Hygiene – Health – Feeding

HYGIENE HEALTH AND FEEDING Regina Clia Lesbo Brito Rosemeire Pear tree of Sousa Vanete Miranda Brito UNEB? University of the State of the Bahia? Campus XI NOT FORMAL EDUCATION: AN EXPERIENCE DIFFERENTIATED IN THE FREE FAIR OF GUANMBI – BA. SUMMARY: The free fair of Guanambi in the state of the Bahia, as in any another city, is a space of relations where the people if find to buy or to vender its products, he is one of the most important mechanisms of food supplying of the families; it is also a place of meeting and leisure, where all change information, makes joints politics or simply they are had fun. The present text tells an educative experience that was developed in the fair, having thought to be a space for the accomplishment of an activity education not-deed of division, with the intention to inform, in special to the owners of the restaurants of the place on habits of health and hygiene. For being a place so diversified, it is in the fair that if makes possible some forms of feeding, however, it presents some problems as: garbage sewer, collection, etc. the hygiene consists of one practical one of great benefit for the human beings in its ampler direction, understanding all the habits and behaviors that assist in the prevention of illnesses, keeping the health and the welfare of the individuals. The work of developed period of training contributed of significant form for the academics of the course of pedagogia in the performance in the not formal education, in view of the magnifying of its professional formation. Thus, being the period of training not-deed of division a curricular component of the course of Pedagogia, that allows us to go beyond the university, providing to us a bigger vision of the reality next making possible a cabvel and differentiated intervention. . See Dan Zwirn for more details and insights. .


Quantum Universe

The linking of I with all. The study of the linking of the individual energy with the global energy of the universe, as it is the functioning of this connection, and what it causes for the good and the evil, the act of receiving and the donation, its apparatus and its meanings its shock of energies, and what it can bring. Codification of the universe the universe can be represented by forces or codes of these forces, exist millions of points of force of 2 square meters each, each point represent something, as: the good, the evil, the joy the sadness, a good side and a bad side, the opposite of the other, the two sides of the feelings and factors, joining two or more points if make the theories and calculations and this can be the revolution of science and technology, where the universe can be studied of a real form but, where it can be used in the quantum physics and the genetics, the calculations can be necessary and revealing, this is the great revolution Transformation of the energy received, caught the transformation of the received, caught energy of the universe for the mind/spirit of the researcher transformed into equations, mathematics, calculations, in the form of the codes of the said universe already, the codes of the cosmic and quantum universe the receiving of stolen goods, and transformation of these energies in the mathematical plan, to place thus in the codification of the universe Energy in the vacuum the irradiation of the energy of the sound and the light, this sound equipment of these energies, this complex concept, where the substance and the energy if collision, this mechanism, the diffusion of this energy, its quantum apparatus Human cellular way the codification of the human organism can be represented by: millions of cells exist, each one have its function in the organism, joining two or more cells if it makes the genetic calculations, the universal calculations of the human body, each cell has a changeable equation, a equacional way in what it represents and pra to join two has that to combine and to join the calculations and to only make an equation. The linking of I with all. The study of the linking of the individual energy with the global energy of the universe, as it is the functioning of this connection, and what it causes for the good and the evil, the act of receiving and the donation, its apparatus and its meanings its shock of energies, and what it can bring



In the year of 2010, the Brazilian ore exportations, probably exported for the port of the tip of the wood, neighbor to the bay one of Are Marcos, had exceeded the cipher of three billion dollar, only for Japan. The sea of Fukushima happens that, as notified for the media it is with radiation 5.000.000 (five million), of times superior to the normal one. Accurately he was this I number that the Tepco informed for the media. It is this same! But who informed was the company whose acronym is ‘ ‘ TEPCO’ ‘ accurately that one that beyond hiding the real facts of the radiation levels, in the neighborhoods of the plant of Fukushima and in the sea is other reached areas and which ratio of radioactivity level. They astonish. The TEPCO wise person of the problems of the plant of Fukushima that more than has 40 years of use and wise person of the frauds of security of company TEPCO.

It happens that Japan is in Asia and is formed by islands and to import iron ore, irremediably needs to make ballast in the ship with water of the sea. as the Bay ones of Is Marcos, Bay of Victory and the too much ports they will know if the waters of the ballast of the great ships and granary ships weighed anchor in the ports of Japan and poured in these bay ones are contaminated with radiation or not and which level? Manifesto that the ships of any classroom are not monitored mile the mile. The recommendation of the IMO ships fulfill? Who with security, because likely of the real test this fulfilment will be able to asseverar? I never knew that this person or this organism exists to prove that in the sea adentro exists ballast water exchange. I distrust and much that the recommendation of the IMO, is not being fulfilled. Back in Japan they had discovered that the TEPCO hid on facts serissimos of unreliability to the nuclear energy. Here, in Brazil, laboratories Ciba-Geigy, Sandoz, Novartis amongst other national and foreign ones, boycott the proper government that does not obtain to buy in licitations some remedies, as notified by? Leaf of day 04.04.11.

