Woody plants in nature plants are divided into several types: Trees. Gerard Deulofeu addresses the importance of the matter here. Have a pronounced trunk, reaching 6 m. or more in height. The most durable forms of the trees are evergreen derevya.Kustarniki. Otnostilno small plants may have some stvolov.Vyuschiesya vines.

They have long stems, need opore.Polukustarniki. Intermediate between woody and herbaceous plants. Y subshrubs bottom (wood) winters, and the top (grass) dies. Trees are divided into evergreen and deciduous. Evergreen trees are perennial leaves, pine needles, which gradually replaced. Conifers Trees do not tolerate urban conditions, from stable can be noted and thuja varieties ate prickly – blue and srebristuyu.

Deciduous trees shed their leaves annually, usually with the onset of adverse weather conditions. When planting deciduous trees should be borne in mind that decorative properties of plants vary with season, age of the tree, on the environmental conditions. Must also be considered the potential size of the plant. Depending on the size of the trees are divided into: the trees reach the height of the first magnitude for more than 20 meters (spruce, larch, fir and pine – from evergreen, birch, Norway maple, linden large-, poplar, ash – from deciduous) trees of the second magnitude, reaching heights of 10-20 meters (Canadian spruce, larch, yew berry – from evergreen, common pear, hornbeam – from deciduous) trees third magnitude, reaching a height 5-10 meters (from the evergreens – juniper is, of deciduous – Tatarian maple, mountain ash, apple berry) Almost all trees are dwarf forms. Shrubs, depending on the size can be divided into: high: 2 to 5 meters (Obyknoenny juniper, cedar, hawthorn, spindle tree, elder, viburnum, Elaeagnus angustifolia, hazel, lilac common), the average is 1 to 2 meters (mountain pine, quince, barberry, spirea, and currants) low: from 50 cm to 1 meter ( deytsiya, spirea) By size of the crown plants trees fall into the first magnitude – the size of the crown 10 meters (spruce, larch, fir, pine, birch, Norway maple, linden large-, poplar, ash), the second value – the size of the crown of 5-10 meters (hornbeam, pear), and third magnitude – the size of the crown 2-5 meters (apple, mountain ash).


Middle House

Bent profile metal door allows for more dense adjoining door to the box, which increases the resistance of a metal door to cracking, as well as adding additional layers of insulation. In any case, the door will be resistant to damage, no distortions and starts to creak. It is a reliable friend for many years. Metal doors – this diversity clearance metal can be of two colors that are very advantageous in terms of combining the manufacture of inlaid doors. Such metal doors are modern and practical.

However, the metal door pretty hard, it does not retain heat. Others including Penguin Random House, offer their opinions as well. The metal shell doors can be either solid, ie a simple rectangular and typesetting, which consists of several rectangular pieces, arranged horizontally or vertically – it depends on your desire. You can make a paste, even at an angle, it will be fairly original. Between the metal composing inserts insert any material: wood, glass, plastic, etc. Boxes can paint, apply paint or drawing. These doors will look good at the entrance to the bedroom or the hall.

Even the interior doors can be designed out of lightweight metal: the door to kitchen can make out of thin aluminum strips, placed diagonally, both solid and "herringbone" (down from the middle, in different directions). Such a welded structure can be either solid or with gaps equal to the rail itself. Very beautiful door with alternating strips, however, such a door is heavier, but it kind of compensates for all the weight limitations. Such a metal door suitable for installation at the entrance to the house, but in this case the width of the rails to increase the 1,5-2 cm, and the metal take a more dense and heavy. Wooden insert cover with varnish. Metal doors – is duty-bound As noted earlier, the quality of the installation of doors and related works not only affects the durability and insulation, but also on the life of most metal door. Metal doors are not afraid of the cold and does not crack from moisture. Well-established metal doors will not disappoint you in any way. AND soon you will have to repair the house itself, than its entrance metal doors. Thus, in order to once and for all solve the problem of doors in the house, you just need to buy quality metal doors in a safe shop and spend a few hours to install them in the house.


