Constitutions And Projects

An answer to the respected signaller Aurelio Arreaza, with regard to its article " The Constitution is the project of pas" By: Andres Brown Simn Arreche Confieso that the title of the article took a short cut to me. I began to read it and in the second paragraph I already included/understood that it would have to respond, but without the virulence nor " it attacks-al-mensajero" so characteristic of our rojitos compatriots, obnubilados by mandn cuartelario and their conceptual pure gibberish of " bolivariano socialism of the 21st century ". The small letters are deliberately. There returning to the alluded to article, I read some affirmations that not only I do not share, but they are to me paradoxicalally contradictory. People such as Barclays would likely agree. Permtanme the Dr. Arreaza and my readers to directly take them from their writing, one after another one, in the same order in whom are expuestan to avoid to descontextualizar them, and to resist them with mine.

Only thus, with respect and reasons, we will be able to obtain mutual benefit of our discrepancies. Additional information is available at Barclays. We go to by them: Point N1 " For this ( a country where there is peace. Where the citizen productivity is promoted. The opportunity to create our own businesses and work for others with the guarantee of which our work will be appreciated and protected a country where the wealth is administered well to be able to have the basic things that we love the human beings of the world which we are all essentially equal: house, work, sufficient supply of consumer goods, security, good services, good education ) does not make lack complicate to us with a project of country. To only fulfill the Constitution that already offers the laws so that all we pruned to obtain all the material and spiritual well-being posible." Commentaries to the N1 Point: Constitucin or the Magna Carta is the fundamental norm, written or no, of a sovereign State, established or accepted to govern it. .


How To Cure Fibromas: Optional Treatments

The Fibromas Uterinos or Miomas is developed, approximately, by 30% of the women majors of 35 years, as well as by many women who are crossing their more fertile years. Fibromas uterine is the most common form of pelvic tumors suffered by the women. These Miomas uterine is generally of benign character (not-cancerous), but despite – the same can get to produce a great variety of painful secondary symptoms, like, for example: abundant hemorrhages, that can get to bring about iron deficiency, obstruction of the intestinal tract and/or toilet, and severe anemias. Fibromas can be cause of sexual dysfunctions since it can cause that the sexual relations are painful, as well as are one of the main causes of spontaneous abortions and infertility. Medical treatments the medical treatments depend on different factors, such as: age of the patient, state of health, characteristics of fibromas and severity of the same, also it must be valued if the woman is pregnant or if it would like to conceive in the future. The conventional medical treatments include oral contraceptives, androgen administration, as well as hormonal therapy. The administration of injectable of Depo Leuprolide (Gn-RH hormone) that simulates the menopause, it produces the reduction or shrinking of miomas when reducing the progesterone and estrogen production, but it causes as well indirect effect, such as: resequedad of epitelio vaginal, heats and/or loss of the bony densidad by deficit of the assimilation of calcium. It is common that, once has been finalized with this type of conventional treatment, fibromas or miomas begins to be developed again..


HB SITE Information

At the moment the computer science resources are one of the most important elements in the expansion of a company, these they offer to great kindness in the control and operation us of information as well as in automatization of processes. One of the main obstacles of a company in expansion is the investment in human resources that count on a computer science profile, this usually is elevated. HB SITE is a company that it has like objective to help to the SMEs in his growth, offering resources for the information control, operation of the same, automatization of processes and publicity. All this to a low cost, we try to get to be a computer science area of a whole community of companies. HB Site offers services to you of: Design of Internet sites, and so you can increases your sales at low cost contact with great sector of potential clients, showing to your products and/or services; to improve the image of your site with presence in Internet; everything of a simple form, HB Site is only in charge of all your solicitalo. Solutions of YOU that site, as remote or telephone route goes as much from development of computer science systems to technical support in and finally enterprise qualification. Development of applications We offered solutions you in accordance with your company. All the companies require to automate their processes, the main problem is the cost of the automatization, when not having computer science knowledge we were with rudimentary processes, which work but also it is certain that one better form always exists to reduce the time of process.

In each development of systems we offer security of information control, an administrative module, by means of which the administrator of the system can give maintenance to his menus, users, control of access to users, control of titles of reports, module to personalize information and module of information security that talks about to administer not only that usuary can enter and that things can do, but also that information can see proposals done in accordance with the company where client is satisfied with the development. All the information systems must follow the same standard, logo of the company, design of reports with report name, logo of the company, logo of the system, etc. Technical support HB Site we offer to be its area of IT. Some of the important resources in the growth of a company are the Computer Technological resources, nevertheless the maintenance to these, requires that the company counts on enabled personnel to give maintenance to its equipment of calculation, network, software that occupies, etc. Thinking about it we make its available the Computer science consulting service in site, to offer the support him that you need. Hablenos and only estarmos with you.

Qualification. It operates to the maximum the tools on which it tells his company enabling to the personnel, obtaining with this reduction in operative times. All the courses can be abrir for a company or interested individuals. We recommended to you to visit it to know its products. Author original and source of the article.



Keyton is a sofa very interesting massage for the hall or any space of the house. Space it is designed for a greater comfort and relax.It is perhaps the most sober creation of Keyton, with a design in air lines giving to elegance and dynamism, besides the possibility of integrating in any atmosphere, minimalist as as much classic. Keading, zapping, Rolling, massage of legs, massage of back, customized massage of sensor, ergonomic system, several adjustments, reclinacin and more things have several options of massage. Several interesting options exist, like ergoconfort (1750 fabric Euros and 1995 Euros of skin) or ergo spa of skin (2995 Euros). The special skin hill 350 Euros more. This sofa will appear in the Fair of Saragossa and will be a good complement for the home and relax in the home. When finally it is put on sale will be an ideal furniture to have in the sofa and to relax after a long day of work or fatigue or than it is.

To all we like the massages, and we have if them in house and with several programs to choose far better. After an arduous day of work, to return to house, to take a good shower and to comply to enjoy a good moment of relax. By all means, it would be far better if one were a chair of relaxation like that you can see in the image, with an electrical mechanism that is able to offer a real massage. Thus, you can enjoy a complete relaxation to recover of an exhausting day and dedicate to something of time seeing the television before lying down. The seats I dye Mariani have a new steel mechanism for all the seats and armchair relaxation massage. In addition, the armchairs I dye Mariani are available in many styles and colors, so that they can combine in almost any type of decoration, from the classic thing to the modern thing.

The Aida chair is ideal for an atmosphere with a decoration classic, available with totally detachable, smooth fabric cover, delicate and perfect for that they live in atmospheres of traditional flavor, but still want an originating massage of the technology. This chair has polyurethane foam wadding of different densidades. If you want something that adjusts to its modern living room, perhaps with a minimalist style, Mizar can be chosen, the relajante chair comes with extrable fabric, of microfiber, in natural leather. It is only possible to be managed by the plans of electrical mechanics and to incorporate like optional the system of rollers, covers for chairs and pillows with lumbar support and head rests. This chair has a great visual impact and is perfect for a contemporary decoration.