Security Road

In the most recent regional meeting on celebrated road security in El Salvador, the past day 2 of September, that constituted the Ministerial Conference of Transport and Infrastructure, previous to the next summit of Latin American Chiefs of State, considered two fundamental points, that is to say: creation of Association Latin American of Security Road, whose restoration will be in charge of the Ministers responsible for the Road Security of the Latin American States that will have a multi-sector approach, according to its own Statutes within the framework of the Latin American Space of Road Security and whose objectives will be oriented to diminish the road sinisterness in each one of the Member States, by means of the implantation of measures and tending activities to reduce the number of traffic accidents; forming the base to advance towards the creation of a Strategic Plan of Road Security in Ibero-America ? Propiciar the creation of a Latin American Observatory of Road Security, like center of reference for the sinisterness data The Dominican Republic like signatory to the General Secretariat Iberoamericana will have to take refuge in the resolutions that will be emitted within the framework of XVIII the Summit Latin American of Government and Chiefs of State, motto Youth and Fortification of the Latin American Space of Road Security. As far as the center of storing and data processing on the road sinisternesses also suggested, obvious this thinking about the trustworthiness of the information and the homologation of the same to evaluate the situations and to develop to plans and effective programs. After eight years of conducted the studies of the United Nations, through the World-wide Organization of the Health, the World Bank IT ENTRUSTS and it, like the motivations of the Spanish government for the formation of a Latin American Association and the constitution of the Permanent Regional Committee of Road Security directed by President Oscar Arias Sanchez, demonstrates the global preoccupation to swear in epidemic in the transit, and in that sense the subject in Europe will treat next, supported by the Russian Federation. Around 2000 deaths they take place annually in the Dominican Republic by traffic accidents, the millionaire casualties inflicted by deaths, traumatisms, affected properties, stop consumption of fuel and electrical energy in the routes, damages to the environment, etc. motivate to serious preoccupations. Latin America destines near US$100,000 million every year, according to the Organization of the United Nations to traumatisms caused by traffic accidents, whose particular situation we have not evaluated in Dominican Republic. Nevertheless, all those elements previously mentioned, are so that the governments worldwide, not only of our Nation it puts attention to the Road Security.


HB SITE Information

At the moment the computer science resources are one of the most important elements in the expansion of a company, these they offer to great kindness in the control and operation us of information as well as in automatization of processes. One of the main obstacles of a company in expansion is the investment in human resources that count on a computer science profile, this usually is elevated. HB SITE is a company that it has like objective to help to the SMEs in his growth, offering resources for the information control, operation of the same, automatization of processes and publicity. All this to a low cost, we try to get to be a computer science area of a whole community of companies. HB Site offers services to you of: Design of Internet sites, and so you can increases your sales at low cost contact with great sector of potential clients, showing to your products and/or services; to improve the image of your site with presence in Internet; everything of a simple form, HB Site is only in charge of all your solicitalo. Solutions of YOU that site, as remote or telephone route goes as much from development of computer science systems to technical support in and finally enterprise qualification. Development of applications We offered solutions you in accordance with your company. All the companies require to automate their processes, the main problem is the cost of the automatization, when not having computer science knowledge we were with rudimentary processes, which work but also it is certain that one better form always exists to reduce the time of process.

In each development of systems we offer security of information control, an administrative module, by means of which the administrator of the system can give maintenance to his menus, users, control of access to users, control of titles of reports, module to personalize information and module of information security that talks about to administer not only that usuary can enter and that things can do, but also that information can see proposals done in accordance with the company where client is satisfied with the development. All the information systems must follow the same standard, logo of the company, design of reports with report name, logo of the company, logo of the system, etc. Technical support HB Site we offer to be its area of IT. Some of the important resources in the growth of a company are the Computer Technological resources, nevertheless the maintenance to these, requires that the company counts on enabled personnel to give maintenance to its equipment of calculation, network, software that occupies, etc. Thinking about it we make its available the Computer science consulting service in site, to offer the support him that you need. Hablenos and only estarmos with you.

Qualification. It operates to the maximum the tools on which it tells his company enabling to the personnel, obtaining with this reduction in operative times. All the courses can be abrir for a company or interested individuals. We recommended to you to visit it to know its products. Author original and source of the article.


