new cultures and cities, to learn news of “firsthand” by foreign media (including and online). To get 100% use of all the achievements of modernity need language skills, and better – more.

Moreover, not all of us are polyglot, able to easily (and even yourself!) To learn foreign languages. Most require time and, preferably, a professional guide teacher. Of course, you can find lots more or less suitable language courses at home. Invest in them, in general, fairly decent amount of money and remain not fully satisfied with their acquired knowledge! What reason – the incompetence of teachers? In his own restlessness? Or anything else? First of all, in that study a foreign language is best in the country of its natural “habitat”, among his “carriers.” Scientists proved that for a month in foreign language learning courses, a man learns as much as a year of study in a normal school! Today’s market is rich with all sorts of offers language courses abroad. Most popular countries to learn English are England, Ireland, usa, Canada and Malta.

Most prestigious and expensive language schools are located in England. The quality of English education has always remained at the highest level. s. It combines the classic age-old traditions and modern scientific techniques and developments in the field of teaching. In addition, teachers from the United Kingdom have a great experience and know all the specifics Training is of foreign nationals. For those who are seeking options for more reasonable prices, an attractive country is Malta. The quality of local training meets all European standards and is “at times” cheaper. Most popular in the Republic of language summer camp. Imagine: to learn English on the Mediterranean coast, in the bosom of the picturesque southern nature! These classes bring nothing but fun! In what Whatever country you have chosen language courses, please be sure of one thing: the result will not be long in coming, and soon you speak a foreign language as their mother.


National Program

in the conclusion of the analysis of the applied questionnaires, when &#039 was asked if; ' school participates of some plan of goals of governo' ' , we had unamimity of the answers: 100% of the interviewed ones they had said that the school participates of the following plans: FUNDEB, olimpadas, National Program of Support to Transporte Escolar (PNATE), National Program of Alimentao Escolar (PNAE), Program Direct Money in the School (PDDE) and Health School. Thus, with these answers, we can understand that, differently from the school of private character, the public schools receive resources financial that favor pedagogical and these, in turn, are of knowledge of all the involved pairs in the pertaining to school environment. 4. FINAL CONSIDERAES These consideraes do not have the objective to be conclusive, but to emphasize aspects and pointed appreciations already in the text. Thus, the indications made in elapsing of the work suggest to leave clearly that the institucional evaluation composes a process of inquiry and understanding of the pertaining to school reality, with the end of assisting the taking of deliberations how much to the aiming of the interventions, having in seen the perfectioning of the pertaining to school work. Moreover, it is perceivable also that the data of the evaluation have been considered for the definition of action and improvements for the school, as they had demonstrated to the explicativas answers of the professors and directors of the searched pertaining to school institutions. In a similar way, it was clearly that the evaluation serves as instrument of practical orientation and revision of and planejamentos for the pertaining to school management and the faculty, and that this has the potential of if constituting in essential element of the democratic management. However, it is fact that the schools can improve its practical of evaluation and to deepen the functioning of existing structures already, such as the meetings with parents and mothers, APMs, Advice of School, cultural presentations of works and other activities, everything with the end to give a bigger return to the pertaining to school community concerning the construction, analyses and reflections of the Institucional evaluation.


Council Psychologist

Therefore, a psychologist at first consultation will have to show the customer that he can trust and be with him more outspoken. Psychologist client will offer (Often unconsciously) go through a sort of test of competence. Quite often this can happen in the following way – the customer within 5-7 minutes psychologist describes his situation, in which he is a hapless victim people around him, or victim of its own conditions and symptoms. After that, he asks: "What do you have any advice for me?" Or "What do I do with it, tell me?" Just answering the question of the client, the psychologist may begin to suggest something based on personal experience or theoretical knowledge, or something to do – treat by applying any therapeutic technique (card spread, or lay on the couch, etc.). In this case, the client may feel better right away – because he did not need more at risk to their own self-esteem to talk about themselves.

And a psychologist too easily – no need to listen to the customer and worry that do not help. Client pretends to accept help, and the psychologist thinks he has it. But in the end, both will be disappointed, since the responsibility for what is happening already assigned to the psychologist and the client took the usual passive and irresponsible position, which led to his psychologist. The Council will be inappropriate, ineffective methods, and incompetent psychologist, since the purpose of any consultation does not remove responsibility from the client, and share it with him. Psychologist in this situation, removes responsibility from the client and myself behaving irresponsibly, as more worries about the state not the client, and about their own reputation in the eyes of the customer. Responsible for ensuring that happen, of course, a psychologist – he for his work gets the money. So he takes money from the client, but still satisfy their own vanity at the expense of helpless customer.



