Palacete Bologna

It is leaving of this estimated, of the preservation and the knowledge donosso historic site, that we will go to form our true identity belenenses decidados, conscientious and agent assets of uncurling of nossaprpria history. Afalta of knowledge on our patrimony leaves us mentally ill impedindoassim our action to protect what he is ours. This occurs for two reasons, first for the lack of politics publishes that they make possible the access essesbens, as for example restores, it of the old building, the use of matriasinformativo for population etc. If on the other hand the guilt is can publishes of it, poroutro much that happens more with the patrimony, not only land as a whole, culpa ours, therefore when insisting on the omission the search of information and of lutapela preservation of the patrimony, also we are contributing for suadepredao. Assimessa research is justified for the search of the recognition and the land historical dopatrimnio preservation, not only of Belm, but giving support it stops oconhecimento and the preservation of all our artsticonacional historic site. GENERAL OBJECTIVES: Fustigaro interest of the population to know our building and historic sites, thus showing the importance of the same ones, and this form to buscandoconscientizar them for the preservation of these workmanships existing architectural emnosso been.

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: to Reconhecer the importance of the preservation of our historical building. to Valorizar and to integrate I publish target to it in this context. to Identificar and to recognize the problems related to these patrimnioshistricos, mainly the question of the lack of politics you publish. to Permitir the enrichment of the learning on this subject. DEVELOPMENT 1 PALACETEBOLONHA One of the building icons of the time that the rich Parera, perhaps the building that more represents the urban context of the doinicio Belm of this century is the Palacete Bologna. One of the prettiest prdiosarquitetnicos constructed in the end of sc.XIX and beginning of sc.XX, 1870-1912, Belm lived a process of modernization and expansion of its urban area, perodoeste call of ' ' boom of borracha' ' , palacete Bologna was and is a picture desofisticao and of new trends brought for the architect emmeados Francisco Bologna of 1905.