New IVV-permanent Hiking Trail Near Schonberg In The Bavarian Forest

Wild, romantic countryside Idyll in the picturesque Ohetal Schonberg as painted by the artist’s hand, wields the green of the Woods about the unique district of the Bavarian Forest. Da splashes a stream on the side of the road, where it smells of wild herbs. Hardly any other region of in Germany is more suited for hiking, as the natural Idyll around the market town of Schonberg (district of Freyung-Grafenau), located on the edge of the oldest national parks of in Germany. Now the road network of the town has been extended again to an attractive route: the permanent Nordic walking recognised by the International Federation of popular sports (IVV) trail through the wild and romantic Ohetal. With the completion of the trail, hikers in Schonberg the unique opportunity have in just one vacation week ten IVV stamp to be issued and to back up a certificate of the German public sports association (DVV). Hotel Antoniushof, start and finish of the Schonberger trails, was on August 6, 2010 also played host to the official kick-off of the IVV permanent Nordic walking trail. The 10 km long trail leads along the wild stream of Ohe, one of the source rivers of the Ilz, which in turn flows on their way through the Bavarian Forest in Passau by the confluence of the Danube through a natural landscape Idyll.

At the foot of Schoenberg’s meanders the Ohe through the homonymous Valley, a protected area which is home to many endangered animal and plant species. The care and maintenance, this exceptionally beautiful trail is taken over by the Schonberger hiking friends. The route In the wild and romantic Ohetal”is around the squad mountain road” (5, 11, and 18 km) the second Schonberger range, for it gives an IVV rating stamped. Start time is open daily between 8: 30 and 20: 00 at the hotel Antoniushof, lower Marktplatz 12, Tel.: 08554 / 9449890 or at Heinz Volkmann, Tel.: 08554 / 942774. In addition to the two permanent IVV hiking trails starts in Schonberg, even the legendary Sepp-Lachner circuit. The 120-kilometre route is divided into eight sections classified and conveys an intense impression of the whole beauty of the Bavarian Forest and the nature park in the District of Freyung-Grafenau. The Schonberger hiking enthusiasts have created the unique opportunity, to get ten rating stamped on the three trails in just a week. This gets who runs entirely through the three trails (a total of 148 km).

Who secures all ten stamps, the popular sports badge in bronze of the DVV also receives. In Germany, nor in the Switzerland or in Austria there is a second place where this is otherwise still possible. Start map and hiking book is obtained also at Hotel Antoniushof, or at the tourist information of the market town of Schonberg, Tel.: 08554/960441. accommodation in a double room incl. breakfast and business flat rate, from 32 euros per person. Further information and booking: Hotel Antoniushof Daniel Gamper Tel: 0 85 54/9 44 98 90