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When I go to take off time pra to study the substances of average education, the substances of the course of Webdesign and to have to work at the same time (pra to be able to have money pra to pay the lodging)? If he was pra to make the two first options, would be easy, but beyond studying the entire day, still having to work? I do not go to ask for money to my parents, after all of accounts they already are paying to my college (average Education) and my course (the Webdesign), and I do not gain monthly allowance, what to make? The solution was to finish the course, and later arranging one ' ' trampo' '. On the other hand, coming back to the 2010, I also had to decide me with regard to the damages that would have with this, if I offered I glide gratis, the customers I could disrespect the paid plans, why the gratuitous one already would have everything, it was then that I decided to calculate the size of the installation system JOOMLA 1,5, if my memory serves me right, it had given 30 MB (I am rounding off), and I thought ' ' What such 50 MB of space? Of this form the user still would have 20 MB pra to use, in case that it installed the JOOMLA, if it did not install, better still, it would have 50 MB to use with the studies, or a site simples' '. It was the alternative that I found, could not have better thinking about something, ah, and already forgetting he went me to speak, expensive reader, the resources, not April hand of none, are all there, the smtp, the Mail Lists, Fantastic, the PHP, the ftp, the Domnios, etc. I placed 3 of each, and in the monthly traffic I placed 100MB.