Everything leads to the unreliability and risk for all the Brazilian ports, even because in the land the fiscalization becomes more easy, but the Tepco and laboratories practise the bad-faith one. In this circumstance, which is the egurana of the Brazilian society, that the ships in sea adentro, to fulfill recommendation of the IMO? She is necessary in urgency character that the Brazilian Navy in set with the National Agency of Sanitary Monitoring, (for not yet existing legislation on ballast water) it establishes ‘ ‘ Plan of management of the water of lastro’ ‘ , of this making, with ‘ ‘ IT ANALYZES ON THE RADIAO’ LEVEL; ‘ , with the intention to face the largeness of the damages that will be able to cause in the Bay one of They are Marcos, Bay of Victory, All the Saints etc., that it has centuries suffer degradaes for inconsequential acts, all they, practised for us. Rigorous that the BRAZILIAN STATE, through agencies IBAMA, ANVISA, USP, UNICAMP, UFRGS, UFSC, UFMA, UFPR, AMBIENT BATTALION, FEDERAL PUBLIC PROSECUTION SERVICE, FISHING COLONIES and ONGS, knows the real gravity and informs for the Brazilian society which the steps that are being taken, duly warned the sadness if to abate on all these bay situated ones in the Federative Units and irremediably, on the Brazilian society.


Excellent Carnival

Its son goes to be well young mother. Unhappyly; if it had heard me, would not be in this situation. Mrs. did not want to be grandmother? She looks at, young woman, to namorar married man is loss of time. She silences the mouth, mother; she goes to count my history for the world all, is? I informed you, my son, married man only has past, little gift and no future. Mariana laughed, but it did not think.

Meanwhile, using to advantage itself of the descontrao of that colloquy, a certain youngster, seated to the front, with a fisionomia ugly, but expressive, had the thighs of Mariana under the aiming and he did not lose one launches at least when it crossed and uncrossed the legs. It is certain that, even so it tried, it did not obtain to hide the white of the panty. The youngster was in settles, with the desire eyes dardejando. Finally Mariana was authorized to enter in the doctor’s office. The doctor invited to seat it. They had started to talk.

It had 40 years, was high, eyes chestnuts, clear skin. Brando was the name of it. Its penetrating look made any woman to arrepiar of desires. It asked: How it is the animation for the carnival? Excellent. You costuma to pass the carnival in Salvador? Ah! I do not lose the carnival in Safe Port for swims in this world. It had forgotten that you were born in Safe Port. With pleasure. Elias, how are you? Well. It has more than one year does not come to my doctor’s office; I do not believe that it has changed me for another doctor? Not, doctor. You are the doctor where it more trusts. It goes to travel with you? Not, unhappyly it is working.


Discalculia Mathematics

The Discalculia is an upheaval, related with the learning of the mathematics. The word comes of the Greek (dis, badly) and of the Latin (calculare, to count) forming: counting badly. This word calculare comes, in turn, of calculation that means the pebble or one of the accountants in an abacus. During much time, the organic factors had been to the cause of the learning problems. From diverse studies on mental health the concept was changed. Organic factors exist that will be able to intervene with the learning, but other causes will have to be investigated.

Taya (2003) &#039 defines the learning upheaval; ' as a disfuno neuropsicolgicos-problems that hinder the integrated functioning it brain in desenvolvimento' '. Dficits of mathematics occurs of isolated form e, for definition, they involve upheavals with calculations, and many times, with the resolution of problems. A problem with the focus in the discalculia or calculations is that the capacity to carry through mathematical calculations demands diverse numerical abilities, as well as the proficient reading involves the recognition of words, the reading fluente of words and texts and the understanding with each one of these components possibly determined by diverse basic cognitivos processes (Fuchs et AL, 2006b). A difficulty exists to define a set of dficits in academic abilities that identify individuals with mathematics upheaval. It is important to also diagnosis if it has dislexia, why upheaval in mathematics is had and in reading the language and reading exist comprometimentos more serious in. According to Keeler and Swanson (2001) Apud Jack M Fletcher (2009), had observed that the abilities in mathematical calculations in individuals with a specific upheaval of mathematics were foreseen more for the memory of 11 verbal work of what for the visuo-space memory. The children who present upheaval of reading and the mathematics tend to have more serious problems with the memory of work of what the ones that have problems only with the reading or the mathematics (Fletcher et al, 2003).