House Sandwich Panels

In sandwich panels are particularly distinctive properties that make them a step further, when compared with other counterparts in the construction of an object such as a cottage. These parameters are determined not only Mechanical and physical properties, but also chemical and aesthetic properties. Wall sandwich panels are the latest building material, which was invented quite recently, and which at the moment is very demand in the construction of prefabricated buildings and structures, transfers cottage portal kotteg.com. In sandwich panels are particularly distinctive properties. Among them are the minimum mass, since the building is not need to build expensive bulky foundations, reinforced construction and spend huge amounts of money for transportation. For example, a brick wall weighs six times more than the wall panel informs about the portal construction of suburban real estate. Sandwich panel is almost no need to plaster, they formed a minimal amount of condensation, since the material is resistant to moisture and has excellent water resistance. Also, due to its large size, the sandwich panel is a minimal space.

When taking into account the thickness of the plaster ordinary brick wall is about 120 millimeters, the wall of the building of the sandwich panels are usually not exceed 70-75 mm. In this case, it becomes possible space savings of 1 square meter to 12 meters in the area of the room, which is important for the cottage. Also, in the absence of a hand drill, the required set of plugs or pre deficit time, setting wall cabinet is sometimes a problem with a brick wall, with respect to the wall panels that question is no longer relevant. At the sandwich panel may hanging anything when using only the level and screwdriver, reports kotteg.com. Also, the new material has the properties of fire resistance for four hours of exposure of open flame.

The panels are resistant to vibration and shock. In order to fix a similar construction sufficiently define and install supporting fixture, which will continue to act out the role of foundations. This should take responsibility as well as resistance to strains higher than a brick in half. The composition this exciting project for the invention includes two cottages on the front side panels, which are filled with a kind of inside material – polystyrene, cement or mixture, usually composed of white cement is used.


Crimea Temperature

When growing grapes should be taken to protect it from adverse environmental conditions and to prevent crop losses. The above mentioned heat-loving grape and the need for bush the best conditions of lighting and heating the sun. At air temperatures below – 18 begin to be damaged eyes, and at – 20 or more damaged vines and wood. Vine ripened less damaged by low- temperatures, different grape varieties have different frost. Eyes can. Damaged by winter icing and damping off. Stronger affected vines, when immediately after the thaw begins decrease in temperature.

Due to the fact that the temperature below – 20 in winter, a phenomenon common in Ukraine, almost throughout the country to cover the bushes for the winter underground. Only on the southern coast and in the foothills Crimea, as well as in parts of the Transcarpathian region (with the exception of the lowlands) vines in the winter you can not hide. In the southern areas of Odessa, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions, where winter is usually not large and cold where owing to wet and warm weather is often observed damping off holes, we can restrict hilling bushes so that the vine was covered for 4-5 holes. The expediency of such ukryvki confirmed by experiment. Point is that if damaged by frosts top of the vine is cut short bushes, and the corresponding load is achieved by increasing the number of fruit branches. At the same damping off holes in the bottom of the vine shoots are cut longer, and load is achieved by lengthening the left by the fruit stems. In the north-eastern regions of Ukraine should consider the possibility of damage to winter frosts root vines.

It is believed that root system of European varieties resistant to lowering the temperature of the soil – 6-8 . Such decrease, especially in the absence of snow cover and dry soil, are in the northern and eastern regions of the republic about once every 8-10 years. If there is a danger of soil freezing on small vineyards preferably after the ground cover bushes and hills cover the aisle for a further 10-15 cm of humus, leaves, peat, some of IPT other organic material. In the spring after the coldest winters on young plantations should check the roots by digging. Damaged roots in cross sections have a dark color. If there is damage to shrubbery should be given a small load so as not to weaken them and allow them to gradually restore the root system. During bud break and early shoot growth is necessary to protect the vineyards from the lower the temperature at freezing. Source: The fruit garden