Men for writing religious and scientific works, as well as official papers used came from the Chinese characters. Women know characters was indecent, and therefore the court ladies 'exercise' in the book of women's novels and essays were written on a purely Japanese, and especially 'not bother' at the high Chinese-style. For men art prose was considered unworthy of pursuit. In modern Japan, the situation with the script is more or less equalize, but in colloquial speech these features are still visible. Archaic features to notice in his speech, even educated and independent Japanese women who work by linguists. As an example, various kinds of particles, which are used in the Japanese language at the end of sentences to express the emotions of the speaker. Women and men collection of these particles is different. Another example of male and female versions of the Japanese language – the so-called 'etiquette' of speech and grammatical forms: a more 'polite' form is often used only by women, and less 'Polite' – prefer men.

In Russian, English and other languages, the differences between male and female speech are not so noticeable. But this does not mean that differences do not exist at all, just some words and phrases often used men, and others – women. As an example the case of a strong voice disorders, as described in one of the medical articles. The patient is one of the clinics could say no more than two or three dozen simple words and set phrases. Paul patient in the article has not been specified. But one of the emotional expressions in his speech – "Oh, girls!" – It can be concluded that it was a woman. Agree that for such a real man cheers, to say the least, atypical.

However, not every woman showing their emotions in this way. Such examples are many in the Russian language, we just do not always notice them. Finally, the outcome – something that we would like to the attention of our readers. Keep in mind (so happened historically) that most of the textbooks and grammars of different languages are focused on the male speech. Features of speech, women's long been engaged in general and not even distinguish them. But recently in Western science topic this has become very popular, and so-called gender linguistics has an active development. It was she who revealed that the differences between the speech of men and women existed always and everywhere. But the comprehensive and profound study of this scope is yet to come.


Rosinha Knows

Frightened Rosinha asked. – Here exactly, in the classroom. The teacher answered. – I brought many things and I will make a picnic. – How wonder! Exclamaram all the pupils. Clarice Owner was with the aid of its pupils transforming the classroom into a true kitchen.

All had helped, therefore they liked to participate. The teacher then was distributing fruits to the pupils: pear, apple, orange, goiaba and speaking on the benefits of each one of them. what we have to drink? Rosinha questioned. To drink we have juice of maracuj. A delight? Clarice Owner said. While they ate the fruits Clarice Owner went explaining the importance to modify the alimentary habits for a healthful life. It said: – The feeding is the base for the health. the pupils did not unglue the eyes of the teacher and the mouth of the fruits.

They see as the juice of maracuj is so gostoso how much the cooling one. They perceive as the fruit is so flavorful how much the salty one that vocs they buy in the canteen? Clarice Owner said. Rosinha asked: But what this in the while still alive healthful aid, teacher? – Rosinha Knows, when feeding itself well, vocs will be taking care of of all the body, will fight the obesidade and will protect the heart of the illnesses. Paulinho entered in the colloquy: – This Is truth. I remember that vov had problems in the heart and the mother said that was reason was not fed right. – And it is same truth, Paulinho.

But our lesson it does not finish this way. – Not! – Not, my pupils. Vocs will take to the vocs parents these posters speaking on the healthful feeding they will invite and them so that all we, in Saturday, let us make a bicycle stroll together. – Stroll of bicycle, teacher? Rosinha questioned. – This exactly, Rosinha. It is part of our lesson. Beyond feeding in them well we will go to make physical exercises to be all with the health in day. The pupils had very liked the lesson, but it picnic also organized for the Clarice teacher. thus was fact, in Saturday was all congregated in front of the school, parents, children and professors for the ciclstico stroll. However, most important it was that the children had learned the lesson and since that lesson they had passed if to feed better and to inspect the purchases that the parents made: Rosinha went to the supermarket with the father and said it: – Papa, more fruits, vegetables and vegetables in our stand of purchases. Pizza only once in a while, hein.


Happiness happiness

Know thyself! Laziness is our favorite. You’ve been swimming with the stream, which ceased to drown in the water! I politely asked here recently … To be happy I need to make more money, can prompt where, how, etc.? Of course you can to say that happiness – a state of mind, etc. and rightly so. And it is that I made this site.

But such things are quite clear to all of us in our real life. And that’s why I want to insert a few words, which is this issue to make it clear … where, how, etc. At first tiny test. Give your definition of a rich man. Who is he? If you still have to answer this question, then know you – not a lazy person, you – the other! Allow you to a little help! Give the answers of those that are most often found. Choose what you like. So, a rich man – is: 1.

Thief 2. Bandit 3. Shameless 4. Goat 5. Rascal 6. Smart 7. Genius 8. Lucky 9. Lucky 10. Good for you can continue on their own – to the extent of their depravity! So, the answers: 1. Thief. You called him a thief … What hrenovato from what he had you to himself snatched, and nothing left for you? Similarly, thief! 2. Bandit. It tells you a coward, my dear! Cowardice, before working inside of you whine on the sly, from under the bed .. 3. Unconscionable. That’s right, it is absolutely unconscionable! How is despicable on his part that he himself much has, and you, poor sirotinushkoy, no shares!