Hygiene – Health – Feeding

HYGIENE HEALTH AND FEEDING Regina Clia Lesbo Brito Rosemeire Pear tree of Sousa Vanete Miranda Brito UNEB? University of the State of the Bahia? Campus XI NOT FORMAL EDUCATION: AN EXPERIENCE DIFFERENTIATED IN THE FREE FAIR OF GUANMBI – BA. SUMMARY: The free fair of Guanambi in the state of the Bahia, as in any another city, is a space of relations where the people if find to buy or to vender its products, he is one of the most important mechanisms of food supplying of the families; it is also a place of meeting and leisure, where all change information, makes joints politics or simply they are had fun. The present text tells an educative experience that was developed in the fair, having thought to be a space for the accomplishment of an activity education not-deed of division, with the intention to inform, in special to the owners of the restaurants of the place on habits of health and hygiene. For being a place so diversified, it is in the fair that if makes possible some forms of feeding, however, it presents some problems as: garbage sewer, collection, etc. the hygiene consists of one practical one of great benefit for the human beings in its ampler direction, understanding all the habits and behaviors that assist in the prevention of illnesses, keeping the health and the welfare of the individuals. The work of developed period of training contributed of significant form for the academics of the course of pedagogia in the performance in the not formal education, in view of the magnifying of its professional formation. Thus, being the period of training not-deed of division a curricular component of the course of Pedagogia, that allows us to go beyond the university, providing to us a bigger vision of the reality next making possible a cabvel and differentiated intervention. . See Dan Zwirn for more details and insights. .

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