Managerial Accounting

Consider the possibilities of information accounting system "KIS Lack for automation of different types of accounting and business lines: Managerial Accounting. In the framework of management accounting are recorded business transactions the company planned to economic activity, and analyzes the financial situation of the company. Management accounting can be wage in rubles and other currencies. * Accounting: – movement of raw materials, products, goods, money and settlements – the sale, purchase, stores, works and services – revenues, expenses, gains and losses – property companies, the main funds, the capital. The program provides an opportunity to form the majority of primary documents business enterprises, as in "special form", and in the format family of programs, "1C" (trade-purchasing, financial, warehouse, manufacturing), record, store, contracts or other documents for clients. * Control: Based on data management accounting using the system "KIS Lack You can control and plan sale, supply products, goods, materials, services, and loading personnel and key resources of the enterprise to control work performance, performance targets. * Analysis: On the basis of input data formed a wide range of analytical registers for monitoring financial – economic activity of enterprises and analyze the financial situation of the company to anyone, including a future period of time.

Limited built-in configuration and reporting capabilities allows you to change the time period of the report, a set of display indicators and gauges, level of detail, the order of grouping, show form information and so on. Services. * Accounting: – Maintain customer base and contacts. – Logging on interaction with customers.

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