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At the moment the computer science resources are one of the most important elements in the expansion of a company, these they offer to great kindness in the control and operation us of information as well as in automatization of processes. One of the main obstacles of a company in expansion is the investment in human resources that count on a computer science profile, this usually is elevated. HB SITE is a company that it has like objective to help to the SMEs in his growth, offering resources for the information control, operation of the same, automatization of processes and publicity. All this to a low cost, we try to get to be a computer science area of a whole community of companies. HB Site offers services to you of: Design of Internet sites, and so you can increases your sales at low cost contact with great sector of potential clients, showing to your products and/or services; to improve the image of your site with presence in Internet; everything of a simple form, HB Site is only in charge of all your solicitalo. Solutions of YOU that site, as remote or telephone route goes as much from development of computer science systems to technical support in and finally enterprise qualification. Development of applications We offered solutions you in accordance with your company. All the companies require to automate their processes, the main problem is the cost of the automatization, when not having computer science knowledge we were with rudimentary processes, which work but also it is certain that one better form always exists to reduce the time of process.

In each development of systems we offer security of information control, an administrative module, by means of which the administrator of the system can give maintenance to his menus, users, control of access to users, control of titles of reports, module to personalize information and module of information security that talks about to administer not only that usuary can enter and that things can do, but also that information can see proposals done in accordance with the company where client is satisfied with the development. All the information systems must follow the same standard, logo of the company, design of reports with report name, logo of the company, logo of the system, etc. Technical support HB Site we offer to be its area of IT. Some of the important resources in the growth of a company are the Computer Technological resources, nevertheless the maintenance to these, requires that the company counts on enabled personnel to give maintenance to its equipment of calculation, network, software that occupies, etc. Thinking about it we make its available the Computer science consulting service in site, to offer the support him that you need. Hablenos and only estarmos with you.

Qualification. It operates to the maximum the tools on which it tells his company enabling to the personnel, obtaining with this reduction in operative times. All the courses can be abrir for a company or interested individuals. We recommended to you to visit it to know its products. Author original and source of the article.