Bernardine Silver

Often the woman does not approve what the man thinks, because he does not value his point of view treats nor it warmly. When the man and the woman value themselves is difficult that their differences enter the plane of the discussion. When we have something bothers to us within the relation with our pair, we must be asked: Which is the problem that I have in my mind, or in my heart that I have still not been able to solve? We are different and imperfect, but that knowledge must take to me to face of respectful way our differences so that these do not mistreat or harm the relation totally. One requires that we are, objectives, clear, and precise, when we entered to have a discussion with our pair, on the problem or the difference that affects to us. We cannot be vague, we must identify totally what it causes annoyance to us in the relation, without wanting to solve several difficulties simultaneously. We must be conscious that a problem is necessary to face it and to solve it, without trying to look for reasons to justify its existence. Both must have total brings back to consciousness of which in a relation, sooner or later the difficulties appear, but as they are arising it is necessary to solve them with favorable solutions for both and not being looked for only a personal benefit.

The egoism is often, the greater obstacle to be able to obtain an understanding between two people. Any thing by trivial that seems we must put it in knowledge of ” otro”. They are not the important subjects, the education of the children, religion, the job class that we are going to develop, the site to buy or to construct the house, the place that we selected for our vacations, etc., which generally finishes being the cause of a separation. The pairs are few that end up separating by a cause of ” fondo”. I believe that no lawyer has had to take care of a pair because ” although we are wanted much, we have not been able to put to us in agreement in if we saved the money that we thought to be spent in the vacations or we go away to Europa.” The difficulties majors appear almost always in the smaller problems.

” The unique thing that it wants a weekend, is to watch its soccer after television, or to read its favorite book. If we did not leave it can spend all the weekend without taking a shower. Later it asks why my lack of enthusiasm to do amor”. Apparently they are things without importance, but they have a great capacity to produce irritation and annoyance, more than any really important problem. Then when already those smallness gets to tire to us too much, we transformed into differences majors. By your Inner peace, Bernardine Silver.



Keyton is a sofa very interesting massage for the hall or any space of the house. Space it is designed for a greater comfort and relax.It is perhaps the most sober creation of Keyton, with a design in air lines giving to elegance and dynamism, besides the possibility of integrating in any atmosphere, minimalist as as much classic. Keading, zapping, Rolling, massage of legs, massage of back, customized massage of sensor, ergonomic system, several adjustments, reclinacin and more things have several options of massage. Several interesting options exist, like ergoconfort (1750 fabric Euros and 1995 Euros of skin) or ergo spa of skin (2995 Euros). The special skin hill 350 Euros more. This sofa will appear in the Fair of Saragossa and will be a good complement for the home and relax in the home. When finally it is put on sale will be an ideal furniture to have in the sofa and to relax after a long day of work or fatigue or than it is.

To all we like the massages, and we have if them in house and with several programs to choose far better. After an arduous day of work, to return to house, to take a good shower and to comply to enjoy a good moment of relax. By all means, it would be far better if one were a chair of relaxation like that you can see in the image, with an electrical mechanism that is able to offer a real massage. Thus, you can enjoy a complete relaxation to recover of an exhausting day and dedicate to something of time seeing the television before lying down. The seats I dye Mariani have a new steel mechanism for all the seats and armchair relaxation massage. In addition, the armchairs I dye Mariani are available in many styles and colors, so that they can combine in almost any type of decoration, from the classic thing to the modern thing.

The Aida chair is ideal for an atmosphere with a decoration classic, available with totally detachable, smooth fabric cover, delicate and perfect for that they live in atmospheres of traditional flavor, but still want an originating massage of the technology. This chair has polyurethane foam wadding of different densidades. If you want something that adjusts to its modern living room, perhaps with a minimalist style, Mizar can be chosen, the relajante chair comes with extrable fabric, of microfiber, in natural leather. It is only possible to be managed by the plans of electrical mechanics and to incorporate like optional the system of rollers, covers for chairs and pillows with lumbar support and head rests. This chair has a great visual impact and is perfect for a contemporary decoration.