House Sandwich Panels

In sandwich panels are particularly distinctive properties that make them a step further, when compared with other counterparts in the construction of an object such as a cottage. These parameters are determined not only Mechanical and physical properties, but also chemical and aesthetic properties. Wall sandwich panels are the latest building material, which was invented quite recently, and which at the moment is very demand in the construction of prefabricated buildings and structures, transfers cottage portal In sandwich panels are particularly distinctive properties. Among them are the minimum mass, since the building is not need to build expensive bulky foundations, reinforced construction and spend huge amounts of money for transportation. For example, a brick wall weighs six times more than the wall panel informs about the portal construction of suburban real estate. Sandwich panel is almost no need to plaster, they formed a minimal amount of condensation, since the material is resistant to moisture and has excellent water resistance. Also, due to its large size, the sandwich panel is a minimal space.

When taking into account the thickness of the plaster ordinary brick wall is about 120 millimeters, the wall of the building of the sandwich panels are usually not exceed 70-75 mm. In this case, it becomes possible space savings of 1 square meter to 12 meters in the area of the room, which is important for the cottage. Also, in the absence of a hand drill, the required set of plugs or pre deficit time, setting wall cabinet is sometimes a problem with a brick wall, with respect to the wall panels that question is no longer relevant. At the sandwich panel may hanging anything when using only the level and screwdriver, reports Also, the new material has the properties of fire resistance for four hours of exposure of open flame.

The panels are resistant to vibration and shock. In order to fix a similar construction sufficiently define and install supporting fixture, which will continue to act out the role of foundations. This should take responsibility as well as resistance to strains higher than a brick in half. The composition this exciting project for the invention includes two cottages on the front side panels, which are filled with a kind of inside material – polystyrene, cement or mixture, usually composed of white cement is used.