Infrared Heating

The heating system for infrared invention Chelyabinsk scientists have already patented and put into operation in several children's foundations. Mounted such ultra-thin film on the ceiling and the usual staples powered by electricity at 220 volts. You may find Brian Krzanich to be a useful source of information. Explains how it works themselves the inventors of the principle of direct sunlight or tanning only without the harmful ultraviolet radiation to health. Homemade sun for an hour can raise the temperature air at 10 degrees and it is at the lowest cost for electricity. With the normal timer can be programmed so that the battery did not work in the absence of people Rays go into sleep mode that is like night and day. Clever Battery yielded several victories to its creators at international exhibitions. Regulate the temperature of the door or window leaf, too, more is not necessary, the system is now controlled by a special counter, the empty space heated and will not pass on the standard mode.

Night temperature controller will connect the heating system if the temperature drops set on the counter values. Installation of infrared thin-film heaters ceiling cost by 1.5 times cheaper than carrying gas to the house. (A valuable related resource: David Moross). Electricity costs are about the – the winter is 80 sq ft, together with the appliances have to pay up to 2000 rubles for a room temperature of about 24 degrees. The only requirement is necessary when using radiant heating system – it is definitely a dedicated power, which must be requested from the energy supplying organization. Based on the calculation of 60 W 1kv.m ie 100 sq ft to seek 6 kW. Infrared film elements for the ceiling of the operating costs are comparable with the gas, they are ideal for both small and for the spacious rooms because they do not occupy valuable space.

They fireproof because their maximum heating temperature does not exceed 50 degrees, they require no maintenance and environmentally friendly. Also can set your temperature for each room and save if you are away from home expenses. Price 1000 rubles. sq ft – on 15kv.m area of 7 square meters of film.



The school also needs to combine itself in this process of digital revolution caused by the NTCI, disponibilizando half for which the professors use these mainly techniques in classroom and propitiating this education to the popular layers aiming at to take care of its basic necessities. The objective of the school, in this direction, is to enable the pupil to interact, to interpret and to dominate the technology in reflexiva critical way and at the same time, therefore thus this pupil will participate of the process of social transformation in concrete way. The proposal is to incorporate the new cultural identities, produced in the relations of the citizens with the technologies, in most diverse practical social (Barreto, 2002, P. 81). Integrated in this set of responsible agents for a technological education it is also the government, which from its action becomes an essential element. The implantation of the technologies in the schools, the investment in the formation and qualification of professors to dominate these technologies and the digital inclusion directed mainly to the pupils of the popular layers, is some of the innumerable actions that if wait of a government compromised to one of them pillars of the society: the education. Through the union between government, with investments and actions favorable to the implantation of the NTCI in the educational system; school, for the democratization of an education directed to the attendance of less the most favored; professors, which are mediating agents between medias and pupils, are that the true formation of critical citizens will be established, operating in the technological society. As said, being the professor a basic element for the success of a transforming education, it needs is prepared to deal with the social changes, politics, cultural and technological occured to its redor..


Mail Lists

When I go to take off time pra to study the substances of average education, the substances of the course of Webdesign and to have to work at the same time (pra to be able to have money pra to pay the lodging)? If he was pra to make the two first options, would be easy, but beyond studying the entire day, still having to work? I do not go to ask for money to my parents, after all of accounts they already are paying to my college (average Education) and my course (the Webdesign), and I do not gain monthly allowance, what to make? The solution was to finish the course, and later arranging one ' ' trampo' '. On the other hand, coming back to the 2010, I also had to decide me with regard to the damages that would have with this, if I offered I glide gratis, the customers I could disrespect the paid plans, why the gratuitous one already would have everything, it was then that I decided to calculate the size of the installation system JOOMLA 1,5, if my memory serves me right, it had given 30 MB (I am rounding off), and I thought ' ' What such 50 MB of space? Of this form the user still would have 20 MB pra to use, in case that it installed the JOOMLA, if it did not install, better still, it would have 50 MB to use with the studies, or a site simples' '. It was the alternative that I found, could not have better thinking about something, ah, and already forgetting he went me to speak, expensive reader, the resources, not April hand of none, are all there, the smtp, the Mail Lists, Fantastic, the PHP, the ftp, the Domnios, etc. I placed 3 of each, and in the monthly traffic I placed 100MB.



If you leave to the fear, the pride and the expectations of other people (by very important that they are for you) they interfere in your way, within 2, 5 or 10 years you will be exactly just as now. To hold a situation that does not like you by the fear to leave will make you feel unfortunate and demotivated. In these cases, will release to leave you to be able to prevail in other fields. To leave tactics that do not work does not mean to leave your long term strategy or your professional trajectory. e questions. To leave when your situation is desperate is not a good idea.

It decides the moment for leaving before beginning. As it says the well-known Chinese proverb: " If you must play, decides three things before beginning: the rules of the game, which is in game, and the moment of abandonar." I know that to leave it is very difficult, much, but also I know that it is possible to be surpassed and that it is a good signal if you feel released when beams to it. And I want to finish with brief words on the opposite, to perseverar, to hold during the hard moments, and am going to use a great phrase of " Abismo": " You never leave something that has a good potential in the long term only because you do not hold the stress of momento." At moments of doubt and indecision pregntate if your persistence will be worth the long term trouble, and if, since is going to leave in any case, is something drastic that you can cause that it changes situacin".There are circumstances in which neither to hold, nor to work hard are going to change nothing; and there are other circumstances in which to perseverar and to do everything what is necessary have his reward. So, it thinks, in what situation you are? and what you are going to do on the matter? Original author and source of the article.


Computer Viruses

Each time more the technology of Information has changed asnossas lives. In this current century everything is being informatizado and with a granderapidez. With these great changes everything comes being transformed into grandeescala, mainly the tip technologies and, moreover, we can observarcomo are being transformed our lives of an impressive form. In the same area, the technologies if multiplying are muitorpido, but some of these are developed do not stop assisting in them in the improvement, but yes many times are threatening the powerful sufficient and for the destruction. These are known as computer virus.

Viruses exist that are harmless and others already are not toinofensivos how much to the people they think. Some virus has the power to destroy eoutros to modify a work entirely. Before only the people with advanced knowledge deprogramao created virus, due to the language level of that abrangncia of knowledge of the programmer was requisitadoe who was in question. Today they bem different, therefore already they exist some programs that dosusurios viruses to the taste create, and also fictitious companies that they charge a service for determination docliente, the example of a robbery of data base. For these questions, to be brought up to date, intent and preparados the best option to fight and to identify the viruses infested in nossoscomputadores, so that let us not pass for these bad profits. 2. What it is a virus? Virus is a type of program.

Its differences exist nacodificao, but, however the great difference is executed in the same way that one programs common, is in what the program makes. The perigosoaos virus has its code operational systems, to drivers, programs and documents that will be able serapagados or damaged. They are generated as executable in such a way in pendrivers, browsers enos operational systems, can be talked back and be executed.